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Creating Demand for Local Innovations : Compendium of Best Practices by Indian Innovators Association (Notion Press) Price verified 2 hours ago

Innovator needs demand and countries need innovators. Every innovator needs demand for their products/services, and all countries need innovators for economic growth. Innovation is the outcome of a complex system governed by a cohesive national strategy, integrating supply-side and demand-side policies.

Genre: Business & Money [x] / Length: 358 Pages (8,125 KB) / Lending: Not Enabled / Added: Apr 7th, 2020

Explaining Cameron's Comeback: The Road to Brexit (David Cameron Book 1) by Robert Worcester (Endeavour Media) Price verified 19 hours ago

"Not only a fine explanation of the election outcome, but the clearest exposition of polling methods and their limitations that I have ever read." - Professor Vernon Bogdanor Explaining Cameron's Comeback analyses hundreds of surveys and focus groups to make sense of the 2015 election campaign from the voter's perspective: what they really thought of Cameron and Miliband; why the campaign was so unusual; why it made sense to go negative, despite voters' claimed dislike of it; and why the pundits read the polls wrong. They also use ...

Genre: Business & Money [x] / Length: 390 Pages (8,931 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Apr 7th, 2020

Marketing in a Digital & Data World : Getting to Know Your Customer – a Book for the Start-Up Entrepreneur and Millenial by Brian Almeida Walter Vieira (Notion Press) 5.0 Stars (5 Reviews)    Price verified 11 hours ago

"In this book, Vieira and Almeida have leveraged their extensive knowledge bases and their experiences to comprehensively address the challenges faced by entrepreneurs and executives when they introduce an idea to market in today's digital world. While focused on the world of start-ups, this book provides executives in all contexts an in-depth look into the complexities underlying the rapidly changing world of marketing and business in which we live. Vieira and Almeida bring all this to life in a compelling manner by using real-world ...

Genre: Business & Money [x] / Length: 336 Pages (5,080 KB) / Lending: Not Enabled / Added: Apr 7th, 2020

ICT as a Strategic Tool to Leapfrog the Efficiency of Tax Administrations by Centro Interamericano de Administraciones Tributarias 5.0 Stars (1 Review)    Price verified 11 hours ago

This new CIAT publication addresses the use of information technologies in the tax administrations as a tool to increase voluntary compliance rates with tax obligations and the capacity to fight tax evasion and harmful tax planning. Chapters 2 to 7 deal with the application of ICTs in the registration processes, the processing of tax returns, auditing, risk management, collection of late payments and electronic documents. Chapter 10 deals with horizontal services, for general purposes, which should support the entire tax ...

Genre: Business & Money [x] / Length: 935 Pages (83,081 KB) / Lending: Not Enabled / Added: Apr 7th, 2020

Influence: Master the Art of Impact & Persuasion (Influence, Persuasion, NLP, Analyze People (5 Book Bundle) 1) by Modern Psychology Publishing 5.0 Stars (2 Reviews)    Price verified 11 hours ago

This bundle contains 5 Bestselling books to help you skyrocket your social Influence: ? Analyze People: Master Cold Reading and Psychoanalysis for Instant Social Leverage ? Emotional Intelligence: Build Stronger Relationships and Become an Influential Leader ? NLP: Persuasive Language Hacks ? NLP: Frame Control ? How to Talk To Anyone: 21 Tips for Instant Rapport Wouldn't it be great if you could read people's minds? What if you could win people over effortlessly with your natural charisma, and always know what to say to ...

Genre: Business & Money [x] / Length: 417 Pages (7,186 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Apr 7th, 2020

Real Estate Investing: 2 books in 1 - Flipping Houses + Rental Property Investing. A Guide How to Create Wealth and Passive Income through Buy, ... by Gary Brandon Scott 5.0 Stars (3 Reviews)    Price verified 11 hours ago

Is real estate the way you believe you can make money and a comfortable life? Are you interested in both flipping house and renting? This book bundle is perfect to get you started! The housing market is one of the few constants when it comes to making money and many people have become wealthy off the back of flipping houses or buying to rent. Now you can do the same, right from scratch, with this amazing book bundle that includes 2 stunning books; Flipping Houses and Rental Property Investing, where you will uncover the secrets of ...

