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Kisses from the Sun and other stories by C.G. Harris (PublishNation) Price verified 4 hours ago

Juan Luis woke one morning with murder on his mind; even the elderly are subject to passion. In the sleepy, Spanish town of Canos de Belleza, a tale of jealousy and betrayal unfolds in KISSES FROM THE SUN. What is the secret behind the desolate, burned-down pier? When two strangers meet on a windswept beach, one of them holds the answer.A heart-rending tragedy emerges in THE PIER. A pirate takes the secret of Captain Kidd's treasure to his grave - or does he? Find out in the swash-buckling AS I SAILED, AS I SAILED. No one will ...

Genre: Urban [x] / Length: 145 Pages (327 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Aug 7th, 2020

I am a hacker! Save me!: Murder mystery books (Cool thriller) by Elena Zhuravleva 5.0 Stars (11 Reviews)    Price verified 16 hours ago

He can be called a killer, a robber and a thief. Innocent people died because of him, but he had his own reasons for doing this. All he ever wanted was to create a program that disabled the display of stories and photo reports with real-life violence on any medium, so that people stopped enjoying cruelty. And he wanted to tell the whole world about it. However, not everyone liked this prospect. So, they began hunting him.

Genre: Urban [x] / Length: 166 Pages (1,347 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Aug 7th, 2020

Stolen Bases: A Dexter X Novel by Chris Stevens 5.0 Stars (2 Reviews)    Price verified 16 hours ago

Another summer, another Shawn Gilliam/Dexter X mystery! On the edge of adulthood, Shawn Gilliam is back on the road, back in love with his friend - and back in trouble. While trying to keep his grades up, his eyes on the road and his head above water, Shawn discovers that becoming Dexter X can have grave consequences.

Genre: Urban [x] / Length: 206 Pages (667 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Aug 7th, 2020

Can't Leave You Alone 2 by Yo Loni (Pen 2 Pen Multimedia) 4.7 Stars (27 Reviews)    Price verified 16 hours ago

The plot quickly begins to thicken. Everyone's past seems to be coming back full circle and haunting them. With newfound secrets coming to the light, Zek, Stormi and August are side eyeing their parents. Michelle and Vicki aren't as innocent as they portray. How bad will their secrets affect their children? Although Zek knew there would be some challenges after moving back to Charleston, he wasn't prepared for them to be of such magnitude. Everything is coming at once and he is trying his best not to get caught up. Stormi spent most ...

Genre: Urban [x] / Length: 174 Pages (386 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Aug 7th, 2020
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