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Love's Sting by MJ Masucci 4.3 Stars (7 Reviews)    Price verified 40 minutes ago

His dark past could become her dangerous future... My apartment is a dump and I can hardly afford the rent. To top it off, my only source of income will end once the bar I work at closes. I'm screwed. My life only gets worse when I'm attacked in the subway on my last night of work. I think I'm lucky when Gabriel Baldwin saves me and offers me a job... until I find out he has ulterior motives. Gabriel has desires of the romantic variety, a fiancee, and a dark past that involves someone I loved. Despite our fierce attraction, I ...

Genre: Romance [x] / Length: 280 Pages (1,848 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Mar 22nd, 2019

Xander: A Mafia Mystery Bad Boy Romance by Everly Bloom 4.1 Stars (10 Reviews)    Price verified 3 hours ago

They call me Boss, because this city belongs to my family - the Volkovs. Our greedy enemies want to take it from us, but we've got a plan - and a girl. Stella Rinaldi. She doesn't know it yet, but she's the key to ending this turf war once and for all. All I have to do is get her to trust me. I know everything about her, but she doesn't know me. Not yet. But we're about to get close. Real close. Xander is a 46k word Mafia Mystery Bad Boy Romance with steamy scenes for the adult reader and a HEA. ~2 for 1 Bonus Content - Comes with ...

Genre: Romance [x] / Length: 337 Pages (892 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Mar 22nd, 2019

Council of Consorts #1: A Paranormal Love Story by Jade Lewis (Crimson Night Publishing) 4.2 Stars (74 Reviews)    Price verified 4 hours ago

I'm a fighter, not a puppet warming a fancy chair. The great Council of Unnaturals has been around since the beginning of time, each member replaced by their eldest child when the time comes. And my mother is the head of the Oasis. Her eldest? Well, that would be me. But I'm not interested. I'd rather live above ground. Besides, there are much better things to do with my time, like saving a family of shifters, keeping humans from causing mass extinctions, and fighting back demon hordes. Magic is my weapon of choice, and I ...

Genre: Romance [x] / Length: 206 Pages (3,913 KB) / Lending: Not Enabled / Added: Mar 22nd, 2019

Perfectly Broken by Jullian Scott 4.4 Stars (11 Reviews)    Price verified 4 hours ago

A monster is prowling the streets of Chicago, grabbing young women and torturing them. He leaves their bodies virtually unrecognizable- carved and bloody. Cassie Miller was supposed to be one of those bodies. She was taken by the Carver and held hostage in a basement cell for days. But Cassie refused to end up like the other women and she fought back, escaping her prison. As she recovers both physically and mentally, she begins to wonder if she truly did escape. Her life has been forever tainted by the monster in the dark. But then ...

Genre: Romance [x] / Length: 215 Pages (4,599 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Mar 22nd, 2019

Unbridled Cowboy: A Mail Order Bride Western Romance by Brittany Dreams 1.5 Stars (2 Reviews)    Price verified 5 hours ago

It is bad enough to have her first marriage end because her husband left her for her own brother, Faye Furlong is absolutely mortified to find that the letters she has been receiving from her intended as a mail order bride were faked. So when she shows up in Dodge City from Hays, poor unfortunate, but incredibly good looking Jake McElroy has no idea what she is talking about. Fortunately their delicious attraction and intense chemistry puts doubt to bed... A Mail Order Brides Historical Romance Novella Bonus Books Included Mature ...

Genre: Romance [x] / Length: 1,105 Pages (1,124 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Mar 22nd, 2019

Dragon Lady vs Lady Destiny: Isle of the Four Kingdoms (Volume 2) by B. A. Beers 4.0 Stars (1 Review)    Price verified 6 hours ago

As the series of the Isle of the Four Kingdoms continues, Princess Laurena Filly journeys to fulfill her destiny as sorceress and Guardian of the Blue Dragons, the Dragon Lady. Secluded on Dragon Mountain, she advances her sorcery knowledge and skills, having limited contact with her family and her fellow adventurers. Laurena's best friend from their days at the Sorcery Academy, Sandy, has betrayed her, and Sandy's subsequent actions have split the two former friends, with Laurena seeking justice for Sandy's action. But, Sandy has ...

