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Love Me Deeply: Winning At Love 5.0 Stars (8 Reviews) Romance
The Shadow Walkers Saga Books 1-3: Lost in Shadow, Desired by Shadow, Iced in Shadow 4.3 Stars (20 Reviews) Romance
Crime and Punishment 4.3 Stars (1,952 Review) Classics
The Call of the Wild (Large Print): Complete and Unabridged Classic Edition 5.0 Stars (1 Review) Classics
It's Hell Up In Heaven 4.2 Stars (4 Reviews) Humor & Satire
Spears of the Sun (The Star Sojourner Series Book 3) Science Fiction
Three Kings' Christmas Journey Holidays
Abominations - The Twist inside part 1 (Song of Ages Book 2) Fantasy
Emma 4.2 Stars (1,046 Review) Classics
David Trent 2.8 Stars (3 Reviews) Action & Adventure
Hubby vs Bae: Urban Romance 4.2 Stars (4 Reviews) African American
Why You Left Short Stories
Sunset: Book One of the Nightlord Series 4.5 Stars (279 Reviews) Fantasy
Ascendant 3.9 Stars (22 Reviews) Science Fiction
Dark Secrets 5.0 Stars (2 Reviews) Horror
SHAPESHIFTERS: A Horror Short Story Collection (3 Tales to Chill Your Bones) 3.6 Stars (5 Reviews) Horror
Beyond the Ebbing Tide 5.0 Stars (5 Reviews) Literary Fiction
My Blood Runs Blue 4.2 Stars (78 Reviews) Fantasy
The Curse: A Roxanne Fosch Novella 4.1 Stars (9 Reviews) Short Stories
Just One Kiss: A Short Story 5.0 Stars (1 Review) Science Fiction
American Dream 5.0 Stars (1 Review) Coming of Age
Carter Ward, Space Rat 5.0 Stars (3 Reviews) Science Fiction
The Witch of Nightmares: Dark Fairy Tales of Magic and Mystery (The Trouble With Hedge Witches Book 1) 4.8 Stars (21 Reviews) Fantasy
Otherworldly (Kassien And Calypso's Song Book 1) 4.3 Stars (44 Reviews) Science Fiction
Dragon's Thief: A Reverse Harem Serial (Blood Prophecy Book 1) 4.3 Stars (101 Reviews) Romance
Cleopatra Occult 3.4 Stars (3 Reviews) Horror
Back to the 1940s: A romantic comedy adventure (Nervous Time Tourist Book 2) Romance
In a Northern Town 4.6 Stars (3 Reviews) Short Stories
The Man Who Voted for Trump 3.0 Stars (9 Reviews) Political
A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing: A short, dark paranormal romance 3.2 Stars (5 Reviews) Romance
The Interruption: An EMP Survival story (EMP Interruption Series Book 1) 4.3 Stars (5 Reviews) Science Fiction
Yuletide Miracle (The Steam Clock Legacy Book 3) 3.5 Stars (2 Reviews) Science Fiction
Not Dead Yet: A British Zombie Apocalypse Series (Books 1-2) 3.5 Stars (3 Reviews) Fantasy
A Fairy Tail: and Out of the Bag 3.4 Stars (4 Reviews) Humor & Satire
Make me your # 1: ArtDax Poetry 3.9 Stars (4 Reviews) Poetry
The Curiosity Shop: A romantic comedy of errors about witchcraft 3.4 Stars (5 Reviews) Romance
Railgun: Earth Under Siege 3.7 Stars (6 Reviews) Science Fiction
The Last Sorcerer 3.7 Stars (8 Reviews) Fantasy
More Than Just a Train Trip: Amish Romance Novel 3.7 Stars (4 Reviews) Romance
To Unleash a Lady's Hidden Desire: A Historical Regency Romance Book 3.3 Stars (62 Reviews) Romance
Poor Folk 3.4 Stars (10 Reviews) Classics
Dark Force Invasion 3.7 Stars (3 Reviews) Science Fiction
The Swan: False Step - she’d got married to solve her complicated life. 3.6 Stars (18 Reviews) Short Stories
