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Murder at the Big T Lodge: A Liz Lucas Cozy Mystery (Liz Lucas Cozy Mystery Series Book 6) by Dianne Harman 4.5 Stars (112 Reviews)    Price verified 7 hours ago

What could go wrong at The Big T Lodge, the most expensive and prestigious hunting club in the United States? Well, murder for starters! When Roger tells his wife, Liz, that they're leaving for Texas in three days for an unexpected hunting trip at the club, neither of them has a clue that Liz will spend most of her time looking for the person who murdered Roger's law school friend, Milt Huston, who just happens to be the Attorney General of California and is a candidate for Governor of California. There's no lack of suspects, but who did it, and what was their motive? Anger from Milt's former lover? Revenge from the lover's husband? Milt's proposed cigarette tax increase despised by a North Carolina tobacco farmer? The California Senator who wants to be Governor of California? Or the chef's assistant who hates Milt's liberal views? Join Chef Wes, Liz, and her new doggie friend, Sam, a huge bullmastiff, as they search for the murderer and the motive. Download the sixth book in the Liz Lucas Cozy Mystery Series by a two-time USA Today Bestselling Author by scrolling up this page and clicking the Buy or Read For Free button.

Genre: Sports & Outdoors [x]
Length: 155 Pages (1,636 KB)
Lending: Enabled
Added: Jul 5th, 2020

Pedaling Through Paradise: A Cycling Journey to the Rockies by P. Francia 3.7 Stars (7 Reviews)    Price verified 11 hours ago

When a young man left his years of naval service behind him he yearned for something different. A challenge, of course, but something where he could be at one with nature, find his own space in his own company but also enjoy the friendship of others when the opportunity arose. So began an epic trip by bicycle through some of the most stunning scenery the United States has to offer, crossing mountains and rivers in a quest to reach the one place of beauty he always wanted to return to. From Ohio to the Rocky Mountains, the road was often hard but never dull and the kindness of strangers was always in abundance. Venison steaks provided by campers at a lake, romantic encounters with beautiful women, offers of accommodation when the weather took a turn for the worse and meeting other wanderers on the route, all made for a journey that was as varied as the roads traveled. A travel journal like few before it, Pedaling Through Paradise is a book that touches the soul with the warmth of the human spirit and leaves a lasting impression on the mind.

Genre: Sports & Outdoors [x]
Length: 149 Pages (1,599 KB)
Lending: Enabled
Added: Jul 5th, 2020

FROGS: Fun Facts and Amazing Photos of Animals in Nature (Amazing Animal Kingdom Book 18) by Emma Child 4.7 Stars (16 Reviews)    Price verified 2 hours ago

You've seen them in photos, in nature shows, and even in your own backyard -- but how much do you really know about frogs? Get ready to come along on a fascinating adventure through this fun, lighthearted, educational, and easy-to-read report, designed especially for kids like you! Put on your favorite rain boots and slosh through the wetlands of the world, watching frogs at work. You'll learn all about frogs' special tongues, the layer of skin that they shed every few weeks, their jumping and climbing skills, and how tadpoles develop into full-grown frogs! Discover fascinating fun facts about frogs (did you know that the largest frog on earth weighs more than some human babies?), learn how a frog's eardrums can tell you whether it's a boy or a girl, journey through the wetlands and rainforests of the world to meet several different frog species, and watch as a mother frog lays thousands of eggs in the water! What kinds of animals hunt frogs? How do frogs breathe and drink water? Which kinds of frogs are poisonous, and which are you most likely to find in your backyard swimming pool? All of these questions and more will be answered by the time you finish reading! So, what are you waiting for? Grab your bug spray and get ready for a fantastically froggy adventure! Scroll up, GRAB A COPY TODAY and curl up with a good story and your child today! Don't miss out on an opportunity to fortify your child's mind as well as their hearts.

Genre: Sports & Outdoors [x]
Length: 37 Pages (932 KB)
Lending: Enabled
Added: Jul 5th, 2020

Voluntary Peasants/Life Inside the Ultimate American Commune—THE FARM: Part 4—Hippie Peace Corps Goes to Guatemala by Melvyn Stiriss (New Beat Books) 4.5 Stars (8 Reviews)    Price verified 19 hours ago

SOON TO BE A TV SERIES True, far-out 60s stories full of cool adventure, good vibes, warmth, humor and a look into the hearts and minds of people responding to a dangerous world situation. Entertaining and uplifting. The psychedelic sixties come alive in this multi-level history/memoir, written by a journalist who dropped out to live the story, seek enlightenment and have fun. Where have all the flower children gone? Gone to The Farm, an amazing 1,500-member hippie commune nestled in the backwoods of Tennessee. "Imagine all the people living life in peace." -- John Lennon That was us. We had it going. Beyond sex, drugs and rock 'n roll -- a remarkable experiment in collective living where thousands of high-minded people joined forces, pooled resources and attempted to create a simple, gracious, meaningful, sustainable lifestyle the world can afford. Soar free and take a trip -- an extraordinary journey from Greenwich Village beatniks in the '50s into the psychedelic '60s and '70s -- channeling heady, revolutionary times -- times rich in lessons that can possibly help us now. In the sixties, Melvyn Stiriss was a UPI wire service reporter who followed the times over the edge. These are his far-out adventures coming of age, going with the flow -- riding a powerful wave of energy that blew minds, raised consciousness and shattered conventional paradigms around the world. Enter what may seem another world -- an audacious attempt to create a better way of living -- an Earth-friendly, people-friendly, pacifist, eclectic, agrarian, vegan, spiritual community and cannabis church and home-birthing center. After attending Woodstock, Melvyn followed the energy to San Francisco, sampled the spiritual smorgasbord of swamis, yogis, gurus and chose to follow hippie "self-realized spiritual teacher" Stephen Gaskin on a round-the-country, 100-colorful hippie bus caravan. Hop on a bus and journey to Tennessee to begin a new life and a new lifestyle with 300 fellow settlers ...

Genre: Sports & Outdoors [x]
Length: 49 Pages (3,705 KB)
Lending: Not Enabled
Added: Jul 4th, 2020
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