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Cursed (Beholder Book 1) by Christina Bauer (Monster House Books) 4.2 Stars (93 Reviews)    Price verified 20 hours ago

"Another breath-taking book by Christina Bauer! CURSED takes on a new spin about the world of Necromancers and Casters and it is absolutely fantastic." -- Angelic Book Reviews Most days, Elea couldn't care less about being a witch, even if she does have special powers over spirit and bone. Why bother with incantations when you're a farm girl? Elea only uses her Necromancer magic to speed up chores and scare off suitors. Everything changes when the evil Necromancer Tsar curses Elea. Now, she only has five years left before she burns as a ghost, tortured for all eternity. They say there's nothing she can do, but Elea disagrees. Embracing her Necromancer ability, Elea trains as a magical assassin. Her goal? Kill the Tsar before his curse kills her. After years of preparation, Elea's finally ready to strike. That's when everything goes horribly wrong. A handsome warlock named Rowan steps up to help. Elea wants him as an ally, but she can't ignore the mixed-up feelings that come with ...

Genre: Teen & Young Adult [x]
Length: 332 Pages (2,392 KB)
Lending: Not Enabled
Added: Oct 20th, 2020

The Secret of Giza (The Kwan Thrillers Book 1) by Ken Warner (Vibrant Circle Books LLC) 4.3 Stars (117 Reviews)    Price verified 12 hours ago

An incredible discovery deep inside the Great Pyramid, a mysterious signal sent from the Bermuda Triangle, and a ruthless experiment taking place in Area 51: How are they all connected? When Malia Kwan exhibits unusual abilities, government agents show up at her home to apprehend her and her twin brother, Jaden -- and all hell breaks loose. After their parents are killed, Jaden and Malia flee into the night, becoming fugitives. Before long, they discover their true identities are tied to the lost city of Atlantis -- and to the origins of humanity itself. And now a threat emerges that could wipe out the entire human race -- unless Jaden and Malia can stop it! If you like fast-paced thrillers with mysteries of historical significance, you'll love The Secret of Giza! Buy The Secret of Giza Today!

Genre: Teen & Young Adult [x]
Length: 434 Pages (501 KB)
Lending: Enabled
Added: Oct 20th, 2020
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