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Rich Memories with a Christmas Spirit by Bob Olson Price verified 15 hours ago

Bob's Christmas seasons from the 1930's through the decades. To soften unemployment and economic depression these stories recall love, happiness and community spirit during the Great Depression when hardship inspired an attitude of help thy neighbor and political dissention was less polarized. The Chicago World's Fair of 1933, icy and snowbound Christmases. a wild Christmas cat dominating the henhouse, and Bob's Christmas in midsummer July 4th dramatic presentation, which was upstaged by sick Republican friends, highlight rich memories of a wild life recording mischief and excitement with eccentric friends bringing adventure, fun, a laugh or two and inspiration for our hard times. "They are warm, loving, joyful, and tearful, but always thought-provoking. I learned something extra about living my life by reading about Bob Olson's life." -- Melvin L. Morse, M.D., bestselling author of Closer to the Light "Bob Olson has descriptively written in the Mark Twain style his varied life experiences, reflecting his love of adventure. He includes the mischievous meandering of his youth... as Huck Finn in the great depression, sowing wild oats on the south side of Chicago, and experiencing multi-cultural diversity in relationships. His challenging army life, meeting the love of his life, Seiko, in Japan, his Haitian episode, and close calls with fame, are all interwoven with his treasured memories of Christmas. Throughout his book, Bob maintains a positive attitude. He has compassion for those less fortunate and a joie de vivre that is an inspiration to the reader... Very entertaining!" -- Judith L Lowe, Founder/Director, Children Around the World Resource Center

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Length: 112 Pages (1,755 KB)
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Added: Jul 7th, 2020
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