Genre: Romance [x] / Length: 378 Pages (1,081 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Mar 22nd, 2019

Heart Steps by Arsalan Ahmed Price verified 7 hours ago

Heart Steps Love is a short collection of poems based on romance. Every promise of the soul has innumerable fulfilments; each often. Nature, uncontainable, flowing, forelooking, in the first sentiment of kindness anticipates already a benevolence which shall lose all particular regards in its general light. The introduction to this felicity is in a private and tender relation of one to one, which is the enchantment of human life; which, like a certain divine rage and enthusiasm, seizes on man at one period, and works a revolution in ...

Genre: Romance [x] / Length: 20 Pages (3,203 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Mar 22nd, 2019

Untamed Darkness (A Forest of Darkness Book 0) by Kate Wendley (Moonlight Magic Publishing) 4.5 Stars (6 Reviews)    Price verified 7 hours ago

Six years ago Helena was turned into a werewolf by her one and only one night stand. And she quickly learned that the jerk had no sympathy for her now upside down world. Nowadays she kept far away from anyone and anything that could tempt her well hidden monster to take over and destroy her carefully controlled life. But some days were harder than others to keep her sanity. Marc knew he needed to change some things in his life, but he had no idea how. He had no goals and hung out with all the wrong kinds of people. So when serious, ...

Genre: Romance [x] / Length: 118 Pages (9,641 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Mar 22nd, 2019

Dual Desires (Dueling Devils Book 1) by Shyla Colt (Inspired Ink) 4.1 Stars (12 Reviews)    Price verified 32 minutes ago

Bound by responsibility and loyalty, small-town girl, Ardy Larkin is trapped. Then a deal gone wrong turns her into the property of the dark and dangerous president of the Dueling Devils, M.C. Demon. To pay off her father's debt, she'll do whatever he requires of her. In need of someone to watch his children while he's away, the innocent girl was a solution to all Demon's problems, until he caught a case of feelings. When a dangerous situation forces his feeling to the forefront, thrusting him into hell fire. She doesn't belong ...

Genre: Romance [x] / Length: 219 Pages (500 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Mar 22nd, 2019

Forbidden Kisses in the Highlands: Clean Highlander Historical Romance by Denisse Gonsalez 5.0 Stars (1 Review)    Price verified one hour ago

Ewan MacPhee is forced into becoming the clan chief too soon after his father dies while hunting wild boars. His impetuous nature may cost him his title and lands over a girl with more stubbornness than his. When he meets the Highlander beauty with dark hair and bright blue eyes, he falls fast despite his knowledge of what that may mean for him. Even war will not stop him from what he feels is his right. Claire MacClelland is betrothed to a man she despises. The opportunity for release from that bondage comes unexpectedly when she ...

Genre: Romance [x] / Length: 31 Pages (578 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Mar 22nd, 2019

Clone by Todd Young (Mercurial Avenue) 4.0 Stars (1 Review)    Price verified 6 hours ago

They're clones. They're identical. And they're falling in love. Riley is falling in love. The only problem is, he's falling in love with Theo, his clone. He's only just met the guy, but he feels like he's looking into a mirror. Theo has been living in a military installation. Now he's in New York, hiding from the authorities. He's hiding out at Riley's place. The cover story is that the two of them are twin brothers. And they might as well be twin brothers, if only they weren't so different. Riley is compassionate and dependable, ...

Genre: Romance [x] / Length: 281 Pages (379 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Mar 22nd, 2019

Maggie's Wolves, Part Five: A Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance (Red Mountain Pack Book 5) by Cara Morgan 4.6 Stars (3 Reviews)    Price verified 6 hours ago

Four down, one to go. Maggie doesn't want to cast anyone out of the pack, but Declan -- the half-feral shifter who's more comfortable running around on four legs than two -- might just be too much wolf for her to handle. This is the fifth and final installment of MAGGIE'S WOLVES, a five part reverse harem paranormal romance. For adult readers only.

