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Whiskey & Whiskers: Omnibus, Book 1-3 (The 9 Lives of The Outlaw known as Crazy Cat 1) by J.C. Loen 5.0 Stars (1 Review)    Price verified 2 hours ago

WHISKEY AND WHISKERS collects the three first books in The 9 Lives of The Outlaw Known as Crazy Cat series. EMBERS AT DAWN Lee ain't no goddamned lady. She has done gotten herself unbaptized, unmarried, and unlawful. She is the outlaw known as Crazy Cat. Lee knows what needs to be done. She needs more men with guns, but where can she find them? And who can she trust amongst those already in her gang? A bloody battle ensues between corrupt lawmen and outlaws. Embers at Dawn is the story of one woman's struggle to find freedom in a world that would rather see her in a corset or behind bars-one being as bad as the other, according to her. It's a story of rats and sons of bitches, eccentric saviors, and a ramshackle gang led by the outlaw known as Crazy Cat. AN OBELUS WHEEZE Lee has fled Chert in pursuit of the traitor Dan. She's heading for Mexico accompanied by her guide, Snake Girl-she can't decide which is worse: the climate or the company. An Obelus Wheeze is a road trip on horseback-across scorching deserts and freezing mountains. The outlaw known as Crazy Cat gets to prove what she's made of in encounters with bandits and rattlesnakes, crazy ole coots, saddle sores, and worst of all: a city. An Obelus Wheeze is the second book in the western series The 9 Lives of the Outlaw Known as Crazy Cat. It's a story of hardship and love, unforgiving climates, and sordid sons of bitches. THE 7TH BULLET The 7th Bullet is the third book in the The 9 Lives of the Outlaw Known as Crazy Cat series-a Gothic western that draws upon elements from both horror and crime. It's a foreboding tale of friendship and grief, madness, and haunts, and seeing a man about a horse. Lee is offered a chance at freedom-all she has to do is assist a Pinkerton detective during an investigation and sign a contract where she swears to become a law-abiding citizen. She agrees to help the detective, but will she sign the contract and give up her outlawing ways? The investigation brings her to ...

Genre: Westerns [x]
Length: 518 Pages (4,272 KB)
Lending: Enabled
Added: Jan 17th, 2020

Return of the Rider: A Western Adventure: Three Exciting Stories in One Book (Revenge of the Range Western Adventure Series 1) by J.S. Stroud (Outlaws Choice) 4.7 Stars (4 Reviews)    Price verified 8 hours ago

Book One - The Old Rider No one paid much attention to the rider on the stallion; he was nobody, just another drifter and if they looked at all the only thing they would have noticed was that he wasn't wearing spurs. This was cattle country where men lived by the gun, the rope and the spur. It was strange to see a man without a pair of the star shaped tools attached to his boots; even the faded black hat that had turned brown with age brought him no attention. Book Two - The Hard Ride "Damn you," he whispered. Then he tried in vain to raise the barrel of his weapon, that was when the last of his strength left his body. I watched in silence he slowly slid down the base of the tree and flopped face down in the mud. Small ripples of blood and water floated across the tiny pond and then slammed against the far side. For a second I stood and stared at the dead man, remembering what it was like to kill another human being. Then I holstered the pistol and turned to look out into the darkness. I realized in that moment that I was what the sergeant had always believed me to be and always would be, a gunman and a killer, I was a man with no heart and no soul, a man as dead inside as the corpse at his feet. Book Three - The Last Ride Marshal Sam Long leaned against the saddle horn as the kid in front of him led the reins of his horse north into the town of Leavenworth, Kansas. The Marshal's once young face looked ragged and old, and his short-cropped beard was covered with thick layers of dirt and grime. Below the beard was a filthy shirt and tarnished star.

Genre: Westerns [x]
Length: 550 Pages (1,530 KB)
Lending: Enabled
Added: Jan 16th, 2020
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