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Glitchworld by Damien Hanson 3.7 Stars (5 Reviews)    Price verified 50 minutes ago

Prestige Gaming is the ultimate experience. Better than VR, better than real life, better than your mom... it's the real you in real life facing real beings created by the AR game system. But when Meredith Johnston invites Derek Hammings to play they both find that not all dreams are what they seem. Things are going wrong at Prestige Gaming. Computers laugh and holler. Villains stutter. Robots bash. And Meredith remains trapped in the friend-zone. As tiny nanobots begin to swarm with a will of their own, and as their surroundings ...

Genre: Humor & Entertainment [x] / Length: 213 Pages (1,374 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Jul 8th, 2020

Accidental Thief: Book One in the LitRPG Accidental Traveler Adventure by Jamie Davis (MedicCast Productions) 4.2 Stars (182 Reviews)    Price verified 17 hours ago

Stuck in the Game, A LitRPG Adventure Hal can't catch a break. What can he do to turn his luck around? Wandering through a flea market, a strange woman starts to talk his ear off. She won't let him leave. He doesn't want any of her junk, that is, until she pulls out a bootleg copy of a new game. Maybe he can forget his troubles for a few hours? What happens next, turns Hal's life upside down. You'll love this epic LitRPG fantasy series, because every game needs a winner. Play along with Hal as he becomes an Accidental ...

Genre: Humor & Entertainment [x] / Length: 310 Pages (3,335 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Jul 7th, 2020

10,000 Missing Vowels Puzzles by Kalman Toth M.A. M.PHIL. 3.1 Stars (11 Reviews)    Price verified 21 hours ago

This book is a must for anyone who enjoys problem solving, word games and brain teasers. Missing Vowels puzzles are excellent for sharp brain maintenance and IQ improvement. Complete the given words on each page missing the letters A, E, I, O, and U. Write the complete word in the grid on the right-hand side. Solutions are provided in reverse on the bottom of each page. The book has 10,000 numbered puzzles.

Genre: Humor & Entertainment [x] / Length: 272 Pages (862 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Jul 7th, 2020

Online Startups: You've Got a Video Camera Now Put it to Work (How to Make Money Filming Inexpensive Music Videos) by T Whitmore 3.3 Stars (13 Reviews)    Price verified 19 minutes ago

Be a Successful Independent Videographer with this Guide to Making Money Filming Inexpensive Music Videos! Read This Book FREE on Kindle Unlimited - Download Now! When you download You've Got a Video Camera, Now Put It To Work, you'll learn everything you need to know to enter the independent music video business. It's time to build your own business and put that camcorder to work! Here are a Few Things You Will Learn From This Book: ?Creative Tips And Tricks to Use when filming ?Deciding On Locations to Shoot Your ...

Genre: Humor & Entertainment [x] / Length: 104 Pages (1,020 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Jul 7th, 2020

Chess for Beginners : The Complete Guide to Learn How to Play Chess. Know the Rules, and Strategies to Win by Max King 5.0 Stars (1 Review)    Price verified 2 hours ago

Learn to play a game of chess with practical instruction, strategies, and winning tactics! This comprehensive guide provides a clear to the movements of each piece along with basic rules and game dynamics. From your first move to your last, Chess for Beginners shows you how to play your best game with easy-to-follow solutions, 'Attacking a defender,' 'The discovered attack,' 'Double checks' and much more! • By the end of this guide, you will discover: • The Foundations of Chess; • Explanation of Each Chess Piece and the ...

Genre: Humor & Entertainment [x] / Length: 80 Pages (1,175 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Jul 7th, 2020

Sunny and in the Eighties by Leonard Stegmann Price verified 24 hours ago

At last Leonard would show his friend how horrible the weather on the coast really was! (Humor/640 Words)

Genre: Humor & Entertainment [x] / Size: 250 KB / Lending: Enabled / Added: Jul 7th, 2020

7700 Hard Scramblex Puzzles To Improve Your IQ by Kalman Toth M.A. M.PHIL. Price verified 24 hours ago

As indicated on the cover, this book contains 7,700 hard - above average length, college level - Scramblex puzzles. Light, Easy & Medium Scramblex puzzle books are also available. Scramblex puzzles are unscrambling word games. All the letters in a word are given, but out of order in ABC sorting. The goal is to unscramble the letters and find the hidden word. Each Scramblex in this book contains seven to fifteen letters. There are five puzzles on each page with the answers in reverse order at the bottom of the page. Overall Benefits ...

Genre: Humor & Entertainment [x] / Length: 496 Pages (2,028 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Jul 7th, 2020

Time Burrito by Aaron Frale 4.0 Stars (57 Reviews)    Price verified 19 minutes ago

With great burrito comes great responsibility. Pete's food truck at the University of New Mexico isn't going well. Seniors dare freshman to eat his burritos. Frats use them for pledges and pranks. Rumors fly around campus that they are chupacabra ground up with rat. Pete needs a change, and it comes in the form of a physics experiment gone awry. After being sucked into the past, he stumbles across an ingredient that goes great in one of his creations. First, there was Marty McFly. Then there was Bill and Ted. And now Pete--

Genre: Humor & Entertainment [x] / Length: 239 Pages (831 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Jul 7th, 2020
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