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How To Not Die After Dying by Sachi Lal 5.0 Stars (1 Review)    Price verified 12 minutes ago

Monster. Freak. Abomination. That's her name, don't wear it out. Who knew dying could teach you the meaning of life? Erica, a young sixteen year old was clearly unsuspecting of that. Awakened from her busy, typical life (Well, as typical as a Hybrid's life can get), she is thrown into a world where hybrids were killed, hunted, and used as weapons. She is reunited with two new friends, Eve whom she likes and Hunter, whom she despises. Will they be able to put their differences apart? A new enemy is in the waking. A crazed psychopath, a madwoman who likes to toy with feelings. Feelings change into lives, and the group plunges into a game : a game in which they are not the ones controlling their own pawns... they are the pawns. To add to the trouble, an organisation, The Hybrid Extinction Logistics Legion has its goal set to destroy. Doors open to a world united with one common goal: To eradicate all hybrids. Will they make it out alive?

Genre: Humor & Satire [x]
Length: 239 Pages (2,090 KB)
Lending: Enabled
Added: Sep 20th, 2020
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