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The Emperor of Portugallia by Selma Lagerlöf (e-artnow) 5.0 Stars (1 Review)    Price verified 17 minutes ago

The novel takes place in in Lagerlöf's native Värmland and is about the tenant farmer Jan in Skrolycka and his daughter Glory Goldie Sunnycastle. He loves his daughter more than anything else, but after she moves to Stockholm at age 18, she stops sending letters home. The father sinks into a dream world where he imagines she has become a noble empress of "Portugallia", making him a great Emperor.

Genre: Family Life [x]
Length: 200 Pages (2,705 KB)
Lending: Not Enabled
Added: Sep 19th, 2020

Redeemer on the Roadside: Park Bench Stories: Book 2 by Shari Broyer 5.0 Stars (1 Review)    Price verified 17 minutes ago

"There is nothing in this world that forgiveness cannot heal." Waya Ridge is a homeless man in his mid-forties who has no concern for anyone else -- only himself and where he's getting his next fix. He steals a bicycle from another homeless "friend" and takes off down the Pacific Coast Highway where a callous motorist rams into the back of the bicycle and continues on, despite sending helmet-less Waya flying headlong into the rocks on the cliffside just beyond the railing. It is a driver passing in the opposite direction who witnesses the hit-and-run and stops to rescue the broken man. Thus begins a new journey down a completely different road for Waya Ridge -- and his sister, Ahyoka Ridge, who has issues of unforgiveness for her brother.

Genre: Family Life [x]
Length: 144 Pages (686 KB)
Lending: Enabled
Added: Sep 19th, 2020
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