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Hell's Bears MC : A Three Book Box Set by J.L. Wilder 5.0 Stars (1 Review)    Price verified 2 hours ago

The Hell's Bears MC have a bad reputation, and an omega that ends up in their paws, is in a world of trouble! Take a ride on the back of a werebear's motorcycle in this sizzling complete series box set! Book 1: Omega's Bears I'm an omega. I'm all alone. And the wolves are coming for me. All my life, I've felt I should be stronger. All my life, I've felt I should be powerful. But all my life, I've been nothing. The only thing I had was my clan. But the wolves took them from me. Every single one of my family is gone. The wolves ...

Genre: Romance [f] [x] / Length: 478 Pages (2,856 KB) / Lending: Not Enabled / Added: Oct 18th, 2019

The Shadow of Death by Timothy Smith (Lighthouse Publishing) Price verified 4 hours ago

In a world of swords, elves, dwarves, extraordinary beasts, and even magic, there remained a hidden darkness that had been avoiding detection, waiting for its time to act. Sinister in its intent and purpose, the unnatural power had remained unseen for centuries with the exception of a gifted young woman named Cherise. It was in her childhood that Cherise first caught wind of the supernatural presence. Unknowing at the time of the true scale of the threat she bore witness to, in less than a year's time, the darkness would finally make ...

Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy [f] [x] / Length: 437 Pages (2,947 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Oct 18th, 2019

Summer Hunter Romance: A Collection of African American Romance Short Stories by Katrina Clemons 3.9 Stars (9 Reviews)    Price verified 2 hours ago

Collection of 3 African American romance short stories and 1 African American romance novel or over 80k words of reading! Losing the Bet-Urban African American Romance Menage at Tiffanys-Threesome MFM African American Football and Basketball Romance Heaven in The Desert- African American Billionaire Romance To Fall Again - African American and Soccer Romance Novel This collection contains standalone romance short stories ending HEA and the book contains language, situations, or images appropriate for readers over 18 years of age ...

Genre: Romance [f] [x] / Length: 386 Pages (1,769 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Oct 18th, 2019

A Spell for Death: Rosewilde Academy of Magical Arts by B.C. Palmer (Harbinger Press LLC) 4.5 Stars (42 Reviews)    Price verified 12 minutes ago

Last year I wanted to go to MIT. Now I just want to survive my first year as a magic student. Luckily I've got three tempting men on my side. My life turned upside down after the death of my godmother and I've traded science for sorcery. I never thought magic existed outside of books, but here I am at an elite academy for magical arts. If it wasn't for popular heartthrobs Isaac and Luke, I'd lose my mind. Their tutoring sessions teach me more than just magic. And my ridiculously hot roommate, Hunter? Well, I'm pretty sure he hates ...

Genre: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender eBooks [f] [x] / Length: 364 Pages (12,189 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Oct 18th, 2019

Risen: A Reverse Harem Epic Fantasy (Rise Of The Iliri Book 10) by Auryn Hadley (Spotted Horse Productions) 4.9 Stars (198 Reviews)    Price verified 2 hours ago

In the final stretch of the war, the rules are changing faster than Anglia can keep up. The Kaisae of all Iliri is gone. Her mates are holding the army together. Her dreams are changing everything -- and Sal? She's not done yet. The Emperor has taken too much from her. Life, loves, and much of her happiness. All she has left is desperation -- and blind trust. But she's not alone. She never has been. If the iliri want to finally know peace, she's going to need some help. For once, the success of their species is out of her ...

Genre: Fantasy [f] [x] / Length: 724 Pages (2,548 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Oct 18th, 2019

Prophecy of Axain by Steven Atwood (Dragons & Lasers Press) 3.0 Stars (2 Reviews)    Price verified 2 hours ago

Witness the fall and rise of the Kingdom of Axain The prequel - Ravenward When the Feral Orcs attacked Nightfall Meadows, Thea the Loyal charged into battle, alongside King Galin IV of Ravenward and his jealous fraternal twin, Kade. After proving herself in battle, Thea pledges to protect the king and his family against any aggressor, even his brother. Unknown to any of them, a dark menace hides in the shadows waiting for the right moment to strike and decapitate the noble family of Ravenward. Prophecy of Axain Seth Feran has ...

