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Hell Has No Fury by J.J. Jackson (Felony Books) 4.3 Stars (20 Reviews)    Price verified 2 hours ago

Blair's life wasn't supposed to be like this. She had it all planned out -- start her career, get married to a man that loves her at age 30, then have two kids. But when she wakes up one stormy morning with a hangover, she sees blood in her bed. Then she realizes she's no longer a virgin. The memory of the night comes to her in pieces. She remembers a man -- no, men. Several of them. But she can only remember one of the faces. He's tall, he's sexy, and his name is Jazz.

Genre: African American [x] / Length: 230 Pages (3,058 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Feb 20th, 2020

Dead or Alive by Drea Delgado 4.3 Stars (12 Reviews)    Price verified 8 hours ago

Has Tania really gone off the deep end and killed Nico before turning the gun on herself? Has everyone's favorite bad boy really been keeping a deep, dark secret for over twenty years and had another family secretly stashed away? What kind of drama will the truth bring once it is finally revealed? Find out in Dead or Alive

Genre: African American [x] / Length: 96 Pages (928 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Feb 20th, 2020

A Classy Thug by J.J. Jackson (Felony Books) 4.0 Stars (2 Reviews)    Price verified 9 hours ago

"A gripping rollercoaster ride of love, drama, lies, and deception." Deja finds out that her so-called husband is seeing another woman behind her back. He and his mistress even plan to marry. When she finds this out it sends her to the point of no return, a place where Zecman thought she would never go. Only if she knew he's doing this for them. Instead of being a small time DC hustler all his life, he's trying to make it to the top by marrying a New York Mobster's daughter. It doesn't matter, because his rival Chance waits on the ...

Genre: African American [x] / Length: 251 Pages (1,750 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Feb 20th, 2020

Identical Sins 1 by Tatum James 4.6 Stars (20 Reviews)    Price verified 5 hours ago

Identical Sins 2 now available When desperation strikes, how far would you go? When twin sisters plan a robbery, what could possibly go right? I fought back tears like a soldier, as I walked back to my apartment. Only for the flood gates to open once I trudged up the stairs to my walk up to find a pink FINAL NOTICE plastered on the door. I hadn't even paid this month's rent and here it was 9 days away from the 1st again.-Lola, Identical Sins After losing their parents at 14, sisters Nina and Lola are left alone to navigate the ...

Genre: African American [x] / Length: 121 Pages (1,381 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Feb 20th, 2020

In Love With A Brooklyn Thug by Nako (NAKOEXPO PRESENTS) 4.7 Stars (326 Reviews)    Price verified 5 hours ago

Nia Hudson, fashion powerhouse and philanthropist swore that love wasn't for her, she was too busy chasing after her dreams. The quiet girl from Brooklyn refused to go back to the projects- being raised by her selfish aunt her whole life was the push she needed to run far away and never return. According to Ms. Hudson, actions have always spoken louder than words, so when a blast from the past resurfaces and refuses to take "no" for an answer, Nia decides to give him one hour of her time. Surprisingly, one hour turns into a week, a ...

Genre: African American [x] / Length: 210 Pages (637 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Feb 20th, 2020

Salvation: The Prelude (Saved By A Savage Book 1) by Nako (NAKOEXPO PRESENTS) 4.7 Stars (156 Reviews)    Price verified 5 hours ago

She said... He saved me from becoming the woman I never wanted to be and that was my mother. He said... She saved me from being alone and dying to soon. Moses Parks is a man with the million dollar plan but soon realizes that money can not buy happiness. Searching for something else to live for while dealing with his failing health, Teka comes into his life as a breath of fresh air. But then she goes away. Without warning. Moses refuses to forget about her and makes it his mission to find her and continue what they started. ...

Genre: African American [x] / Length: 181 Pages (3,659 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Feb 20th, 2020

Giselle: Creme De La Creme by Nako (NAKOEXPO PRESENTS) 4.8 Stars (176 Reviews)    Price verified 5 hours ago

Warning: When opening Pandora's Box be very careful. Kasim Moreland was totally unprepared to deal with Giselle Braxton. Not only was she out of his league but the woman was brilliant. Every time Kasim thought he finally was ahead of her she showed him that he wasn't. Checkmate. Giselle Braxton isn't looking for love or help, the twenty-five year old multi-millionaire is simply focused on expanding her empire. In this self-titled novel from national best selling author Nako, experience a woman who has everything but at the same ...

Genre: African American [x] / Length: 353 Pages (2,657 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Feb 20th, 2020

The Girl Who Could Trap by Keesh Washington (Felony Books) 4.1 Stars (8 Reviews)    Price verified 9 hours ago

MaKayla could care less about being introduced to another drug dealer. And when her roommate invites two more thugs home, MaKayla locks herself in her room. But when she finally lays eyes on Alsina Michaels, she's instantly drawn to him. A one-night stand turns into beautiful thoughts of a lifetime commitment. But Alsina has secrets. And MaKayla is too busy enjoying her new life as a criminal to ask questions... until it's too late.

Genre: African American [x] / Length: 199 Pages (3,256 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Feb 20th, 2020

Not Gon' Cry by Quisha Dynae 3.9 Stars (10 Reviews)    Price verified 5 hours ago

Just when Lynae was about to give up on love with her long term boyfriend Brandon, she meets Tray. He is a sexy 6 figure computer programmer that could give her the world. Tray was everything she dreamed of in a man. Or was he? She left Brandon in the hopes of thinking she had found all she needed with Tray. He treated her like a queen and she thought she was the luckiest woman alive. He took her out the Hood to living a lavish life. Tray had a big secret that he could not shake. Will Lynae get away from Tray before it's to late? ...

Genre: African American [x] / Length: 159 Pages (390 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Feb 20th, 2020

Queen Savage: Loyalty Is Life by Joy Jackson 4.5 Stars (19 Reviews)    Price verified 5 hours ago

Ever since Dawn and Rashelle could remember, their life has been hard and unfair. Everything they've had to endure has made them tough and sometimes ruthless. When their savage ways catch the attention of a mafia figure, their lives are changed forever. They are introduced to the underworld where disloyalty will get you killed. They find out that sometimes the tables do turn, and when they do, you better hope you're on the winning side.

Genre: African American [x] / Length: 168 Pages (2,548 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Feb 20th, 2020

My Heart's On Lock: Completed Series by Soulja Choc (Soulja Choc Presents) 4.6 Stars (17 Reviews)    Price verified 5 hours ago

When Lil Riccy and Jess first took that big risk by hooking up, they never imagined all that would come with it. Lil Riccy was nearing the end of a lengthy sentence when Jess entered his world. Not sure that their messages, phone conversations and visits would be the turning point for a new life ahead of him, .he proceeded with caution. He had his share of bad experiences with woman before meeting her, but she swore she was cut from a different cloth. Jess was tired of her boring life with her husband, when she finally decided to hit ...

Genre: African American [x] / Length: 225 Pages (3,149 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Feb 20th, 2020

FAMILY IS 4EVER by Kareem Abdul Rahman (York Bound Publications) 4.3 Stars (3 Reviews)    Price verified 10 hours ago

Family Is 4ever is a story about the Harris family and the seemingly never ending circle of poverty, drug use, and teenage pregnancy which has plagued the family for generations. To most people who knew them it was a foregone conclusion that every Harris would go to prison, have a baby as a teen, or live in poverty and collect welfare and food stamps all of their lives. Most of the family seems to accept the fact that this was how their lives was going to be. Will any Harris ever break this cycle of negativity and stereotyping that ...

Genre: African American [x] / Length: 159 Pages (607 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Feb 19th, 2020
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