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365 Days of Motivational Quotes for Students: A Year of Inspiring, Thought-Provoking Quotes for Every Situation (College Guides Book 1) by Jenny Kellett (Motivational Publishing) Price verified 5 hours ago

365 Days of Motivational Quotes for College Students The perfect gift for every college student, 365 days of Motivational Quotes for Students is a beautiful, inspiring collection of quotes from some of the world's most influential men and women, including Mark Twain, Oprah Winfrey, Elon Musk and Abraham Lincoln. Hand-picked by leading motivational author, Jenny Kellett, to suit the challenges that students face, both personally and educationally, this book is a must-have to provide guidance, motivation and energy throughout the year. Book Contents: • Quotes for Motivation • Quotes for Success • Quotes for Self-Love • Quotes for The Future • Quotes for Tough Times • Quotes on Education Scroll up and purchase your copy of 365 days of Motivational Quotes for Students today to receive fast shipping from Amazon. Here's to a productive, successful year!

Genre: Children's eBooks [x]
Length: 386 Pages (2,371 KB)
Lending: Enabled
Added: Sep 20th, 2020

Legend of the Stone Keepers by J.L. Trepanier 4.9 Stars (20 Reviews)    Price verified one minute ago

The bottom line is this: the world of Terranum cannot survive without a soul. If the soul of our world is shattered, it has to make due with other sources. Like mortal souls. Young and inexperienced, Elaro of Agraxia is made captain of a journey with stakes of life and death for the whole world of Terranum: to prevent the endless winter that has plagued his land from taking over the rest of the world. To save the world, he and his companions must heal Terranum's soul by reuniting its shattered fragments. One of which is The Stone of Courage, a magic relic kept by the humans. But centuries' worth of bad blood between the Agraxians and the humans, Elaro must find a way to recover the human's soul fragment without succumbing to his greatest fear: becoming the monster the world believes him to be.

Genre: Children's eBooks [x]
Length: 317 Pages (2,259 KB)
Lending: Enabled
Added: Sep 20th, 2020

Darke Blood: You've never known true darkness (The Order of the Following Series) by Lee Hall (Satin Publishing) 4.3 Stars (15 Reviews)    Price verified 13 hours ago

Coming September 30th - the next book in the Order of the Following Series - 'Darke Awakening' Pre Order Available Now! "There are more than shadows lurking in the darkness of those trees." Blake Malone is in search of a new start and arrives in the remote forest town of Darke Heath. The memory of his past mysteriously becomes a blur as he discovers this place isn't what it seems. Malone shares a romantic encounter with a woman named Caitlyn and she reveals herself to be a 'creature of the night'. He learns of her story which intertwines with the history of the 'Heath'. Together they must face the evil forces of vampirism and witchcraft that await them in the Darke forest. But just who is Blake Malone? That's something even he must fight to discover. Because 'you've never known true darkness... '

Genre: Children's eBooks [x]
Length: 392 Pages (5,037 KB)
Lending: Enabled
Added: Sep 19th, 2020
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