Genre: Fantasy [f] [x] / Length: 334 Pages (1,560 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Oct 18th, 2019

Wood Knocks & Tossed Rocks: Searching for Sasquatch with the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization by Blaine McMillan 3.7 Stars (10 Reviews)    Price verified 2 hours ago

Wood Knocks & Tossed Rocks places the reader in the passenger seat of the author's truck to ride shotgun on a series of expeditions with the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, as seen on Animal Planet's program "Finding Bigfoot", to experience every moment and every bump in the road as it happens.

Genre: Sports & Outdoors [f] [x] / Length: 300 Pages (4,359 KB) / Lending: Not Enabled / Added: Oct 18th, 2019

The Ultimate Instant Pot cookbook: Foolproof, Quick & Easy 800 Instant Pot Recipes for Beginners and Advanced Users (Instant Pot coobkook) by Simon Rush 5.0 Stars (1 Review)    Price verified 2 hours ago

The Ultimate Instant Pot Cookbook with 800 Recipes for Beginners & Advanced Users Do you want to make an effortless progress in your kitchen regardless of the occasion? Do you want to save time cooking healthy meals on any budget? In this Instant pot cookbook you will find: • Simple and quick solutions as to how to use your Instant Pot effectively • Easy-to-cook and delicious-to-taste instant pot recipes • Improved techniques on how to cook in the most efficient way using the Instant Pot Thanks to this great cooking ...

Genre: Cookbooks, Food & Wine [f] [x] / Length: 879 Pages (2,317 KB) / Lending: Not Enabled / Added: Oct 18th, 2019

Beyond The Checkpoint by Sandy Hyatt-James (PublishNation) 5.0 Stars (1 Review)    Price verified 3 hours ago

Britain one hundred and twenty years from now, where society is divided into two groups: The Birchpeople, who are largely uneducated workers, and the Larchpeople, who run the country. Angered by the Larchpeople's repression of his people, Marcus Langan, a Birchman, heads a rebel army. Afraid of his power, the Government sends Maxine Dowling, from the Larch Enclave, to spy on him. Loathing then turns to love, simultaneous with peace turning to bloody revolution. In the aftermath, Marcus faces the betrayal of his own kind, as well ...

Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense [f] [x] / Length: 306 Pages (822 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Oct 18th, 2019

Meditation: for Beginners This Book Includes - Practical Meditation for Beginners + Reiki Healing for Beginners + Chakra healing for beginners by Crystal Jessica Aurelius 5.0 Stars (2 Reviews)    Price verified 2 hours ago

*Buy the paperback version of this book on and get the kindle version for free* Do you feel like it's just not something you can do because of how busy your mind is, and you feel like slowing down will take away your edge? Are you skeptical of the power of meditation to change your life? In 2011, Harvard researchers conducted a study on meditation and found that, in addition to boosting the overall well-being of the users, meditation also helped boost focus and reduced age-related cognitive decline, such as ...

Genre: Health, Fitness & Dieting [f] [x] / Length: 351 Pages (8,151 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Oct 18th, 2019

A Stag in the Shadows (The Kingdom of Durundal Book 4) by S E Turner 5.0 Stars (8 Reviews)    Price verified 2 hours ago

In the Kingdom of Durundal, hearts will be broken, loved ones lost and thrones burned. Saskia remembers when the soil of Durundal hummed with peace, and the future of the kingdom brimmed with prosperity. But everything changed the night her home was attacked. On the orders of the ruthless King Segan Hezekiah, she finds herself imprisoned in a tower awaiting a fate worse than death, her father has been taken to the dark labyrinths of the mine to dig for gold, and her people are forced to work in the adjoining grounds. The only ...