The Mortalis: Beyond the Stars 3.4 Stars (15 Reviews) Science Fiction
Love Across the Lines: A Highlander Romance Story 3.8 Stars (3 Reviews) Romance
How to Become President: a unique formula of famous presidents, everyone can become president 3.6 Stars (6 Reviews) Biographical
An Apartment by the Road 3.8 Stars (19 Reviews) Short Stories
The Zimmerman File 3.7 Stars (10 Reviews) Literary Fiction
Childish Things: Stories of Growing Up 3.8 Stars (8 Reviews) Short Stories
The Werewolf of Camelot 3.8 Stars (7 Reviews) Fantasy
Love At The Summerfield Stables: A Summerfield Village Sweet Romance 3.9 Stars (8 Reviews) Contemporary Fiction
Curby 3.6 Stars (425 Reviews) Family Life
Black Metal: The Orc Wars 3.6 Stars (15 Reviews) Horror
Life in the Palace (The Palace Saga Book 1) 3.8 Stars (28 Reviews) Romance
Warrior's Heart: A Dark Ages Scottish Romance (The Pict Wars Book 1) 4.5 Stars (21 Reviews) Romance
The Abduction: A Jill Hunter Short #2 (The Jill Hunter Short Story Series) 4.4 Stars (19 Reviews) Short Stories
TOCABAGA 3: WARM BLOOD - COLD STEEL (The Tocabaga Chronicles: A Jack Gunn Suspense Thriller) 3.9 Stars (22 Reviews) Science Fiction
Monster Squad 1: Return Of The Phoenix 4.2 Stars (142 Reviews) Science Fiction
Children of the White Star 4.4 Stars (21 Reviews) World Literature
Merlin's Charge 4.4 Stars (21 Reviews) Fantasy
To Steal a Highlander's Heart (Highland Fae Chronicles Book 1) 4.2 Stars (122 Reviews) Historical Fiction
Fortune's Soldier: Shadow Ops Alpha 4.3 Stars (41 Reviews) Romance
I'm a Therapist, and My Patient is Going to be the Next School Shooter: 6 Patient Files That Will Keep You Up At Night (Dr. Harper Therapy Book 1) 4.1 Stars (423 Reviews) Horror
A New Beginning: A Jill Hunter Short #0 (The Jill Hunter Short Story Series) 4.7 Stars (9 Reviews) Short Stories
A Door Never Dreamed Of 4.3 Stars (23 Reviews) Fantasy
Eternal Soul 4.5 Stars (20 Reviews) Sagas
Blindsided (Cute Shorts Book 3) 4.6 Stars (21 Reviews) Women's Fiction
Love and Chaos: Volume One: The Circle of Karma 4.8 Stars (10 Reviews) African American
The Letter: A Jill Hunter Short #1 (The Jill Hunter Short Story Series) 4.4 Stars (33 Reviews) Short Stories
The Sleepers 4.8 Stars (9 Reviews) Science Fiction
RUNE (Episode I: Awareness) 4.4 Stars (33 Reviews) Horror
S79 The Horror in the Swamp: A riveting monster horror novel 4.6 Stars (18 Reviews) Science Fiction
Sin City Sucubbus: A Dabbler Novel 4.7 Stars (12 Reviews) Horror
Of Mice and Money 4.5 Stars (23 Reviews) Women's Fiction
Breaking Josephine: A HOT Western Romance (Forbidden Romance Book 1) 4.5 Stars (56 Reviews) Sagas
The King's Favorite (Daughters of Avalon Book 1) 4.6 Stars (70 Reviews) Historical Fiction
Decoy - A Christian Suspense - Book 5 (Pleasant Hearts & Elliot-Kings) 4.5 Stars (64 Reviews) Religious & Inspirational Fiction
Unexpected (Love in LA) 4.6 Stars (32 Reviews) Romance
Zephyr II 4.6 Stars (17 Reviews) Science Fiction
Let the Bodies (The Hecatomb Book 2) 4.8 Stars (10 Reviews) Horror
Sci Phi Journal: Issue #1, October 2014: The Journal of Science Fiction and Philosophy 4.5 Stars (25 Reviews) Science Fiction