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A Knight for her Highland Heart: A Historical Scottish Highlander Romance Novel by Barbara Bard 4.6 Stars (76 Reviews)    Price verified 10 minutes ago

No one can tame her wild spirit. No one can save him from himself. Soon they will find that all's fair in love and war... and their lives will never be the same again... Gavina and her clan have lived under the death threat for too long. After the gruesome horrors of her past, she swore to never show weakness ever again, longing only to prove her worth in battle and make her sister proud. Christian's life is standing on thin ice. An English knight like himself is not welcome in the Highlands and he will soon have to choose where ...

Genre: Romance [x] / Length: 862 Pages (4,514 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Sep 29th, 2020

A Sheriff to Harness her Heart: A Historical Western Romance Book by Etta Foster 4.6 Stars (187 Reviews)    Price verified 10 minutes ago

He was looking for a wanted man, missing jewels, and a prize horse. But all he found was a young woman... that would change his life. Regina Maythorpe craves more adventure than what the high society of Philadelphia has to offer. The balls are the same, the tea parties are dull, and her parents wants her to marry an old man. But she wants the wind in her hair and the Wild West before her. When this charming man writes to promise her a life of adventure, Regina is more than eager to accept. She doesn't need love, or so she says... ...

Genre: Romance [x] / Length: 818 Pages (3,815 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Sep 29th, 2020

Ditch Lane Diaries: Angel Series by D.F. Jones (Jones Media) 4.8 Stars (34 Reviews)    Price verified 10 minutes ago

A mesmerizing and mystical tale about two angel factions in a six thousand year conflict over human souls. "If you like drama, romance, betrayal, angels & demons, secrets, and magical powers then this series is for you!" "D.F. Jones is absolutely brilliant! I have said it before, and I will say it again! The Ditch Lane Diaries series is really something special!" "Grab some tissues for this heart-pounding, pulse-racing series!"

Genre: Romance [x] / Length: 826 Pages (1,165 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Sep 29th, 2020

Defender Cave Bear (Protection, Inc: Defenders Book 1) by Zoe Chant 4.8 Stars (226 Reviews)    Price verified 10 minutes ago

Two damaged people. One deadly enemy. And a pair of hell-raising flying kittens... Tirzah hacked into a shady agency's computers to get proof of their evil deeds... and uncovered a secret so wild it can't possibly be real. Shapeshifting supersoldiers on the run from their creators? A lab studying captive mythical creatures? It has to be some bored employee's fantasy novel. Right? Then the flying kitten turns up. And the assassins. And the gargoyles. But just because Tirzah uses a wheelchair doesn't mean she's helpless. Okay, so ...

Genre: Romance [x] / Length: 316 Pages (4,804 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Sep 29th, 2020

Determined Dreamer: A Sweet, Small-Town Romance About the Secrets We Keep (Inspiration In Cologne Book 3) by Deborah King 4.4 Stars (33 Reviews)    Price verified 10 minutes ago

She's been hiding her pain her entire life. If she doesn't come clean, it could jeopardize the future she's always wanted... Cologne, Missouri. Kalie hasn't been completely honest with her family. Telling no one she was bullied since childhood by a classmate, she's finally taken control of her destiny by buying a small-town coffee shop. But the secrets she harbors could push away her new business partner Elias, and smother their blossoming love affair. Fearing she'll lose everything if she tells the truth, Kalie holds back on ...

Genre: Romance [x] / Length: 334 Pages (2,030 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Sep 29th, 2020

TIME SHIP: A time travel romantic adventure: (Omnibus edition) by IAN C.P. IRVINE (Lilyhill Top 10 Romantic Time Travel Bestseller Thriller) 4.3 Stars (93 Reviews)    Price verified 10 minutes ago

If you don't believe time travel is possible, this book will change your mind! Based on fact, it's the most imaginative and gripping time travel story you will ever read! Time Ship is a magical combination of romance, science fiction, thriller, and laughter that you will find hard to put down. Get it now! The Story During a daring raid on a secret pirate stronghold in the Caribbean, Captain Rob McGregor and his crews steal the infamous treasure belonging to Captain William Kidd. Rich beyond their wildest dreams, Captain ...