Genre: Romance [x] / Length: 66 Pages (719 KB) / Lending: Not Enabled / Added: Mar 22nd, 2019

Trading Hearts: Steamy Office Romance by Katrina Liss (Romance Junkie) 5.0 Stars (1 Review)    Price verified 32 minutes ago

Steamy office romance. When Fliss was sent to New York for a year on an exchange with another trader, she was looking forward to the challenge of the job . Romance didn't feature on her agenda. Until she met Jason, her new desk manager and the spark of attraction ignited. But the more she found out about him the more she realized what a bad boy he is, both at work and at play. Despite that, like a moth to a flame, she couldn't keep away. As things heated up Fliss found herself torn in her love life, her professional integrity ...

Genre: Romance [x] / Length: 185 Pages (3,843 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Mar 22nd, 2019

Their Shadow Queen (The Shadow Court Harem Book 1) by Kim Loraine 4.5 Stars (24 Reviews)    Price verified one minute ago

I am the queen of the Shadow Court. More powerful than any before me. Destined to do great things. And a pawn in a royal game I don't want to play. The problem is, I've spent the last twenty-one years thinking I was human. Now I'm surrounded by fae who say they want to help me but I don't know who to trust. With powers I don't understand, I'm unsure if I can rule. I'll have to rely on the two men who've been by my side since before this began. I have to claim the crown or renounce my title, but my fate was sealed without my ...

Genre: Romance [x] / Length: 145 Pages (3,772 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Mar 22nd, 2019

Submissive's Journey (Masters of Blackstone Book 1) by Roxy Harte 4.8 Stars (8 Reviews)    Price verified 2 hours ago

Julia and Everett's Story is so big, I broke it into two books: 1.SUBMISSIVE'S JOURNEY 2.SUBMISSIVE'S ROAD TO RECOVERY A Victim of Human Trafficking... Julia Moran's childhood ended abruptly. She survived by being beautiful, obedient, and silent for the respected Los Angeles lawyer who targeted her. No one suspected the pampered and adored woman was kept prisoner in his multimillion dollar house. The day her Master died, she was free. With a bold, new life teaching Jr. High mathematics, she plans to be the most boring, vanilla ...

Genre: Romance [x] / Length: 418 Pages (2,069 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Mar 22nd, 2019

The Return: The Gift Trilogy: Book III by Sandy Huth 5.0 Stars (1 Review)    Price verified 4 hours ago

Angelina Landon has a problem. Her dead boyfriend, Harry Newton, shows up at the most inconvenient times, especially when she's making love to her new boyfriend. First introduced in "The Gift" as a child with a variety of paranormal skills, including telepathy and pre-cognition, Angelina is now a nurse living in New York. After the murder of Harry in "The Torment," Angelina has found the only way she can survive is to pretend the past never happened. She has cut herself off from friends and family, changed her appearance, and lives a ...

Genre: Romance [x] / Length: 389 Pages (2,290 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Mar 22nd, 2019

Kim's Courage: A Billionaire's Club Novel (Billionaire's Club Series Book 3) by C.L. Donley 4.3 Stars (48 Reviews)    Price verified 2 hours ago

The final book in the Billionaire's Club Trilogy! A year after her best friend Amara's wedding united them, Kim Pritchard finds herself in the hospital with the baby she conceived with billionaire internet mogul Bel Hafiz. Not only has Kim neglected to tell Bel about his son, now she will have to tell him he's fighting for his life in the NICU. Since the handsome middle eastern playboy "ghosted" her, she wonders if he even cares enough about either of them to reach out. Little does she know that Bel Hafiz has plenty to hide, ...

Genre: Romance [x] / Length: 210 Pages (4,315 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Mar 22nd, 2019

When Death Calls by Elaine Meece (Sassafras Publishing) 4.7 Stars (11 Reviews)    Price verified 4 hours ago

A unique romantic suspense with a paranormal twist. Following in the footsteps of her deceased mother, Francesca Yates believes she is also a phony fortuneteller until her crystal ball reveals a client will be murdered. Though the vision is brief, she recalls a spider tattoo on the killer's arm and tries to warn the client to no avail. When the woman is murdered, Francesca does her civic duty and calls the police. The arrogant detective lets her know right off he doesn't believe in Tarot cards or crystal balls. When Francesca ...