Genre: Action & Adventure [f] [x] / Length: 362 Pages (4,803 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Oct 18th, 2019

The Chronicles of Kin Roland by Scott Moon 5.0 Stars (2 Reviews)    Price verified 2 hours ago

3 Book Omnibus - The Complete Series ENEMY OF MAN: BOOK ONE Earth Fleet wants Kin Roland dead. The Reapers of Hellsbreach want revenge. Once, in another lifetime, Kin Roland had been legendary. His experience as an elite space trooper taught him to rely on the men and women of his unit - with or without powered battle armor. Now he is marooned on a planet in the mouth of a wormhole and must trust the people he protects. The decisions he made in the face of nuclear genocide are history. His actions on Hellsbreach mean nothing on ...

Genre: Science Fiction [f] [x] / Length: 940 Pages (1,989 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Oct 18th, 2019

Inside the Box: The True Story of My Real and Imagined Connection to K., the World, My Self, and Our Battle Against Solipsism Syndrome by Phil Semler 5.0 Stars (2 Reviews)    Price verified 2 hours ago

The unnamed narrator grew up with K. in a pastoral suburb of San Francisco in the sixties. Both starred in Little League at local White Field. The narrator went on to a banal life, while K. became a baseball superstar, a .300 hitter, a symbol of masculinity, a New York television celebrity. But both suffered from their fathers' tyranny. K. from his father's dreams; the narrator from his father's indifference and violence. Both were friends until the age of 15. Inside the Box is a coming of age novel about a failed fiction writer, a ...

Genre: Biographical [f] [x] / Length: 478 Pages (2,791 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Oct 18th, 2019

Even The Dead May Die (Esmeredla Koslov Mysteries Book 1) by Marshall Stephens 5.0 Stars (3 Reviews)    Price verified 2 hours ago

There are restless spirits in the world and some cannot keep to the shadows. When they become a danger to the living, there are those charged with helping them move on or move out. When the spirit of a well connected doctor is found, but his body is not, one of the few who can speak and interact with the spirits of the departed, Esmerelda Koslov, is called in to find out what has happened to him, partnered with FBI agent Oscar Hammett. Together, with Esmerelda's century old ghostly informant, Charlie, they will follow the clues and ...

Genre: Horror [f] [x] / Length: 508 Pages (706 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Oct 18th, 2019

Paper Dolls: Book Eight by Blythe Stone 5.0 Stars (8 Reviews)    Price verified 2 hours ago

The morning after the wedding leaves the girls with a lot of stress and confusion. When they go back home after Big Sur it will finally be time for them to participate in the big court trial that has been hanging over their heads like the sharp angled blade on a guillotine. Lies in the courtroom bring about even more complications for the girls and for Liz and Mr. Bradford is finally allowed to publicly defend himself, which he does not hold back from. This New Adult Lesbian Romance series takes a struggling young couple from a ...

Genre: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender eBooks [f] [x] / Length: 387 Pages (1,822 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Oct 18th, 2019

700+ INSTANT POT COOKBOOK FOR BEGINNERS: Quick, Easy and Delicious Instant Pot Recipes for Your Whole Family: The Complete Instant Pot Cookbook for ... by M. Peachey, Angela 5.0 Stars (19 Reviews)    Price verified 2 hours ago

Latest Edition An Instant Pot has a unique cooking mechanism where the food stays fully sealed. No steam or any smells will spread throughout your home or your kitchen. This makes for a clean and an extremely convenient cooking experience. Instant Pot tends to take advantage of different techniques for cooking flavorful meals that retain all their nutrients. Due to the cooking cycles that are controlled by microprocessors, all the meals are cooked in a consistently. The food that is cooked in Instant Pot is cooked in a fully ...

