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Old Catskill Days: Memoirs of a Hacker: Part I - The Early Years by R.G. Nolan (Broken Toy LLC) 3.4 Stars (3 Reviews)    Price verified 53 minutes ago

Old Catskill Days (Part 1: The Early Years) is the first installment in a three-part series of memoirs. It is about a little boy growing up in circumstances that were less than desirable and overcoming them. Humble beginnings make it seem like this little boy didn't stand a chance. However, with a little bit of luck, and a lot of perseverance, he can surpass the hardships of his adolescence to transform into a productive member of society. As an adult he develops into one of the world's foremost experts in data protection, and pursuing a career in cyber security, while working as a grey hat hacker. First though, he must learn that the sweet is never as sweet without the bitter, and that the harder path is usually the right one. Walking the road less traveled he able to learn these lessons, and more. Redemption should be more than just a pretty word that's used to describe someone making up for their past mistakes. It's better utilized to depict the journey that they take, and how they grow to become the best of who they are. Read about that little boy's path to absolution, through pain, poverty, and addiction while he ultimately defines the person that he wants to be.

Genre: Parenting & Relationships [x]
Length: 344 Pages (3,148 KB)
Lending: Enabled
Added: Jul 12th, 2020

The Keys to Being Brilliantly Confident and More Assertive: A Vital Guide to Enhancing Your Communication Skills, Getting Rid of Anxiety, and ... by Richard Banks 5.0 Stars (2 Reviews)    Price verified 4 hours ago

All of us can think of times when we know we should speak up, but we don't. When we feel like we're being taken advantage of, but we just accept it. Later, we kick ourselves, thinking: "If only I would have said something!" If this sounds like you, look no further! This book serves as a complete guide to understanding what assertiveness is and how to become more assertive in your own life. Using practical exercises and techniques it will teach you how to stand up for what you believe in, ask for what you want, and say no to what you don't want in a way that's confident, calm, and respectful. This book is for: • People who would like to massively boost their assertiveness • People who would like to develop better communication skills • People who would like to learn how to deal with conflicts • People who would like to communicate with confidence and charisma • New managers who need to be more assertive with their team. • Emerging leaders who want to communicate more clearly and confidently. • Introverted people who need to set boundaries and say "no." • Passive communicators who want to speak more directly and honestly. • People who have difficulty protecting their time, priorities, and goals. • People who are tired of being a doormat and taking a passive role in relationships • People who are afraid of standing up for themselves • The "push over, nice guy" • People who are tired of being controlled and dominated • People who struggle with knowing their worth. This book will teach you the following: • What is Assertiveness • The 4 Communication Styles • How to Communicate with Confidence and Charisma • Highly Effective Techniques to Deal with Any Conflict in Your Personal & Professional Life • How to Have an Assertive Body Language • How to Speak Up, Share Your Ideas & Opinions in A Persuasive, Calm & Positive Way • How to express your feelings, opinions and wants honestly, clearly, and ...

Genre: Parenting & Relationships [x]
Length: 125 Pages (2,470 KB)
Lending: Enabled
Added: Jul 11th, 2020
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