Genre: Romance [x] / Length: 330 Pages (5,390 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Mar 22nd, 2019

North Star Series: The Complete Boxset by Tracey Ward 4.4 Stars (49 Reviews)    Price verified 4 hours ago

Three full bestselling novels, over 280,000 words, and 8 pages of extended, uncut scenes! An artist. A boxer. A love that was never meant to be. Follow Jenna and Kellen through their tumultuous relationship full of passion, longing, and a trust so true it will hold them tightly together even as their worlds fall apart around them. *This is not a cookie cutter romance. It is a knockdown, heartbreaking journey through friendship, love, and loss - all to find the one person who can see you clear as day, even when you've lost all ...

Genre: Romance [x] / Length: 1,026 Pages (1,424 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Mar 22nd, 2019

Waking the Watcher (The Watcher Series Book 1) by Kim Loraine 4.5 Stars (178 Reviews)    Price verified 3 hours ago

Praised by #1 NYT Bestselling Author, Rachel Van Dyken as, "Spellbinding and addicting!" Kim Loraine brings a new, fresh spin on the classic vampire-meets-human tale. The first in the erotic paranormal Fallen Angel trilogy, Waking the Watcher is a story of lust, love, Heaven and Hell, and everything in between. Galen Lust. My ultimate downfall, And demise. I'm shackled to a life I can't escape. A life I never asked for. Now, I'm trapped--soulless, Burdened by a Watcher lurking within. He wants out, he wants her. But I can't let ...

Genre: Romance [x] / Length: 241 Pages (547 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Mar 22nd, 2019

Clawed: The Stonetree Trilogy (Black Mountain Bears Book 1) by Ophelia Bell (Animus Press) 4.5 Stars (146 Reviews)    Price verified 4 hours ago

Gaia save the Queen... Emma Stonetree's father is missing. Worse yet, her uncle's gone too, leaving her and her two cousins, Jasper and Jade, floundering for an explanation. All Emma can think of are their fathers' stories -- tall tales of magic, mystery, and a whole host of shifter races. Stories she might not have believed, if not for her own research into the matter -- research that hardly prepares her for the trials of magic she and her cousins will endure as they set off that Midwinter's night to discover their roots. Nor ...

Genre: Romance [x] / Length: 124 Pages (5,405 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Mar 22nd, 2019

Detour: (Beautiful Biker MC Romance Series) by DD Prince 4.6 Stars (94 Reviews)    Price verified 4 hours ago

Sometimes the road to love is dangerous. And so worth it. Love an over-the-top possessive dirty-talking book boyfriend who is an alpha male biker without being an alpha-hole? You need to meet Deacon. Standalone. No cliffhanger. Book one in the Beautiful Biker series about the Dominion Brotherhood MC of South Dakota. *** Deacon: Tall, muscled.100% grade-A alpha male. Deacon is a beautiful biker who sets eyes on his girl and decides he's going to go to any lengths to: • make her his and only his. • keep her safe ...

Genre: Romance [x] / Length: 430 Pages (3,654 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Mar 22nd, 2019

Only a Dwarven Blacksmith Could Forge the Key to His Fiery Heart: An MM Erom Fantasy Novelette (Dwarven Blacksmiths Own the Only Steel That Can ... by Gaylord Fancypants (The Eroticatorium) 5.0 Stars (1 Review)    Price verified 2 hours ago

He's heavy, hefty... and hunky! Fagrin the Smith just wants to forge the blades dwarves are known for, but living among humans has thrown him a twist -- and a winsome human shellmonger who steals his heart's fiery glow! His name is Manor, and he arouses the strongest of passions in Fagrin's muscle-bound blacksmith's body. But can their love survive society's dislike of human/dwarven interracial relationships?

