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Life Without The Liar by Margaret Murphy Price verified 5 hours ago

A beautiful African princess is kidnapped and sold into slavery. With the spirits of her homeland beside her, she makes the best of the horrors of life in the New World. A handsome French plantation-owner's son is sent away from France in disgrace. With innocent curiosity and an open mind, he finds a new home and true love. An anxious Parisian schoolgirl tastes freedom for the first time. With wide-eyed trust and gratitude, she treads the certain road to doom. The king of the estate believes he can free his people from the scars of slavery. With the fire of vengeance in his heart, he obeys the dictates of fear. Met Kalfou watches over them all, satisfied that everything is going according to plan. Life Without The Liar is a celebration of everything that unites us, and an elimination of anything that sets us apart. Life Without The Liar dreams now of healing.

Genre: Metaphysical [x]
Length: 265 Pages (2,004 KB)
Lending: Enabled
Added: Feb 19th, 2020
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