Genre: Romance [x] / Length: 474 Pages (5,210 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Sep 29th, 2020

The Definition of Normal: "Do you fight who you are to be who you are?" ...A Transgender Love Story by E S Carpenter (Quesylis P H) 4.5 Stars (31 Reviews)    Price verified 10 minutes ago

A psychological perspective on a more comprehensive definition of normal, interwoven throughout a fictional love story. Two best friends living next door to each other since they were five. One matures to become the outward definition of normal, and one struggles but falls short. Together they start a journey of discovery and uncover a meaning far greater than the socially popular interpretation, and through their mutual caring, come to understand the deeper conflicts facing those who fall short of accepted norms. This is the story ...

Genre: Romance [x] / Length: 447 Pages (2,590 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Sep 29th, 2020

My Last Love Affair (Bancroft Billionaire Brothers Book 1) by Ali Parker (BrixBaxter Publishing) 4.4 Stars (150 Reviews)    Price verified 10 minutes ago

Get Married. Have a child. These are the only two rules to get my inheritance. Neither of which I want. My billionaire life doesn't play well with either idea. But no one asked me. My father's company is up for grabs, and whichever of my brothers makes it to the finish line first wins. In no time, I've found the perfect woman to play my fake fiancée while I figure things out. Beautiful. Smart. Strong. Everything I crave in a relationship and more. But there's a problem. She's got a past I can't ignore. Not with just ...

Genre: Romance [x] / Length: 532 Pages (1,108 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Sep 29th, 2020

Two Women. One Love. 'Sarah' (Book Two) : A Gripping Romantic Thriller (Formerly published as London 2012 What If?) by IAN C.P. IRVINE (Lilyhill Romance) 4.4 Stars (338 Reviews)    Price verified 10 minutes ago

If you were given the chance to reverse all the bad decisions you've made in your life, would you take it? James Quinn was given that chance. One day during the normal commute to work, he stepped off the train and found himself in a world where all his 'wrong' decisions had been corrected. And in this world, all his dreams had come true: an amazing job, an incredible house, and he's even married to the woman of his dreams... Everything seems perfect! Or is it? In a tense, page-turning thriller, follow James as he starts to miss ...

Genre: Romance [x] / Length: 446 Pages (4,437 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Sep 29th, 2020

Wicked Temptations for the Seduced Duchess: A Steamy Historical Regency Romance Novel by Olivia T. Bennet 4.5 Stars (130 Reviews)    Price verified 42 minutes ago

Because ultimately, love is stronger than any feud known to man... Rebellious and willful, Lydia Bradford grows up listening to her father, Duke of Greenwick, recite stories about their feud with the Summerhills. When a striking young man suddenly lands on their doorstep, she is immediately enticed. An obscure aggressor is out for his blood and Edward Godwin is running for his life. Waking up after a fierce attack, he finds himself in an unfamiliar manor. Unable to recall that he is, in fact, the Duke of Summerhill, he finds work ...

Genre: Romance [x] / Length: 471 Pages (3,954 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Sep 29th, 2020

The Mulberry Tree by George Mournehis 4.5 Stars (80 Reviews)    Price verified 10 minutes ago

"The characters leave footprints in your heart, and days after finishing this novel you will miss them" "First book to make me want to write a review" "A wonderful book that I didn't want to end" Marcus is puzzled by the gift his grandfather has bequeathed him. But when his inheritance leads him to Butterfly Lane and to the charming but troubled Sophia; to Alex, his grandfather's fiery Greek adversary, who covets Marcus's inheritance; and to Benjamin, a shadowy recluse - the reason for his grandfather's gift becomes clear.

Genre: Romance [x] / Length: 435 Pages (1,588 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Sep 29th, 2020

Princess of Draga: A Space Fantasy Romance (The Draga Court Series Book 1) by Emma Dean (Crowned Stars Publications) 4.6 Stars (74 Reviews)    Price verified 10 minutes ago

In an alpha/beta/omega world among the stars, will one royal submissive choose love or loyalty? Princess Adelina has spent her entire life among the wolves at court, learning when to cede and when to fight, surviving the politics and intrigue. But when war comes to her galaxy an exiled prince requests sanctuary during the storm, offering what's left of his warriors. Adelina is drawn to Prince Nash in a way she's never experienced before, but he's forbidden to her. She must decide if she will defy the Crown for a chance at love or ...

Genre: Romance [x] / Length: 392 Pages (3,853 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Sep 29th, 2020

Discord by Angelica Kate (Independent) 5.0 Stars (9 Reviews)    Price verified 10 minutes ago

As an infant, Brielle was found abandoned with only the clothes she wore and not a clue as to where she came from. Despite this bleak beginning, she was fortunate to have been adopted by a loving couple and raised with all the benefits of an upper middle class existence. On the verge of graduation from college, and acceptance into the Medical School program, she has long since put the mysteries of her birth in the rearview mirror. She is tethered to the past by one tiny flaw; she sees, feels and hears things that aren't real! Her ...

