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Working Where Your Heart Is: Finding Success Outside The Traditional Office by Kristine Hudson 5.0 Stars (1 Review)    Price verified 8 minutes ago

Once upon a time, there were giant office buildings. And in those giant office buildings were workers. These workers woke up early every morning to drive to the office, where they spent eight to ten hours working before they were allowed to escape back to their homes. Some of these workers were unhappy with this routine and searched for a way to change their lives. After a while, the time came when they were able to wake up every morning and work from wherever they wanted to be! Having the ability to work from anywhere is a relatively new phenomenon, and due to the 2020 COVID-19 outbreak, more people than ever are working from home. Whether your dream is to live your ideal lifestyle while still receiving a stable income, or if you just need some pointers to help you cope with the transition to working from home, this book is for you. Author Kristine Hudson takes a personal journey through the steps she and her husband, Brad, took when leaving the "giant office buildings" behind. Through her honest anecdotes and exercises that come from a place of experience, you'll learn more about the "why's, where's, and how's" of working from anywhere you'd like to be. If you've ever dreamed of never working from an office again... If your life seems too hectic to deal with a daily commute... If you crave control over your own day... Even if you've made up your mind to live in a van and have started to wonder "Now What?" This book provides tips and exercises for anyone who has considered leaving the 9-5 office-based workday behind. From determining why you want to make this change, to figuring out how to set up your workspace beyond cubicle walls, you'll find more information in "Working Where Your Heart Is: Finding Success Outside The Traditional Office" Learn how to work from nearly anywhere you want to be, whether you're dedicated to #vanlife, or just looking for a way to cope with your sudden transition to a home office with "Working Where Your Heart Is: Finding ...

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