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Bats in the Anthropocene: Conservation of Bats in a Changing World by Christian C. Voigt (Springer) 5.0 Stars (1 Review)    Price verified 55 minutes ago

This book focuses on central themes related to the conservation of bats. It details their response to land-use change and management practices, intensified urbanization and roost disturbance and loss. Increasing interactions between humans and bats as a result of hunting, disease relationships, occupation of human dwellings, and conflict over fruit crops are explored in depth. Finally, contributors highlight the roles that taxonomy, conservation networks and conservation psychology have to play in conserving this imperilled but vital taxon. With over 1300 species, bats are the second largest order of mammals, yet as the Anthropocene dawns, bat populations around the world are in decline. Greater understanding of the anthropogenic drivers of this decline and exploration of possible mitigation measures are urgently needed if we are to retain global bat diversity in the coming decades. This book brings together teams of international experts to provide a global review of current understanding and recommend directions for future research and mitigation.

Genre: Science & Math [x]
Length: 615 Pages (6,414 KB)
Lending: Not Enabled
Added: Oct 24th, 2020

Weight Watchers New Complete Cookbook 2020-21: 700+ Quick, Easy And Budget-Friendly Recipes For Your Whole Family ( A WW Cookbook ) by Dora Heard 5.0 Stars (2 Reviews)    Price verified 5 hours ago

The real question is, why we should we choose the Instant Pot? How can it help us in losing weight? In this book, I will tell you the main reason why you should choose the instant pot as a crucial utensil in your kitchen and the health benefits of everything you can cook in it. With a minimal investment in this product, the return on investment is vast. Not only are you saving money by not buying other cooking products because the Instant Pot is such an inclusive cooker, but you are saving time and energy during your busy day as well. With the numerous features provided, we have not seen a dish that cannot be prepared by the Instant Pot. So, decide what cravings you want to cure, gather the ingredients, choose your recipe, sit back and relax, then enjoy your healthy, delicious meal. Instant pot means different things to a lot of people. For some people, it is basically a slow cooker. For some other people, it is as the name implies; something that ensures you have your meal instantly. But if you really are focused on getting a direct definition of instant pot, instant pot is a multi-purpose cooker that allows you to prepare your meals in different ways. Having an instant pot is like having the size of half of your kitchen in just one machine. With an instant pot, even the beginner cook can get a decent meal out of it because all you need to do is toss in the ingredients and the pot does the cooking for you. You get a variety of instant pot food ideas that only requires you to combine certain ingredients together and enjoy a bust of flavor when it is done. You may need to put in some work here and there especially when it comes to preparing the ingredients before putting it into the pot. But these are simple ideas and have been created to suit a variety of food preferences. So, whether you are vegan or vegetarian or you are craving something a little more exotic, there is something for you in this book. Here are the recipes included in this guide: Breakfast ...

Genre: Science & Math [x]
Length: 558 Pages (5,038 KB)
Lending: Enabled
Added: Oct 24th, 2020
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