Genre: Romance [x] / Length: 64 Pages (4,039 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Mar 22nd, 2019

A Whisper from the Grave (Words Left Unsaid Book 3) by Elizabeth McGlone 5.0 Stars (2 Reviews)    Price verified 3 hours ago

A monster is stalking the streets of London, targeting the young and innocent. With each attack he grows bolder, his crimes, more vicious. When the monster's attention turns from beautiful girls to the infant daughter of Keenan and Gwen Murphy, only one man can stop him. David Thackeray would have rotted away in prison without the protection of the Suffox family. The product of an earl's dalliance with a laundry maid, he has spent a lifetime transforming himself from a ragged smuggler into a man of consequence. But his careful ...

Genre: Romance [x] / Length: 309 Pages (1,788 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Mar 22nd, 2019

Lord of a Distant Land: A Medieval Fantasy Novella by Elizabeth McGlone 5.0 Stars (3 Reviews)    Price verified 3 hours ago

Sir Garent du Pryce is dying. The illness that almost claimed him in childhood has returned, shadowing his every footstep with agony. Sent by King Edward to investigate a land torn apart by decades of civil war, Garent hopes to meet a swift end in battle. Instead, he discovers the last stronghold of an ancient race, and the beautiful and mysterious Elain, who offers him healing... for a price.

Genre: Romance [x] / Length: 118 Pages (5,254 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Mar 22nd, 2019

Unexpected Secret Agents by Sugi Marion 5.0 Stars (3 Reviews)    Price verified 2 hours ago

Lost in grief over the untimely death of her husband, Aurore feels overwhelmed at the prospect of living alone and raising her daughter. Elise, her sister-in-law convinces her to apply for a teaching position in Greece, with hopes that the change of scenery will help. Aurore discovers her new employers to be caring people and finds herself becoming intertwined in their lives. But she isn't prepared when she falls in love and unknowingly becomes the target of a woman's jealous rage.

Genre: Romance [x] / Size: 1,164 KB / Lending: Enabled / Added: Mar 22nd, 2019

Until You Came Along: The Oliver Boys Band Series Book One by Rose Bak 5.0 Stars (4 Reviews)    Price verified 2 hours ago

The Oliver Brothers Band is one of the most successful boy bands in history. But after ten years of non-stop touring, the rock stars are ready for a break. The four brothers head home to the family farm in Kansas to think about their future, and mend fences with their estranged sister Jen. Jen's been managing the farm alone for a long time, and she likes her independence. But when the band's alpha security chief Nick comes to stay, sparks fly. Nick's ready to put down roots, but Jen's been hurt before. She's not ready to take a ...

Genre: Romance [x] / Length: 91 Pages (2,528 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Mar 22nd, 2019

One Fine Mess by M. J. Wilder 5.0 Stars (6 Reviews)    Price verified 4 hours ago

A mess? Mallory's life isn't a mess it's a catastrophic event! Her ex-husband had left her for his hygienist and her boss fired her for taking Sunday off, who works Sundays anyway? Thank God one of her interfering siblings found her a roommate, a hot one to boot! When her no-fornicating-with-those-that-pay-you rule gets bent, well okay broken, she must decide if she's willing to risk her financial freedom for great sex. Love? Love has nothing to do with it--love sucks the life out of you. Besides who wants to be involved with someone ...

Genre: Romance [x] / Length: 393 Pages (3,387 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Mar 22nd, 2019

Highlander's Curse: A Highlander and Contemporary Romance Story by Numees Collins 3.5 Stars (3 Reviews)    Price verified 3 hours ago

Kindle Unlimited Members Read For Free! Aengus MacLachlan's life had been perfect. He's a respected warrior in his clan and the heir to his father's title and lands. Everything changes in a blink of an eye. Suffering a severe injury, Aengus' loses everything that matters in his life. And when he is on the verge of desperation, young witch Tara lures him out of the castle at night to save him. The feelings that develop between the two of them might be magical and foretold long before their births, but no magic can spare them from a ...

Genre: Romance [x] / Length: 1,749 Pages (1,957 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Mar 22nd, 2019
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