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Nightmare Detective: The Skeleton King (Book I) 4.9 Stars (31 Reviews) African American
Guardian Angels Mythology & Folk Tales
The Halloween Hero Horror
Celtic Spirituality: A Beginners Guide To Celtic Spirituality 4.3 Stars (74 Reviews) Religion & Spirituality
Hearing Voices 4.2 Stars (8 Reviews) Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Brief Diversions: Being Tales, Travesties and Epigrams 3.0 Stars (1 Review) Classics
The Defendants: Collector's Edition 4.5 Stars (2 Reviews) Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc 5.0 Stars (4 Reviews) History
Breach of Duty: An Australian Police Procedural Book 3.2 Stars (9 Reviews) Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
When You're Gone (This Dark Town Book 1) 3.6 Stars (660 Reviews) Psychological
The Expositor's Bible: The Book of Numbers Classics
The Grandissimes 4.0 Stars (7 Reviews) Historical Fiction
The Roll-Call 4.3 Stars (18 Reviews) Literature & Fiction
Blogsays Nonfiction
Tribulation To Victory: Birth of a Queen 4.5 Stars (2 Reviews) Self-Help
The Maker of Rainbows, and Other Fairy-tales and Fables Literature & Fiction
Absence: Whispers and Shadow 4.3 Stars (41 Reviews) Fantasy
The Chaos Code (Jonah Parish Novels) 3.0 Stars (1 Review) Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Understanding the Book of Revelation: Are we in the “time of the end?” Here’s the key that unlocks the mystery. Religion & Spirituality
The Collected Novels of Algernon Blackwood (11 Titles in One Edition): Jimbo, The Education of Uncle Paul, The Human Chord, The Centaur, The Promise of Air… 4.0 Stars (1 Review) Fantasy
From Stress to Strength: Free Your Mind, Find Balance and Transform Your Health 4.0 Stars (1 Review) Self-Help
Sermons 4.3 Stars (13 Reviews) Classics
Black Men Burrow From Manlust to Forever in a Salon of Sullen Desire: An MM Urban Novelette (Barbershop Men Crave Nothing More Than Every Tantalizing Thing Book 1) 4.1 Stars (3 Reviews) African American
The Red Rock Killer: An anthology of True Crime 2.4 Stars (2 Reviews) Biographies & Memoirs
FROGS: Fun Facts and Amazing Photos of Animals in Nature (Amazing Animal Kingdom Book 18) 4.5 Stars (16 Reviews) Foreign Languages
Wedding Speeches 3.4 Stars (2 Reviews)
Memoirs from a Mental Hospital: A Poetic Rendition 5.0 Stars (1 Review) Metaphysical
Jezebel's Daughter 4.3 Stars (87 Reviews) Literature & Fiction
Don't Tell Meg (Don't Tell Meg Trilogy Book 1) 3.9 Stars (383 Reviews) Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Lilith Enraptured (Divinity Warriors Book 1) 4.0 Stars (111 Reviews) Romance
You Are My Everything 2: I'll Take Care Of You From Now On (You Are My Everything Series) 3.3 Stars (3 Reviews) Romance
Let's Learn: Reptiles Education & Teaching
The Other Side: Dedicated to Shel Silverstein who inspired my writing and imagination. Illustrated by an 8th grader. 2.9 Stars (4 Reviews)
Cutters Cove: The Cartel (Pulling Threads Book 3) 5.0 Stars (1 Review) Romance
Copycat Cookbook: Chili’s Grill & Bar : Recreate Restaurant Recipes at Home 4.7 Stars (18 Reviews) Cookbooks, Food & Wine
Indian Rock 4.9 Stars (10 Reviews) Literature & Fiction
Horror stories for the brave: Horror short stories 4.3 Stars (6 Reviews) Horror
The Brotherhood of Merlin: Book Two: Lycenea 4.2 Stars (43 Reviews) Horror
WITITB?: Christianized Superstitions, Hyperspiritual Activities, and Spiritualized Busywork 3.2 Stars (3 Reviews) Religion & Spirituality
Bait 4.4 Stars (18 Reviews) Romance
Heart of Red, Blood of Blue 4.6 Stars (43 Reviews) Teen & Young Adult
Devil in the Dust 4.4 Stars (70 Reviews) Religion & Spirituality
Queen Of My Heart (Life Won't Wait Book 1) 4.4 Stars (205 Reviews) Romance
Macramé Decor: Incredible Patterns And Project Ideas 3.9 Stars (20 Reviews) Crafts, Hobbies & Home
P.I.M.P.: P*ssy Is My Power 4.6 Stars (29 Reviews) African American
Black Bear Alibi: A Rockfish Island Mystery 4.7 Stars (77 Reviews) Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
