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The Legend of Little Sharpshooter by K.D. Kinney (Amber Dusk Publishing) 4.2 Stars (48 Reviews)    Price verified 49 minutes ago

A Girl with Skill Randy Carter's pa was once a famed Texas Ranger and the list of those who want to see him dead is long. After her pa is gunned down in a cold-blooded act of revenge, the injured sixteen-year-old is fearing for her life when she decides to leave the New Mexico Territory to head west with her temperamental horse Al, her gun Pearl, and the ashes of her family as her only companions. A Horse Thief with Heart All Trevor wants is a decent horse. When he sees the best-looking horse he's ever laid eyes on and tries to steal it, his plans are foiled by a very sick girl with a mean punch. When he decides to save her life instead, he is smitten. The Gambler When she starts her journey again with her newly besotted traveling companion, Randy runs into an old family friend that knows she's a great shot, a skilled sharpshooter of the likes of Annie Oakley. Bronson has no problem showing off what Randy is capable of to make easy money for them all. Randy might be a prodigy ...

Genre: Westerns [x]
Length: 282 Pages (4,045 KB)
Lending: Enabled
Added: Sep 19th, 2020

A Hot & Cold Heart: An anthology of Frontier & Amish Romance by Monica Marks 5.0 Stars (4 Reviews)    Price verified 4 hours ago

Rain drove relentlessly outside, a cruel foreshadow to what was yet to come and simultaneously, what had passed. Bran would have enjoyed this, Flora thought wistfully, staring out the window of the cabin and into the storm. It was the tail end of summer, the days still quite warm but the evenings hinting of what was ahead in only a few short weeks. The cursed winter which inevitably brought nothing but strife to the Kinrade family. Every year, a member seemed to die in the bitter cold until there was no one left to remember what anguish the season caused. Bran is gone. Everyone is gone now, claimed by the merciless mountains. I will not befall the same fate. My family would not want this for me. They did not want this for themselves. A strand of thick, red hair fell from the loose braid at the base of her neck, covering a blue-grey eye but Flora did not bother to brush it aside or straighten her appearance. What was the point? There was no one there but the lone hound who, too, ...

Genre: Westerns [x]
Length: 173 Pages (1,506 KB)
Lending: Enabled
Added: Sep 19th, 2020
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