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John Yancey: A Western Romance (Taking the High Road series Book 1) by Morris Fenris (Changing Culture Publications) 4.1 Stars (128 Reviews)    Price verified 16 hours ago

Need to track down an outlaw? Bring a desperado to justice? Catch a pickpocket or a rustler or a crook? Then John Yancey is your man. John Yancey, Pinkerton agent. Noah Harper has just hired John to locate his thieving half-sister. According to Noah, Cecelia Powell made off with part of his inheritance after their father's sudden death in a carriage accident, and Noah wants it back. John follows Cecilia's trail to a Boston madam's bawdy house and the 1860 gold fields of California. San Francisco, to be exact. But all is not as it ...

Genre: Westerns [x] / Length: 112 Pages (2,928 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Jun 2nd, 2020

Dalton (Dalton Series Book 1) by Ed Law (Culbin Press) 3.6 Stars (22 Reviews)    Price verified 12 hours ago

Bushwhacked by the corrupt lawman Walker Dodge, Dalton loses his money, his horse, his gun and very nearly his life. Recuperating in the dead-end town of Harmony, he hears rumors of a fabulous treasure hidden nearby and, even with Walker closing in on him, that's enticing enough to risk staying. And then there's Misty Valdez, the one person who claims to know where the treasure is, and she entices him even more! But the price of her help may be too high for Dalton. With time running out, can he avoid Misty's trap and find the ...

Genre: Westerns [x] / Length: 128 Pages (1,762 KB) / Lending: Not Enabled / Added: Jun 2nd, 2020

Her Sunray in the Storm: A Historical Western Romance Book by Carol Colyer 4.7 Stars (54 Reviews)    Price verified 12 hours ago

Abigail French has just found out that her childhood sweetheart was killed during the war. Her whole world and dreams are falling apart. She is broken-hearted, and cannot think of life with anyone else. When her parents insist on her getting married to a rich rancher in order to secure her future, will Abigail manage to find happiness in this man's arms? When her thoughts get darker and darker how will an unexpected arrival brighten Abigail's day? The only thing that allowed Edward Porter to survive the war was the thought of the ...

Genre: Westerns [x] / Length: 458 Pages (3,451 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Jun 2nd, 2020

Nathaniel Yancey: A Western Romance (Taking the High Road series Book 6) by Morris Fenris (Changing Culture Publications) 4.5 Stars (46 Reviews)    Price verified 12 hours ago

Nathaniel Yancey just wants a little peace and quiet. Born into a wealthy Charleston, South Carolina, family, he much prefers a simple, tranquil retreat to the adventurous life chosen by so many of his nine rambunctious brothers. His profession? A clergyman, destined to serve the Lord. Having just graduated from The Fold of the Faithful Seminary in St. Louis, he has been assigned to a church in Virginia City, Nevada, whose pastor was recently killed in an accident. The place is supposed to be peaceful. It's supposed to be quiet. ...

Genre: Westerns [x] / Length: 130 Pages (3,085 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Jun 1st, 2020

The Love and Loss of Joshua James: A Prequel to The Cattleman's Daughters by Danni Roan 4.6 Stars (44 Reviews)    Price verified 18 minutes ago

Joshua James, the patron of the Broken J Ranch, has watched his small family grow with each year adding to the joy, laughter, and heart ache of a life well spent. Entering his twilight years Joshua's mind is drawn back to the love and loss that has molded him, making the Broken J a place of peace for so many. The poignant tale of one man's journey and struggle to start a new in a wild land at a time when life was uncertain at best will touch your heart as Joshua shares his story of faith, hope, love, and family.

Genre: Westerns [x] / Length: 339 Pages (1,349 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Jun 1st, 2020

Paul Yancey: A Western Romance (Taking The High Road Series Book 8) by Morris Fenris (Changing Culture Publications) 4.2 Stars (24 Reviews)    Price verified one day ago

Paul Yancey is not what you'd call a professional anything. After leaving Belle Clare Plantation, he'd drifted from city to city, from job to job, without ever really finding himself or his niche in life. Until the fateful hunting trip on which he'd accompanied his brother Matthew, a former Texas Ranger. Their time together out in the Texas hill country was supposed to be relaxing and rejuvenating. Instead, they'd happened across Arliss Helms, cattle thief and stagecoach robber. Later, Paul writes the story of their meeting and ...

Genre: Westerns [x] / Length: 134 Pages (3,298 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: May 31st, 2020

Sourdough Creek by Caroline Fyffe 4.5 Stars (381 Reviews)    Price verified 12 hours ago

SOURDOUGH CREEK Clarksville, Nevada Territory, June 1851 Cassie Angel is used to taking care of herself. With a spirit of adventure, and a need to stay safe, she departs a dying Nevada town for the golden opportunities that await in California--along with a new life. When charming Sam Ridgeway shows up, claiming to know her uncle, and offers her protection in her travels, she has no idea there is an ulterior motive involved. More Western Historical Romance by Caroline Fyffe The McCutcheon Family Series in Order: Montana Dawn Texas ...

Genre: Westerns [x] / Length: 359 Pages (3,406 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: May 29th, 2020

Racing Destiny: Whispers in Wyoming by Danni Roan 4.7 Stars (20 Reviews)    Price verified 12 hours ago

Jackson Auburn is at the top of his game. One of Wyoming's leading bull riders he's set to take the championship in this year's finals but something still feels like it is just out of reach. His charm, charisma, and devil may care attitude seem to be able to get him into trouble but they can't seem to give him what he really longs for. Josie Dixon, the sweetheart of the rodeo has had some hard knocks, leaving her heart as battered as her old saddle. Determined to put the past behind her she aims high going for the barrel racing ...

Genre: Westerns [x] / Length: 235 Pages (1,375 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: May 29th, 2020

Knight on the Texas Plains (Texas Heroes Book 1) by Linda Broday (Sourcebooks Casablanca) 4.9 Stars (45 Reviews)    Price verified 12 hours ago

"Linda Broday's heroes step right out of her books and into your heart." -- JODI THOMAS, New York Times bestselling author He'll do whatever it takes To keep them safe Duel McClain has lost everything he's ever loved: his wife, his son, his sense of self. But when a strange twist of fate -- and a poker game he'll never forget -- leaves an innocent little girl in his care, Duel vows to defend his new family to his very last breath. If only he knew a single thing about taking care of babies... Just as Duel swears his life can't ...

Genre: Westerns [x] / Length: 354 Pages (1,509 KB) / Lending: Not Enabled / Added: May 19th, 2020
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