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The Governing-Evaluation-Knowledge Nexus: Swedish Higher Education as a Case (Evaluating Education: Normative Systems and Institutional Practices) by Christina Segerholm (Springer) 5.0 Stars (1 Review)    Price verified 2 hours ago

This Open Access book analyses the interplay between governing, evaluation and knowledge with an empirical focus on Swedish higher education. It investigates the origins, logics, and mechanisms of evaluation and quality assurance reforms and their dynamic interactions with institutional, national and European policy contexts. The chapters report findings from extensive empirical studies that offer detailed insight into the work of governing in higher education, by giving voice to actors at various levels and positions including the ministry, national agency and University employees. Central themes include the influence of European policy, changing system designs, media relations and quality assurance enactments in University institutions. The book also explores the ways in which an emerging professional cadre, labelled qualocrats, enacts and mediates evaluation and quality assurance policy and practice. Taken together, the expanding evaluation machinery in Swedish higher education highlights the pivotal role of knowledge as a governing resource, and points to special features of evaluation as a particular form of practice that makes knowledge work for governing.

Genre: Politics & Social Sciences [x]
Length: 225 Pages (3,078 KB)
Lending: Not Enabled
Added: Aug 3rd, 2020

History of the Deep State Volume 3: The Rise of the "Democratic" Socialist Fourth Reich by Jeremy Stone 3.9 Stars (90 Reviews)    Price verified 56 minutes ago

'The Rise of the "Democratic" Socialist Fourth Reich' ("History of the Deep State Volume 3") is here. This is the long-awaited third book written & published in the History of the Deep State trilogy and series by Jeremy Stone. While Volumes 1 & 2 extensively covered the complete history and hidden Agenda's behind the Deep State, Volume 3 takes a glimpse into what this radical new group, calling themselves "Democratic Socialists", are planning & plotting against America. Who are they? What are their intentions? Why is this radical agenda emerging globally now? Where did they come from? Who put them into power? Are they truly connected to the 3rd Reich, with a new agenda? Are their radical Climate Change & Green New Deal agenda's just a scare tactic or a threat? Why are these self-described "Pro-Democracy" Socialists simultaneously planning a secret coup against the President, while offering an anti-American & enhanced Socialist form of Government now? It is not a coincidence, and the length of time the Shadow Government has waited for this period in time will astound you.

Genre: Politics & Social Sciences [x]
Length: 191 Pages (3,685 KB)
Lending: Enabled
Added: Aug 3rd, 2020

Yellow Book of Poems: Singing a Song by J T Flowers (Under the Moon) Price verified 6 hours ago

A collection of 209 poems, composed by poet, J T Flowers.

Genre: Politics & Social Sciences [x]
Length: 226 Pages (303 KB)
Lending: Enabled
Added: Aug 2nd, 2020
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