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Speak English: Beginner's Guide to Everyday Conversation by Yogesh Vermani (Yogesh Kumar) 4.1 Stars (121 Reviews)    Price verified 5 hours ago

HOW TO COMMUNICATE YOUR IDEAS IN ENGLISH? The book 'SPEAK ENGLISH' is the solution because: 1. It provides with many scripts for everyday English conversation. 2. It helps you help improve your sentence formation in varied situation. 3. It builds clarity to communicate your ideas so that you can speak English fluently. Praise for the book: "I really appreciate the quality and depth this book has. This book covers wide range of day to day conversation. It is very useful for everyone who has fear of speaking in English language. I have never seen such a great value at a highly reasonable price. Strongly recommend for people those are interested in speaking English in a short span of time." CA Shiv Singhal, Director, Devalya Education Private Limited Product Description Answer following questions to know whether this book is right choice for you 1. Do you find it difficult to express your views? 2. Do you commit grammatical errors while writing English or speaking English? 3. Do you need a script for everyday English conversation? If answer to any of above questions is "yes", Speak English: Beginner's Guide to Everyday Conversation is one of the best resources to overcome your challenges. Buy Speak English: Beginner's Guide to Everyday Conversation if English speaking skills have become barrier in your career, and you want to speak English to take your career to next level. You may find it difficult to learn and speak English in the absence of right guidance. This book provides a blueprint for every day conversation. It offers practical approach to speak English easily and overcome grammatical blunders by covering following aspects: Section 1- How to describe your present Section 2 - How to describe a person or a place Section 3 - How to describe your past Section 4 - How to describe a conversation Section 5 - How to describe something step by step Section 6 - How to describe a social topic Section 7 - How to describe your imagination About ...

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Length: 107 Pages (1,020 KB)
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Added: Jul 3rd, 2020

The Storyteller's Student: A Comprehensive Guide to Delivering Stories that Touch Lives and Move People to Act by Ikenna Ngene PhD 5.0 Stars (3 Reviews)    Price verified 4 hours ago

"Storytelling that motivates action is a superpower. In this wonderful book, Ikenna Ngene breaks down the process of creating powerful and immersive stories so anyone can be a storytelling superstar." -- Paul J. Zak, Professor Claremont Graduate University and CEO, Immersion Neuroscience "The Storyteller's Student is a wonderful and creative sharing of courage, support and inspiration. Ikenna beautifully reminds us of how powerful our voices are and that with a little support, our voices can change the world." -- Tricia Brouk, Award-winning director, speaking coach and filmmaker Stories not only touch lives, they also move people to act. Imagine this very real scenario - you are asked to give a speech on your best work, after weeks of preparation, the big day finally arrives. As you stand up to speak, words fail you and it seems as if the entire world is against you. You pray for the ground to open so you can quickly disappear inside and yet (fortunately, I should add) nothing happens. What is the best way to learn storytelling, than by reading a story? In this absorbing tale, you see the simple principles of storytelling in the story of Jack, the accountant who, a chance encounter with a world-renowned Storyteller changes his life. She surprisingly volunteers to coach him into becoming a more confident speaker. As you walk with Jack in this story, you will learn that the principles of public speaking or storytelling are not new, neither are they complex. It is something which is within the grasp of everyone of us, just requires the understanding that the audience are there for you and that you are the expert. The Storyteller's Student, contains tips and principles which is applicable in every facet of society. If you want to learn how to be more confident in speaking as well as to craft moving stories, if all you have been searching for is a book which will engage you fully from the first to last page, this humorous and interactive story filled book is one you ...

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Added: Jul 2nd, 2020
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