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IGNIS (The Elements Book 4) by Tracy Korn (Snowy Wings Publishing) 4.4 Stars (8 Reviews)    Price verified 4 hours ago

Defending everything they know could cost them everything they have. The rebels at the Seam have been defeated thanks to the alleged treachery of one of their own. It won't be long before a manhunt ensues for Jazz's entire crew, and given what they know about Gaia's secret project, they won't be prosecuted... they'll just disappear. With Liddick still missing and the port-cloud stronger than ever, they haven't come this far to give in now. When Jazz announces she's going after Liddick herself, she draws a line in the sand she may ...

Genre: Teen & Young Adult [x] / Length: 437 Pages (3,387 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Oct 28th, 2020

AQUA: A Dystopian Academy Adventure (The Elements Book 1) by Tracy Korn (Snowy Wings Publishing) 4.0 Stars (60 Reviews)    Price verified 4 hours ago

The action of Hunger Games, the scope of Maze Runner, and the heart of Divergent, all under one ocean! "This was a book I couldn't put down, and when I did, I thought about it until I picked it back up." Hold your breath... The future is three miles underwater, and Jazwyn Ripley's time has come. Earth's atmosphere will only support a few more generations, and most of advanced society has already relocated to the sea. To survive, only one option remains for the Topsiders -- get into Gaia Sur, the elite academy on the ocean ...

Genre: Teen & Young Adult [x] / Length: 508 Pages (4,566 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Oct 28th, 2020

Charity Joy (He Calls Me by Name Book 3) by Michael Winstell 4.5 Stars (2 Reviews)    Price verified 14 hours ago

THE JOY OF THE LORD IS OUR STRENGTH. Charity Joy Li lives a quiet life in a small lakeside town deep in the Missouri Ozarks. She knows that practicing dressage with her beloved horse Mariner should be a delight, but her heart can't find joy. Maybe it's because of family pressure, or jealousy, or impatience, or the rising tide of troubles that threatens to overwhelm her. And when a handsome young man shows up at the summer camp where she works, her conflicted feelings about him don't make things any easier... As Charity grapples ...

Genre: Teen & Young Adult [x] / Length: 302 Pages (7,099 KB) / Lending: Not Enabled / Added: Oct 28th, 2020

Orientation (A Dystopian Fantasy) (The Commorancy Book 1) by Al K. Line 4.0 Stars (56 Reviews)    Price verified 2 minutes ago

NOBODY NOTICED AS IT SWEPT AROUND THE GLOBE--UNTIL BILLIONS BEGAN TO DIE. Then it got a name. The Lethargy. Everyone just gave up, all interest in life relentlessly gnawed away. Marcus was different; he became something else. Awoken. A man able to bend reality to his will and peel back the layers of the complex world he found himself alone in. His only true desire was to help safeguard mankind's future, so The Commorancy was constructed. A fabled safe haven for those lucky enough to get an invitation after passing his strict and ...

Genre: Teen & Young Adult [x] / Length: 346 Pages (2,284 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Oct 28th, 2020

Dust to Ashes: Book One (The Dust to Ashes Series 1) by Sedona Capellaro 5.0 Stars (2 Reviews)    Price verified 13 hours ago

The Green War has ended. Lilah Corlin made sure of that when she lit the world on fire. The cities and towns along the coasts were reduced to ash. Radiation soaked Deadlands fill the middle of what was once a great nation. Queen Corlin rules it all along side the monsters who crawled out of the darkness to guide her as she builds a new world on the backs of people like me. I have been turned into something else, something I no longer recognize when I look in the mirror. They say humans are dying out and what remains is only a shadow ...

Genre: Teen & Young Adult [x] / Length: 350 Pages (3,659 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Oct 28th, 2020
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