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Waves, Heat and Electrical Calculations: A Physics Book for High Schools and Colleges by Kingsley Augustine Price verified 4 hours ago

This book is best viewed by using the pinch and zoom feature of your device. This book, Waves, Heat and Electrical Calculations, has been carefully written to teach you the major topics in waves, sound, heat and electrical calculations, by explaining them with a mindset to fully equip you in the topics. Whether you want this book for general studies of these topics in physics, or you want this book to study for an exam or test, you will find it a very useful tool. This eBook is a physics teacher which is suitable for students in high schools or secondary schools and students in colleges. It will also serve as a useful tool for students who are preparing for entrance examinations into colleges and universities. Students in the higher institutions taking courses in physics will also find this book very useful, especially when there is need for improvements in these branches of physics. The step by step explanations presented in the worked examples are easy to understand since care was taken to sufficiently explain salient points and ideas. Efforts have been made to achieve a complete and simplified explanation of every example given in this textbook. Many worked examples have been included in each topic in order to fully cover every complexity the topic might contain. Numerous exercises at the end of each chapter are intended to test students' understanding of the topic. Therefore students are thus presented with an effective means of self-assessment whereby they can determine their individual strengths and revision needs. The topics covered in this eBook include: ?LINEAR EXPANSIVITY ?AREA EXPANSIVITY ?VOLUME EXPANSIVITY ?REAL AND APPARENT CUBIC EXPANSIVITY ?MEASUREMENT OF TEMPERATURE ?HEAT ENERGY - HEAT CAPACITY AND SPECIFIC HEAT CAPACITY ?CHANGE OF STATE - LATENT HEAT AND SPECIFIC LATENT HEAT ?RELATIVE HUMIDITY ?BOYLE'S LAW ?CHARLES' LAW ?PRESSURE LAWCHAPTER 12 GENERAL GAS LAW ?WAVE MOTION ?ECHOES ?CHAPTER 15 BEAT ?CHAPTER 16 VIBRATION OF AIR COLUMN IN ...

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Added: Jan 21st, 2019
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