Genre: Business & Money [x] / Length: 386 Pages (584 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Apr 7th, 2020

James Allen: Complete Collection by James Allen (RMB) 4.8 Stars (282 Reviews)    Price verified 11 hours ago

CONTENTS: 1901 - From Poverty to Power 1902 - As A Man Thinketh 1903 - All These Things Added 1903 - Through the Gates of Good or Christ and Conduct 1904 - Byways to Blessedness 1904 - Out From The Heart 1907 - Poems of peace; including the lyrical dramatic poem Eolaus 1908 - The Life Triumphant - Mastering the Heart And Mind 1909 - Morning And Evening Thoughts 1909 - The Mastery of Destiny 1910 - Above Life's Turmoil 1910 - From Passion to Peace 1911 - Eight Pillars of Prosperity 1911 - Man-King of Mind, Body and ...

Genre: Business & Money [x] / Length: 880 Pages (2,540 KB) / Lending: Not Enabled / Added: Apr 7th, 2020

I Am Not A Millionaire: Making the Shift From Failure to Financial Freedom by Andrew Alexander 5.0 Stars (12 Reviews)    Price verified 11 hours ago

You don't have to be a millionaire to experience financial freedom in the next 6-8 months of your life. I found a millionaire on the internet and drove 2,000 miles across the country to ask him (over lunch) how he does it. Five years later, I have been mentored by hundreds of the most successful internet business owners in the world, and went on to build an app company with 1.3 million downloads, a personal development transformation company, and then I have coached hundreds of first-time entrepreneurs helping them make the shift ...

Genre: Business & Money [x] / Length: 363 Pages (2,721 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Apr 7th, 2020

Trading : 2 Books in 1: The ultimate guide to learning the online trading. Everything you need to know about forex,day trading,volatility ... by Hayden Bear 5.0 Stars (1 Review)    Price verified 12 hours ago

Would you like to create high profits and passive income thanks to intermediate-term investments? Would you like to know what Option Trading and Swing Trading are? An option is a contract that allows (but doesn't require) an investor to buy or sell an underlying instrument like a security, ETF or even index at a predetermined price over a certain period of time. Buying and selling options is done on the options market, which trades contracts based on securities. While Swing trading is one of the most popular forms of active ...

Genre: Business & Money [x] / Length: 347 Pages (5,749 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Apr 6th, 2020

The Wealth & Prosperity Collection by Joseph Murphy (Steppenwolf Press) Price verified 7 hours ago

The Greatest Writings Of All Time On The Secrets To Wealth And Prosperity! Featuring 45 incredible books: YOU CAN, by George Matthew Adams AS A MAN THINKETH, by James Allen EIGHT PILLARS OF PROSPERITY, by James Allen FROM POVERTY TO POWER, by James Allen FOUNDATION STONES TO HAPPINESS AND SUCCESS, by James Allen THE SECRET OF SUCCESS, by William Walker Atkinson THE POWER OF CONCENTRATION, by William Walker Atkinson MEDITATIONS, by Marcus Aurelius HOW TO MAKE MONEY, by B.F. Austin THE ART OF MONEY GETTING, by P.T. Barnum YOUR ...

Genre: Business & Money [x] / Length: 4,603 Pages (6,466 KB) / Lending: Not Enabled / Added: Apr 5th, 2020

Startup of A Billionaire: Describes 7 Secrets of Billionaires to make You Rich and Enlighten Why Smart Or Intelligent feel happy and contented to ... by Debendranath Behera 4.5 Stars (14 Reviews)    Price verified 8 hours ago

Are you ready to change your future? Only one equation will make you rich as a billionaire, as law of flotation is same for wood and steel. You have to know only 7 secret actions of billionaires, it is not magic, nor needs hard work. If you seat on right train, it will take you to your destination. It does not matter you have bought the train ticket or not. Know the right and secret actions of billionaires here. This book teaches what are the hidden energy within you and how they are working scientifically. Why do people stay ...

Genre: Business & Money [x] / Length: 360 Pages (1,205 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Apr 4th, 2020

The 1% Solution: How Small Daily Improvements Produce Massive Long-Term Results by Eamonn Percy 4.7 Stars (13 Reviews)    Price verified 11 hours ago

The 1% Solution solves one of life's biggest problems; how to overcome a lifetime of obstacles fast enough in order to make a significant impact in the limited time we have or, more precisely, how to become a 20-year overnight success! Inside each one of us are big goals and lofty dreams. We aspire to be better people so we can live a fulfilling life, help those we care for, make our mark in this world and leave it a little better than we found it. As humans, we strive for more than just living; we strive to make a difference and to ...

