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Revenge at Two Feathers Mine (Schoolmarm Sheriff Book 1) by Sally Hull 4.6 Stars (3 Reviews)    Price verified 16 hours ago

A complete story in itself, Revenge at Two Feathers Mine is the first story in the western series: Schoolmarm Sheriff. Desperate to land a job -- any legal job -- Katrina Colby, commonly called K. C. lands a job as a deputy sheriff in the town of Two Feathers. The only problem is that this job was only offered to men. Donning her cowboy clothing, she passes herself off as a teenage boy: K. C. who is bringing her pampered younger half brother and sister out West after the death of their parents. Ingrained with a stubborn belief in obeying the law, as taught to her by her Texas Ranger father, she is not above pointing out the fact that the lawbreakers have brought their difficulties upon themselves. "You broke the law -- not me," she is known to say as she trains her rifle upon bank robbers. "Now you'll pay -- not me," she adds in a slow grin as she hauls them to jail to await their trial. She meets the current teacher, Colin McMaster, a former sheriff. Due to the untimely death of his wife, Colin has turned his back on God and on being a sheriff. K.C. hounds Colin to give her a job tutoring students. A grudging friendship develops, blossoming into something deeper, puzzling Colin and frightening K. C. Only the truth can turn all of this around. K. C. knows nothing of God and eventually drags out Colin's knowledge of Him--the only One Who can bring any of them healing, peace, and joy. Then suddenly kidnappers arrive along with bank robbers...

Genre: Westerns [x]
Length: 182 Pages (1,036 KB)
Lending: Enabled
Added: Oct 20th, 2020
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