The DASH Diet Slow Cooker Cookbook: 350 Low-Salt Recipes to Lower Blood Pressure and Improve Your Health 4.8 Stars (12 Reviews) Cookbooks, Food & Wine
The Arminian Bible Commentary: Parallel Commentary on Hundreds of Scriptures Commonly Misinterpreted in Our Modern Day 4.8 Stars (14 Reviews) Religion & Spirituality
Devoted to Destiny: Greek Gods, Fated mates, and Love worth dying for... (The Muse Chronicles Book 5) 4.6 Stars (38 Reviews) Mythology & Folk Tales
Hear the Beat, Feel the Music: Count, Clap and Tap Your Way to Remarkable Rhythm 4.6 Stars (22 Reviews) Arts & Photography
JOB INTERVIEW: THIS BOOK INCLUDES: Guide to a Winning Interview, How to Answer Questions, Preparation, Questions and Answers 4.8 Stars (12 Reviews) Business & Money
Harry Potter Cocktail Cookbook: Discover The Art Of Potion-Making: An Ultimate Harry Potter Cookbook With Butterbeer and 40 Other Great Cocktails (Unofficial) 4.6 Stars (40 Reviews) Cookbooks, Food & Wine
Soaring Higher: One Man’s True Story of the Faithfulness of God in a Life of Travel and Adventure around the World 4.7 Stars (21 Reviews) Biographies & Memoirs
Black Spells and Twisted Souls (Grey Witch Book 1) 4.5 Stars (165 Reviews) Romance
Ain't Misbehavin' (Roaring Twenties Series Book 2) 4.5 Stars (83 Reviews) Religion & Spirituality
Save Her 4.5 Stars (102 Reviews) Contemporary Fiction
For the Lord is our Defense: Understanding God's Divine Protection 4.9 Stars (13 Reviews) Religion & Spirituality
Apt. A1: Freddie (The Bricks Book 4) 4.7 Stars (25 Reviews) African American
NOTES FROM UNDERGROUND & THE HOUSE OF THE DEAD: Two Autobiographical Novels 4.4 Stars (943 Reviews) Biographies & Memoirs
Lawless 4.5 Stars (82 Reviews) Coming of Age
Death's Academy 4.6 Stars (31 Reviews) Children's eBooks
Tomboys Don't Kiss The Quarterback (How To Date A Tomboy Book 2) 4.5 Stars (50 Reviews) Teen & Young Adult
"I hate this time of day!": A short bedtime story for kids. The story of a little elephant who does not like to sleep. Bedtime books for toddlers. 4.7 Stars (19 Reviews) Children's eBooks
Operation Light Switch 4.9 Stars (30 Reviews) War
The Shadow Tribe (Book 1 of the Shadow Tribe Series) 4.7 Stars (19 Reviews) Children's eBooks
The Jewish Wars - A Paraphrase: Or the History of the Destruction of Jerusalem 4.6 Stars (31 Reviews) History
Don't Get Angry, Little Monkey! 5.0 Stars (1 Review) Foreign Languages
The Little Book Of Friendship: The Best Way to Make a Friend Is to Be a Friend 4.7 Stars (55 Reviews) Foreign Languages
Fairy-Tailed Wish: More than a's a childhood experience to be treasured for a lifetime 4.9 Stars (62 Reviews) Holidays
Kindness Rocks: A children's book about kindness, empathy and growth mindset (stone painting activity) 4.7 Stars (324 Reviews) Children's eBooks
Poet Of The Wrong Generation 4.6 Stars (157 Reviews) Arts & Photography
The Love Bunny: A fun tale about emotions for young readers 5.0 Stars (1 Review) Foreign Languages
Easy Food: Simple, Healthy, & Quick Recipes 5.0 Stars (1 Review) Cookbooks, Food & Wine
The Moon Metal 3.3 Stars (4 Reviews) Science Fiction & Fantasy
The Circus, and Other Essays and Fugitive Pieces 3.3 Stars (4 Reviews) History
Comforting Cheesecake Recipes: Enjoy Creamy Cheesecakes at Home in No Time! 3.5 Stars (2 Reviews) Cookbooks, Food & Wine
Give Trump the Bird: A Political Satire & Fantasy for America 3.3 Stars (4 Reviews) Humor & Entertainment
Google Drive: Beginner's Crash Course To Google Drive (Docs, Excel, Cloud, Picture and Video Storage) 3.4 Stars (16 Reviews) Computers & Technology
A Rude Awakening: Will there be a “Secret Rapture” to take God’s people to heaven? The answer will surprise you, whether you believe or not. 3.3 Stars (4 Reviews) Religion & Spirituality
Jasmine Green Rescues: A Piglet Called Truffle 4.6 Stars (14 Reviews) Children's eBooks
NO MORE FEAR - BRANDY, P.I.: A suspenseful mystery thriller 4.6 Stars (14 Reviews) Mystery, Thriller & Suspense