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Secrets of the Book of Kells by L. A. Braun Price verified 41 minutes ago

The rebus pictogram secrets of the 'Book of Kells,' an ancient Insular Manuscript, are visible to those who will truly see. The revelations in this book about that text will push you out of your safe zone. Leonardo Da Vinci had stated that there are three types of people:... 'those who see, those who can be shown and those who will not see.' Find out which type you are by looking at the 'Book of Kells' through the unique perspective of this picture-based book.

Genre: Arts & Photography [x] / Length: 348 Pages (9,790 KB) / Lending: Not Enabled / Added: Feb 16th, 2020

Best Indie Music of the 21st Century by David Drake Price verified 4 hours ago

This is a Songbook filled with the best Indie Musicians, Bands and Music of the 21st Century. There is also lots of general knowledge about each and every Artist in this Book and a special pick of my favourite song from each and every Artist in the Book. There are some not so well known Artists in this Book whom in my opinion should be known and loved by Everyone. I f you wouldn't mind if you have time please review. Please Enjoy. Thank You.

Genre: Arts & Photography [x] / Length: 29 Pages (763 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Feb 16th, 2020

Pierre-Auguste Renoir: A Life from Beginning to End (Biographies of Painters Book 4) by Hourly History 3.5 Stars (2 Reviews)    Price verified 57 minutes ago

Discover the remarkable life of Pierre-Auguste Renoir... Free BONUS Inside! Pierre-August Renoir, leader of the nineteenth-century Impressionist movement, spent his entire life perfecting his style. Rejected for decades, he depended on friends for a place to stay and money for painting supplies. Renoir lived in poverty until his forties, and when he was finally discovered and hailed as a great artist, his health began to fail him. Still, Renoir never gave up his passion for painting. When he became crippled by arthritis, Renoir ...

Genre: Arts & Photography [x] / Length: 40 Pages (3,168 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Feb 16th, 2020

Spa Slippers - Easy Crochet Pattern by Sarah Taylor (Crafty Creations) 3.8 Stars (5 Reviews)    Price verified 57 minutes ago

Spa slippers can give you that pampered, luxurious feeling in the comfort of your own home, and this easy crochet pattern is so quick to make that you can crochet a pair in just a few hours (or even in less than 2 hours if you are a fast crocheter!). The yarn used is light worsted (double knitting/8 ply) and the slipper sole is crocheted using double strands so it works up very quickly. Ideally, a cotton yarn will be the best choice to give you an authentic spa slipper feel, but any yarn can be used as long as it works up to the ...

Genre: Arts & Photography [x] / Length: 13 Pages (757 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Feb 16th, 2020

Cricut Project Ideas: A practical step by step guide to master your cricut machine by Camilla Harding 4.7 Stars (10 Reviews)    Price verified 57 minutes ago

You look around with an iron fist and technology rules. You have so many tools in place that can help preserve the special time memory such as digital camera, camcorder, and digital voice recorder. We also have another tool to help people with their scrapbooking needs. It's the CRICUT MACHINE. The Cricut machine was built for many purposes. Now most people may think this tool is only for making scrapbooks, but not. The Cricut machine can use much more than just making scrapbooks. When you look closely at a Cricut machine and you ...

Genre: Arts & Photography [x] / Length: 114 Pages (1,864 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Feb 16th, 2020

Drawing Nature: Mastering simple projects (Practical guide) by Brenda Clark 4.7 Stars (8 Reviews)    Price verified 15 hours ago

Get a bonus book. All the information inside Welcome to the Beginners Guide to Drawing Nature! In this book you will learn about how to draw elements and aspects of nature. You will learn about the techniques and the skills required drawing very carefully crafted images of nature. What kinds of images of nature you might be asking? Well, we will start out with animals and insects of various kinds and types. There are around 14 different creatures to draw. Then we will move on to a variety of flowers and foliage, a total of 14 images ...

Genre: Arts & Photography [x] / Length: 151 Pages (44,776 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Feb 15th, 2020

Dresden Codex by L. A. Braun 2.2 Stars (3 Reviews)    Price verified 17 hours ago

Find out why the internet is abuzz about this book! Read 'Dresden Codex'--a mind-blowing contemporary interpretation of the infamous Maya manuscript jam-packed with stunning revelations and killer twists on its iconology. Had there been a hidden number '26' in the artwork related to the 'Dresden Codex'--the oldest manuscript surviving from the Americas? What would it mean? The number '26' is a number that had been furtively hidden throughout the greatest Masters' Art. Step aboard the enchanted mystery ship for a journey through the ...

Genre: Arts & Photography [x] / Length: 267 Pages (5,944 KB) / Lending: Not Enabled / Added: Feb 15th, 2020

Secrets of the Giza Pyramids by L. A. Braun Price verified 18 hours ago

The Giza Pyramids have always been a monumental mystery. They don't even appear in the Egyptian hieroglyphics. We would not know that they had ever existed if they had not withstood the test of time. A major omission also appears in all of the Bible's stories about its denizens who visited Egypt; the pyramids were never mentioned once! Their geometry is so sacred that it is only spoken of in code. In fact, that geometry is the golden nugget of sacred secret Wisdom that is hidden within the Philosophers' Stone legends. Well, we've ...

Genre: Arts & Photography [x] / Length: 209 Pages (4,890 KB) / Lending: Not Enabled / Added: Feb 15th, 2020

Secrets of the 77 and 777 by L. A. Braun Price verified 20 hours ago

Las Vegas capitalizes upon the magic number 777 because the secret is a mindblowing part of the ancient sacred Wisdom. Find out how. This book examines the numbers 77 and 777. Guaranteed: You will never look at the number ''7' in the same way again! Why is the number '7' so lucky? There is a mystery to it! The image of a number '7,' in its various forms of 7, 77, and 777, runs throughout the oldest Masters' Art. The 777 can be found in Kabbalah and the 7-7-7 pattern in the Book of Revelation. The 7 and its various manifestations ...

Genre: Arts & Photography [x] / Length: 435 Pages (9,687 KB) / Lending: Not Enabled / Added: Feb 15th, 2020
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