Genre: Romance [x] / Length: 340 Pages (1,419 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Sep 29th, 2020

To Tame the Dragon Highlander: A Steamy Scottish Historical Romance Novel by Lydia Kendall 4.7 Stars (12 Reviews)    Price verified 10 minutes ago

She painted his soul, when everyone was looking at his scars... Ambitious artist Aysel MacKormack must find the funds to save her father from his illness. And the perfect opportunity presents itself when she is commissioned to paint the portrait of the reclusive Laird of McPhee. A portrait that just might prove the hardest task she's ever undertaken, when she sees the scar marring his face. Aptly nicknamed the "Dragon Laird" for always staying in his castle, Stephan Barclay has lived in self-imposed exile for years. Until a woman ...

Genre: Romance [x] / Length: 442 Pages (6,762 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Sep 29th, 2020

Dark Desires (Dark Gothic Book 1) by Eve Silver 4.3 Stars (1,003 Review)    Price verified 10 minutes ago

Betrayed by those she trusted, penniless and alone, Darcie Finch is forced to accept a position that no one else dares, as assistant to dangerously attractive Dr. Damien Cole. Ignoring the whispered warnings and rumours that he's a man to fear, she takes her position at his eerie estate where she quickly discovers that nothing is at it seems, least of all her handsome and brooding employer. As Darcie struggles with her fierce attraction to Damien, she must also deal with the blood, the disappearances... and the murders. With her ...

Genre: Romance [x] / Length: 318 Pages (3,690 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Sep 29th, 2020

Wrong then Right (A Love Happens Novel Book 2) by Jodi Watters 4.7 Stars (169 Reviews)    Price verified 10 minutes ago

There are certain things a guy should never do. Like his boss's little sister. Hope Coleson is having a doozy of a day. Fired from her waitressing job? Check. Evicted from an apartment with dumpster-front views? Double check. Bedded by a hot stranger with smooth moves and rusty social skills? Triple X check. And it doesn't end there. Her life savings has been stolen and she may or may not have a stalker. Retired Navy SEAL Beckett Smith doesn't usually make mistakes. Yes, he drinks a six-pack on one too many occasions. Sure, he ...

Genre: Romance [x] / Length: 378 Pages (758 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Sep 29th, 2020

Unforgivable: A Second Chance, Will He Won't He Romance by Megan Hart (Chaos Publishing) 4.4 Stars (3 Reviews)    Price verified 2 hours ago

There is nothing crueler than the person who doesn't want you enough to keep you, but who doesn't love you enough to let you go. Alice and Mick, hot young lovers with the whole world ahead of them... until it all went catastrophically awry. It takes so little to lose so much. When a not-so-chance meeting at an old friend's party brings them back together, Alice must decide if the pleasure is worth the pain that will surely follow. After all, people, and relationships, can't ever really change. But if Alice does decide to let him ...

Genre: Romance [x] / Length: 370 Pages (4,372 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Sep 28th, 2020

The Devil's Weakness: MC Romance Collection by K.H. Kate (Limitless Publishing, LLC) 4.6 Stars (6 Reviews)    Price verified 6 hours ago

They're outlaws, they're dangerous, and they're loyal... When it comes to protecting their club, there's nothing these MC members won't do. Dive into this collection of 5 full-length MC Romances and get ready to go on the ride of your life. ~ BURNING ROAD by Skyla Madi ~ Sheltered by my political upbringing, I was destined to live a quiet and uneventful life - until James Creed, Vice President of the Devil's Cartel, barreled into my bedroom one hot summer evening. My father's political campaign revolved around destroying the ...

Genre: Romance [x] / Length: 1,111 Pages (2,761 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Sep 28th, 2020

Highland Captive: A Scottish Highlands Romance by Susan Yawn Tanner (Secret Staircase Books, an imprint of Columbine Publishing Group) 4.8 Stars (7 Reviews)    Price verified 7 hours ago

In the year 1499, King Henry VII of England and James IV, ruler of Scotland, negotiated a peace between their kingdoms which was to be sealed by a royal marriage. For a brief time it seemed the ancient hatred and bitter bloodshed between their kingdoms might cease. Only one incident marred this peace and threatened to destroy the fragile union... Under savage attack on her home, Chilton Castle, English lady Dara Ryland is abducted and her father is murdered by Ruod of the Scottish clan MacAmlaid. During months of captivity at ...

