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THE IDIOT & THE GAMBLER by Fyodor Dostoyevsky (Musaicum Books) 1.0 Stars (1 Review)    Price verified one hour ago

This eBook edition of "THE IDIOT & THE GAMBLER" has been formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all devices. The Gambler is a novel by Fyodor Dostoyevsky about a young tutor in the employment of a formerly wealthy Russian general. The novella reflects Dostoyevsky's own addiction to roulette, which was in more ways than one the inspiration for the book: Dostoyevsky completed the novella under a strict deadline to pay off gambling debts. The Idiot is, alongside some of Dostoyevsky's other works, ...

Genre: Psychological [x] / Length: 865 Pages (1,632 KB) / Lending: Not Enabled / Added: Oct 22nd, 2020

Sunny Creek: A Novel about Recovery by Annie Katz 5.0 Stars (3 Reviews)    Price verified 3 hours ago

In elementary school Dale and Wren were best friends who stuck together and shared everything. When they were in high school they saw something they weren't supposed to see, and they vowed never to speak of it to anyone. Decades later a funeral brings them together again in Sunny Creek, the small town in northern California where they grew up, and they fall back into the easy trust and companionship of childhood. They know they must discuss what happened the summer they were fourteen, but will they have the courage to face their ...

Genre: Psychological [x] / Length: 381 Pages (882 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Oct 22nd, 2020

Audrey Becomes a Thrall by Alex Carlsbad 3.0 Stars (1 Review)    Price verified 3 hours ago

A thrall is the Viking word for a servant. ?? But a thrall was much more than that. Contracts were not considered binding until the two parties had demonstrated their dedication by sharing a thrall in a ceremony of binding.?? One of the best kept secrets today is the importance such ceremonies still hold with the powerful elite. If anybody tells you that binding ceremonies with a thrall is a thing of the ancient past, turn around and walk away, for they are lying to your face.

Genre: Psychological [x] / Length: 20 Pages (1,781 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Oct 22nd, 2020

Hologram: The Abduction of Hui-Chien Song by Nancy Miller 4.3 Stars (72 Reviews)    Price verified 3 hours ago

As a cadet with the Arizona Highway Patrol, Hui-Chien got hands-on experience and some street-cred with the officers while she worked toward a degree in Criminal Justice. Homicide Detective was her goal -- until a blistering hot August day when a routine dispatch to a traffic accident changed her life forever. News of the abduction hit Detective Fallon Brooks hard. However, Brooks had troubles of his own -- he was out on leave due to an injury suffered during an incident involving the shooting death of an unarmed black man, an ...

Genre: Psychological [x] / Length: 299 Pages (4,360 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Oct 22nd, 2020

In Search of Jessica by Declan Conner (Scorpian eBooks) 4.3 Stars (50 Reviews)    Price verified 4 hours ago

Jesse and Jessica shared almost everything as children, except the same birthday. One other thing they couldn't share was the love of their dad. He had his favorite for reasons best not mentioned. The family is torn apart when their dad is found murdered with all the traits of a particular twisted MO. A robbery gone wrong, jealous partner in a love triangle, warring neighbors, or someone closer to home? For Logan, the lead detective at the time and now head of LAPD homicide, the answer was and is simple. Jessica was guilty. That's ...

Genre: Psychological [x] / Length: 322 Pages (983 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Oct 22nd, 2020

Virtually Harmless (High-Tech Crime Solvers Book 3) by P.D. Workman (pd workman) 4.9 Stars (11 Reviews)    Price verified 4 hours ago

From USA Today Bestselling Author, P.D. Workman, comes a gripping techno-thriller, part of a multi-author series tied together by an interlocking cast of characters, all centered around the fantastic new promise of high technology and the endless possibilities for crime that technology offers, in a world where getting away with murder can be not only plausible, but easy... if you just know how. Micah lived a quiet, comfortable life, her involvement in law enforcement limited to the composite pictures that she produced with her ...

Genre: Psychological [x] / Length: 257 Pages (1,108 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Oct 21st, 2020

The Watcher: A Woman's Journey Into Herself by D. W. Romaine 4.7 Stars (5 Reviews)    Price verified 5 hours ago

Four years after her husband's death, Cassie Beauchamp feels desperately alone. She is not. After she experiences an uneasy sensation of being watched, Cassie struggles to uncover the identity of the mysterious stranger who sends her world out of control, in this, the first book of "The Watcher" series.

Genre: Psychological [x] / Length: 150 Pages (1,052 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Oct 21st, 2020
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