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3rd Grade Math Workbook : More Than 320+ 3rd Grade Math Practices Help Your Kid Sharpen His Mind, Become Smart, Focus, And Succeed. by Linda Brown 5.0 Stars (5 Reviews)    Price verified 4 hours ago

3rd Grade Math Workbook: More Than 320+ 3rd Grade Math Practices Help Your Kid Sharpen His Mind, Become Smart, Focus, And Succeed. (Box Set). Hurry up and get YOUR book NOW? Welcome to "Master 3rd grade Math". My name is Linda Brown and I will be leading you through this book. I have been teaching math and creating curriculum for over a decade. • Is your 3rd grade child struggling with Math? • Does your child need additional tutoring when it comes to math? • Are you a parent, or a teacher who struggles with teaching math for 3rd grade kids? • Would you like to have fun and help your child sharpen his mind and become a maths genius? If "yes" then this book is for you! Math in the 3rd grade is quite challenging for many parents and students. This book is designed to make math easier for 3rd grade students and parents. Who should take this math book? This book is for parents and teachers who want to better support their 3rd grade math student and help them maximise their math skills. The confidence and self-esteem students will gain during and after learning this book will shine through over 320+ math activities with pictures. This book has included over 320+ activities, covering the most important math topics for 3rd grade children include: subtraction, addition, multiplication and division, ordering, balancing equation, counting on and back, rounding numbers, ordering numbers, converting metric units, word problems and much more. Why you should take this math book? If your child is struggling in 3rd grade math or you want to see your child get ahead, this book is for you. Students who take this book not only learn the fundamentals & advance of math, but they also gain self-esteem and confidence in the math classroom. The goal of this entire book is to improve the child's level of confidence and ability to concentrate. Once a child is focused, math becomes easier and maybe even enjoyable. Math class can be a frustrating place for many ...

Genre: Science & Math [x]
Length: 367 Pages (74,665 KB)
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Added: Aug 15th, 2020
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