Genre: Romance [x] / Length: 316 Pages (1,236 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Sep 28th, 2020

Cold Stone & Ivy Book 2: The Crown Prince (The Empire of Steam) by H. Leighton Dickson (Working Tiger) 4.3 Stars (20 Reviews)    Price verified 9 hours ago

"The Crown Prince is dead, shot in the head. War is coming on iron feet." A murdered Prince. A Gilded Empire. A clockwork locket that tick-tocks dark matter. The year is 1889 and Austria's Crown Prince Rudolf has been found with a bullet in his brain. Immediately, all eyes are turned to the Empire of Steam's Mad Lord of Lasingstoke, a notorious ghost hunter and the last man to see the Crown Prince alive. As the first whispers of war cast a preternatural shadow over Europe, an international manhunt is launched to bring the Mad Lord ...

Genre: Romance [x] / Length: 382 Pages (2,831 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Sep 28th, 2020

Beauty and the Brute: The Journey to Happily Ever After of Beauty and the Beast (The Sacred Scarred Book 2) by Joanna Alonzo (Istoria Publications) 4.4 Stars (15 Reviews)    Price verified 10 hours ago

Is he the beast she learned to love? Is she the beauty he won over? How can a beauty and a brute get to happily ever after? When Brendan shows up to her sister's wedding, Calysta realizes who he was all along. After he abandoned her, can she still find it in her heart to love him even if this version of him scares her more than his beastly self ever did? Brendan knows he is a stranger to her world and longs to be a part of it. However, the more he spends time with her, the more her secrets unravel before him. Will his old habits ...

Genre: Romance [x] / Length: 326 Pages (5,830 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Sep 28th, 2020

Sweet Vengeance (Jessica Sweet Trilogy Book 1) by Aliya DalRae 4.8 Stars (53 Reviews)    Price verified 10 minutes ago

Jessica Sweet is an orphan - Again... At 26, the term may not truly apply, but having been abandoned by her birth parents at an early age, the death of her adoptive parents is like déjà vu all over again. Now she finds herself alone, facing a future that should be unsure; however, the visions she's been plagued with since childhood are about to descend upon her, pulling her into a supernatural world where her deepest fantasies and most harrowing nightmares will soon come true. A monster, even by Vampire Standards... Raven has ...

Genre: Romance [x] / Length: 331 Pages (672 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Sep 28th, 2020

None But You by Sarah Shuff 4.5 Stars (12 Reviews)    Price verified 19 hours ago

Lyme 1806: Benjamin Whitehorn receives news of his father's death and returns home to attend the funeral. Upon his arrival, he saves Matilda Dyson from near catastrophe. He is instantly drawn to her. He knows she is out of his reach but he is unable to get her out of his mind. Benjamin soon learns the family business is in shambles and his brother is on the verge of being sent to debtors' prison. A solution presents itself when Captain Crawford offers him employment aboard The Hadrian, a slave ship but it would mean Benjamin would ...

Genre: Romance [x] / Length: 401 Pages (2,278 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Sep 28th, 2020

Death on Atlantic Avenue: A Fina Fitzgibbons Brooklyn Mystery by Susan Russo Anderson 4.2 Stars (2 Reviews)    Price verified 20 hours ago

When a bizarre crash mangles one of her tenants, Kate asks Fina to investigate. Broken bones soon become murder. Although love is in the air for Kate, a ruthless killer is free to slaughter again -- and does. Meanwhile, Fina is about to lose her first case. Death on Atlantic Avenue is a standalone book, the eighth in the Fina Fitzgibbons Brooklyn mystery series. About Fina Fina Fitzgibbons is a private investigator who lives with her family in the Vinegar Hill neighborhood of Brooklyn. Abandoned by her father at an early age, she ...

Genre: Romance [x] / Length: 386 Pages (3,799 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Sep 28th, 2020

Love is the Sunshine 24: Billionaire's Secrets (Love is the Sunshine Series) by Mobo Reader Price verified 20 hours ago

Trapped series - Episode IV: Trapped with Colin. You would think that for a beautiful girl with a respected family, everything will go smoothly without a hitch. However, for Sophia, nothing is ever so easy. Her life starts to spin out of control when her ex-boyfriend, together with her sworn enemy, set her up and send her to jail. As if that's not enough, after her marriage with Colin, fate...