Genre: Business & Money [x] / Length: 362 Pages (1,638 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Apr 4th, 2020

Winning Through Redundancy: Six steps to navigate your way to a brighter future by Steve Preston (Steve Preston The Career Catalyst) 4.7 Stars (15 Reviews)    Price verified 6 hours ago

Following redundancy (lay offs) many people are lost in a career transition maze and face an emotional roller coaster of a journey. Even those who are highly motivated may find it difficult to know which way to turn. As a result many people adopt a scattergun approach without any real focus or succumb to transition paralysis. In this superbly practical book, career coach Steve Preston shows you how to beat post-redundancy blues or tackle any career change with a process to navigate your way to a brighter future in six simple steps. ...

Genre: Business & Money [x] / Length: 312 Pages (4,695 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Apr 3rd, 2020

Guts and Grace: A Woman’s Guide to Full-Bodied Leadership by LeeAnn Mallorie (Conscious Capitalism Press) 5.0 Stars (2 Reviews)    Price verified 11 hours ago

How can it be that companies' best efforts to advance women in the workplace are still falling short? In Guts and Grace, LeeAnn Mallorie addresses common themes that women leaders at all levels still grapple with today: confidence, executive presence, balance, joy, intuition, saying no, purpose, conflict avoidance, and more. She reveals the thirteen pervasive societal myths that can make these desires feel impossible to achieve, and then teaches concrete, embodied practices that bring each theme to life. Her playful weaving of these ...

Genre: Business & Money [x] / Length: 319 Pages (1,326 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Apr 1st, 2020

Rehumanizing the Workplace: Future-Proofing Your Organization While Restoring Hope, Well-Being, and Performance by Rosie Ward (Conscious Capitalism Press) 5.0 Stars (2 Reviews)    Price verified 11 hours ago

Imagine a world where everyone can come to work as their authentically human, best selves. They feel fulfilled, supported, and cared for and have meaningful, purposeful work. At the end of the workday, they are able to bring their best selves home, be fully present with their loved ones, tend to their well-being, and replenish their well. This vision is possible. And it is desperately needed! Our rapidly changing world is becoming increasingly complex and disruptive. And while it brings many opportunities for innovation, it also ...

Genre: Business & Money [x] / Length: 342 Pages (7,961 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Apr 1st, 2020

Business Ethics by Kurt Stanberry (OpenStax) 4.6 Stars (3 Reviews)    Price verified 11 hours ago

Business Ethics is designed to meet the scope and sequence requirements of the single-semester business ethics course. This title includes innovative features designed to enhance student learning, including case studies, application scenarios, and links to video interviews with executives, all of which help instill in students a sense of ethical awareness and responsibility. This kindle edition is best viewed in single column format.

Genre: Business & Money [x] / Length: 656 Pages (31,566 KB) / Lending: Not Enabled / Added: Mar 31st, 2020

Environmental Life Cycle Assessment (Open Access) by Olivier Jolliet (CRC Press) 5.0 Stars (1 Review)    Price verified 11 hours ago

Environmental Life Cycle Assessment is a pivotal guide to identifying environmental problems and reducing related impacts for companies and organizations in need of life cycle assessment (LCA). LCA, a unique sustainability tool, provides a framework that addresses a growing demand for practical technological solutions. Detailing each phase of the LCA methodology, this textbook covers the historical development of LCA, presents the general principles and characteristics of LCA, and outlines the corresponding standards for good ...

Genre: Business & Money [x] / Length: 332 Pages (38,231 KB) / Lending: Not Enabled / Added: Mar 20th, 2020

Regeneration of the Built Environment from a Circular Economy Perspective (Research for Development) by Stefano Della Torre (Springer) Price verified 22 hours ago

This open access book explores the strategic importance and advantages of adopting multidisciplinary and multiscalar approaches of inquiry and intervention with respect to the built environment, based on principles of sustainability and circular economy strategies. A series of key challenges are considered in depth from a multidisciplinary perspective, spanning engineering, architecture, and regional and urban economics. These challenges include strategies to relaunch socioeconomic development through regenerative processes, the ...

Genre: Business & Money [x] / Length: 386 Pages (47,927 KB) / Lending: Not Enabled / Added: Mar 18th, 2020
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