Genre: Religion & Spirituality [f] [x] / Length: 673 Pages (3,679 KB) / Lending: Not Enabled / Added: Oct 18th, 2019

Mine by Kenya Wright (ZachEvans Creative LLC) 4.3 Stars (142 Reviews)    Price verified 2 hours ago

A new smoking-hot standalone from Amazon Erotica bestselling author, Kenya Wright. He would do anything to protect her. For Hunter, guarding celebrities and moguls has always been easy, but watching over Zola could be the one job that ruins him. She's a different type of danger -- the sort that could break his heart. Although they grew up together, in their adult years, they lost contact. Now, Zola is an up-and-coming runway model and has a psychotic stalker who's been ransacking her apartment and sending threatening ...

Genre: Romance [f] [x] / Length: 319 Pages (4,295 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Oct 18th, 2019

Through The Night (Windsor Series Book 7) by Tamsen Schultz 4.7 Stars (11 Reviews)    Price verified 2 hours ago

Intrepid. Naomi DeMarco isn't one to shy away from danger, especially not when her friends' lives are at stake. But when a mysterious USB drive starts her on a path to find a killer, not even she could imagine the dangers that lay ahead. Fascinated. There's no other way to describe how Jay Evens feels when he meets Naomi. He may not be the man she thinks he is, but that isn't going to stop him from fighting to be by her side as she takes on a killer -- not even when the killer proves to be so much more. Determined. When the killer ...

Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense [f] [x] / Length: 434 Pages (3,519 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Oct 18th, 2019

Unbreak This Heart: (Healed Hearts Romances, Book 3) by Betty Shreffler 4.6 Stars (192 Reviews)    Price verified 2 hours ago

From USA Today Bestselling Author Betty Shreffler comes a breathtaking and passionately addictive, contemporary romance standalone. *AMAZON TOP 60 BESTSELLER* Ever since that horrific night, I'd shut men completely out of my life. I'd gone from the spunky, fun, Alex DeMarco to a broken woman terrified of intimacy. Easing me back into dating, my best friend sets me up with kickboxing lessons from my charming and perfectly sculpted instructor--Carter Maxwell. Carter's goal is to break through my emotional barrier and mold my heart ...

Genre: Romance [f] [x] / Length: 392 Pages (3,698 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Oct 18th, 2019

Guilt: A gripping, fast-paced mystery of thrilling, page-turning suspense by David Taylor Black (Taje Publishing) 4.9 Stars (24 Reviews)    Price verified 2 hours ago

"I enjoyed every page of this book." Online Book Club Could you prove your innocence if an entire country believed you were guilty? Things couldn't get worse for Dan Harris. The tragic death of his son left his heart and his marriage in ruins. But traveling to the Bahamas to research his next book is far from the relaxing vacation he'd dreamed of. After stumbling upon a dead body, he becomes the prime suspect in the man's murder. In the face of a local constable who's out to get him and no one but a flirtatious librarian on his ...

Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense [f] [x] / Length: 354 Pages (1,027 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Oct 18th, 2019

TRIGGER (Devil's Reach Book 1) by J.L. Drake (Limitless Publishing LLC) 4.7 Stars (458 Reviews)    Price verified 2 hours ago

***This is the first book in the series and it ends with a cliffhanger. Intended for 18+. May contain Triggers.*** I was raised by the Devil himself. Formed into a man who was unreachable. I went from the boy with bruises to the man with a trigger. Killing is the only thing that calms the itch. The demons inside were a constant battle... ... until she changed everything. Problem is when you spend most of your time in the dark, is it smart to step into the light?

Genre: Romance [f] [x] / Length: 332 Pages (2,093 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Oct 18th, 2019

Shallow Waters: A Port Stirling Mystery by Kay Jennings (Paris Communications) 4.9 Stars (28 Reviews)    Price verified 2 hours ago

A sleepy Oregon coastal village with secrets as dark as its January storms. A new, handsome police chief with his own shadowy past. The last thing Port Stirling Chief of Police Matt Horning needed on day one of his new job was for the mayor's daughter to turn up dead - stabbed to death - in a mysterious tunnel on a remote Oregon beach. Horning, escaping professional troubles in Texas, accepts the vacant job in Port Stirling, Oregon, looking for a fresh start in what he thought would be a peaceful coastal town where the far west ...

Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense [f] [x] / Length: 351 Pages (1,617 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Oct 18th, 2019

Suspended: A Dream Traveler Adventure (Vagabond Circus Book 1) by Sarah Noffke (One-Twenty-Six Press) 4.5 Stars (205 Reviews)    Price verified 2 hours ago

The most magical place in the world is about to be destroyed forever. Vagabond Circus is in danger. Its ringmaster knows it. The performers know it. And the one person who can save the circus, knows it. There are no smoke and mirrors in this show. No nets or wires. The magic is real. And so is the murderer who lurks somewhere under the big top. The ringmaster and the crew must work together to discover who is trying to ruin the place they love more than any other. Full of mystery and intrigue, this circus will transport ...

Genre: Children's eBooks [f] [x] / Length: 439 Pages (1,040 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Oct 18th, 2019

Rancher Bears Complete Series Books (1-6) by Candace Ayers 4.6 Stars (43 Reviews)    Price verified 2 hours ago

The six bestselling books in the Rancher Bears Series in one box set! Five Brothers. One Ranch. Six stories of true love. Six Novellas about love, family, and happily ever afters. Rancher Bear's Baby - Her life is a country song, no job, cheating boyfriend, pregnant by a one-night stand. What else can go wrong? Rancher Bear's Mail Order Mate - He doesn't want to find a mate, but what happens when his mate finds him? Rancher Bear's Surprise Package - When his search for a mate leads right back home. Rancher Bear's Secret - Can ...

Genre: Romance [f] [x] / Length: 360 Pages (4,884 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Oct 18th, 2019

If Darkness Takes Us by Brenda Marie Smith (SFK Press) 4.8 Stars (24 Reviews)    Price verified 2 hours ago

2018 SOUTHERN FRIED KARMA NOVEL CONTEST WINNER IN SUBURBAN AUSTIN, TEXAS, BEA CRENSHAW SECRETLY PREPARES FOR THE APOCALYPSE. But when a solar pulse destroys modern life, she's left alone with four grandkids whose parents do not return home. She must teach these kids to survive without power, cars, phones, running water, or doctors in a world fraught with increasing danger. If Darkness Takes Us is fraught with resilience, humanity, and heart.

Genre: Science Fiction [f] [x] / Length: 388 Pages (1,004 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Oct 18th, 2019

Naughty Appetites by Belle Scarlett (Naughty Literati) Price verified 9 hours ago

Naughty Appetites - favorite recipes of the Naughty Literati Authors. This collection of recipes is our gift to you! Including breakfasts, cocktails and drinks, appetizers, soups, entrees, sauces and breads, side dishes and desserts. Have a naughty good time creating all our delicious concoctions!

Genre: Cookbooks, Food & Wine [f] [x] / Length: 341 Pages (15,477 KB) / Lending: Not Enabled / Added: Oct 18th, 2019

The Apple of My Eye 16: Both Hard And Soft Ways Are Needed (The Apple of My Eye Series) by Mobo Reader Price verified 2 hours ago

When her sister ran away from the wedding, Autumn was forced to marry Charles. His name had been linked to innumerable ladies. He had different girlfriends for every day of a year. Autumn had never thought that she would fall in love with him.

Genre: Teen & Young Adult [f] [x] / Length: 317 Pages (597 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Oct 17th, 2019

WYCK'D KAINE by Groovy Lee Price verified 7 hours ago

A gold doubloon, an important part of history. And now, even in present day 21st century, that precious metal can still wield a power so strong that family members are willing to kill one another to possess it. Since the day Arlee Lovejoy set eyes on it, her simple, well-organized life as a professional chef began spiraling into a jumble of underhanded whys-and-wherefores, and fatal secrets. At first, she questioned why her Aunt Penelope kept it stored away in the back of her closet. When French billionaire, Kaine Delacroix, shows ...

Genre: Romance [f] [x] / Length: 414 Pages (552 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Oct 17th, 2019
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