Genre: Romance [x] / Length: 329 Pages (584 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Sep 28th, 2020

Breathless (Goose Creek Book 4) by Lee Wardlow 5.0 Stars (2 Reviews)    Price verified 10 minutes ago

Nova Daughtry had hopes that Tyler Danner would fall in love with her in the seven months that she spent with him, loving, laughing and making love. She was young. Too young to understand what falling in love really means. Then Jamie Stone sweeps Nova off her feet. He is an ex-Navy Seal with a rough exterior and a heart of gold. He shows Nova what it means to love and be loved. Jamie takes a contract in D.C. Someone has created an impenetrable firewall. His findings will bring Nova's world crashing down around her ears and ...

Genre: Romance [x] / Length: 386 Pages (741 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Sep 28th, 2020

Saved by Grace by Sandy Huth 4.3 Stars (17 Reviews)    Price verified 10 minutes ago

In South Carolina, Grace Walters leads a secret life. Married to a handsome, ambitious banker and raising four children in an affluent neighborhood, it appears that Grace has what every woman dreams of. Behind closed doors, however, she suffers at the hands of an abusive husband and distant children. Feeling alone in the world after the death of her mother, she retreats to the ancestral home, Potter Plantation. Hiring artsy Dean Simon and his emotionally bereft brother-in-law, Sebastian Marshall, to rehab the estate, Grace finds ...

Genre: Romance [x] / Length: 352 Pages (723 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Sep 28th, 2020

Act of Mercy: Paranormal Security and Intelligence an Immortal Ops World Novel (PSI-Ops / Immortal Ops Book 1) by Mandy M. Roth (Raven Happy Hour, LLC) 4.5 Stars (726 Reviews)    Price verified 10 minutes ago

Paranormal Shifter Military Special Ops Romance Paranormal Security and Intelligence Operative Duke Marlow has a new mission: find, interrogate and possibly eliminate the target -- Mercy Deluca. He knows looks can be deceiving, but it's hard to believe the beautifully quirky woman running around in a superhero t-shirt is a viable threat. The little biomedical engineer quickly proves she is more than he bargained for and Intel has it all wrong -- she's not the enemy. Far from it. Intel also forgot to mention one vital piece of ...

Genre: Romance [x] / Length: 410 Pages (3,927 KB) / Lending: Not Enabled / Added: Sep 28th, 2020

Romance on Main Street by Bella Andre 4.2 Stars (93 Reviews)    Price verified 13 hours ago

Small Towns, Big Romance The towns may be small, but the laughter, friendships and romance are larger than life! Join twelve bestselling and award-winning authors for a stroll down Main Street as they take you into their sweet and sexy small town worlds in this limited-time collection of swoon-worthy romances. Your Love Is Mine by Bella Andre Second Chance Charmer by Brighton Walsh Issued To The Bride One Airman by Cora Seton One More Moment by Elena Aitken Keep On Loving You by Erika Kelly High Heels and Haystacks by Erin ...

Genre: Romance [x] / Length: 3,130 Pages (5,469 KB) / Lending: Not Enabled / Added: Sep 28th, 2020

Don't Murder Me: A Dark Thriller by John Meany 3.7 Stars (189 Reviews)    Price verified 42 minutes ago

The year is 2001. On her way out of work on a frigid October night, two inebriated thugs assault pregnant Ashley Ferguson as she goes to get in her car. She is knocked unconscious and is taken to the field behind the shopping center where 23-year-old Ashley is brutally raped. This horrifying event devastates her emotionally, not only for obvious reasons, but also because it comes in the wake of her husband's tragic death. Down and out as well as broke, talented abstract painter Ashley is forced to moved back home with her mother. ...

Genre: Romance [x] / Length: 382 Pages (879 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Sep 28th, 2020

Love in The Time of Contracts: A Novel by Jethro Collins (Books for Bad People) 3.7 Stars (21 Reviews)    Price verified 42 minutes ago

Has-been actress Jenna Wells is invited on a top-secret audition for a new part opposite Hollywood's top action movie superstar, John Hamilton. Jenna knows she is out of her league, but her fiery spirit catches the attention of John's keepers at the Association, a cult-like religious group made up of the Hollywood elite. Jenna is offered the part of a lifetime - John's trophy wife. Jenna is out of work and out of money, making her the perfect victim for John's scheme -- she's a woman with nothing to lose. A contractual obligation ...

Genre: Romance [x] / Length: 334 Pages (2,258 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Sep 28th, 2020
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