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The Korean Word For Butterfly 4.0 Stars (382 Reviews) Romance
The Order of the Sacred Vow: The Green Collars (Lost Dreams of Amorphya Book 1) Action & Adventure
Dungeon Corps: Crypts of Phanos 4.4 Stars (11 Reviews) Fantasy
Squirrel Revolution!: A Speculative Fiction Short Story Science Fiction
Wake Me In The Future (The Cryogen Chronicles Book 1) 4.4 Stars (3 Reviews) Action & Adventure
Outrageously Hysterical Books Drama & Plays
The Thrumming Stone 3.5 Stars (2 Reviews) Horror
The House on Riverside Walk Horror
Still Water 3.9 Stars (24 Reviews) Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Music City Matchmakers Religious & Inspirational Fiction
Obsessed With Fear: The Elite Security Series Book 1 4.7 Stars (6 Reviews) Romance
Wild (Medieval Wedding Trilogy Book 2) 4.2 Stars (98 Reviews) Romance
Ruin Prevails (Apocalypse Gate Book 3): An EMP End of the World S-H-T-F Survival Series with Monsters, Cosmic Horror, and Interdimensional Portals (Apocalypse ... Horror - Surviving TEOTWAWKI)) 4.5 Stars (4 Reviews) Action & Adventure
CHANCE 3.5 Stars (3 Reviews) African American
Lynn: Christmas Holiday Romance 2019 (Three Sisters Resort Series Book 3) 4.8 Stars (9 Reviews) British
Sugar Rush 4.6 Stars (7 Reviews) Romance
Lucky Star 4.0 Stars (3 Reviews) Coming of Age
The Blood King (The Brighton Duology Book 1) 4.1 Stars (33 Reviews) Science Fiction
Dog eat Doug Comics Volume 6: Funny Dog Comics 4.5 Stars (16 Reviews) Fantasy
Anubis Nights (Jonathan Shade Book 4) 3.9 Stars (42 Reviews) Action & Adventure
The Dark Side of Nightfall (Book One): Tales From Nightfall Trilogy 4.5 Stars (31 Reviews) Romance
The Cornerstone Action & Adventure
SANDCASTLES IN THE CITY (The McCatty Chronincles Book 5) Urban
Insert Token to Play Science Fiction
The Lawman: The Guns of Jacob Blade Vigilante: Jacob Blade: Vigilante Hunter: A Western Adventure 4.0 Stars (1 Review) Classics
A Gothic Lesson In Love 2.5 Stars (3 Reviews) Romance
Stars of Ice and Shadow: Book One (The Gaellean Prophecy 1) 4.3 Stars (11 Reviews) Horror
The Blonde Bombshell Humor & Satire
Imprint: Book One: The Jade Dragon (Urban Fantasy) 4.2 Stars (17 Reviews) African American
The Cop Who Saw Tom Mix: A Paranormal Mystery Comedy (A King Leary Short Story Book 1) 2.4 Stars (2 Reviews) Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
The Road to Jericho 4.8 Stars (8 Reviews) Historical Fiction
Life Has Other Plans (The Books of Life Book 2) 4.5 Stars (2 Reviews) Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender eBooks
Return to Cedar Hill (The Hills of Burlington Book 1) 4.2 Stars (34 Reviews) Religious & Inspirational Fiction
Cuc Historical Fiction
Solae Redeemer (The Solae Book 4) Action & Adventure
The Bruised Princess: A Short Retelling of The Princess and the Pea (Once Upon a Short Story Book 3) 4.7 Stars (8 Reviews) Short Stories
PEST 4.7 Stars (5 Reviews) Humor & Satire
The Seashell Contract Fantasy
Rodrigo García Olza: THE EYE (RODRIGO GARCÍA OLZA NOVEL SERIES Part 2 San Francisco Book 8) Horror
Foliage (Ghostly Shadows Shorts Book 1) 4.4 Stars (10 Reviews) Horror
IN HEROD'S COURT: The memoirs of Nicholas of Damascus 4.7 Stars (11 Reviews) Historical Fiction
DreamCity 4.0 Stars (11 Reviews) Romance
Cemetery Ridge (A Ben Loomis P.I. Short Story) 3.0 Stars (1 Review) Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
First and Foremost (Masks #2.1) Short Stories
The Succulent Garden. A Collection of Short Stories Contemporary Fiction
Machine & the Mind Candy Factory Humor & Satire
Give The Robot The Impossible Job!: After Dinner Conversation Short Story Series 4.6 Stars (6 Reviews) Science Fiction
Full Count (Westland University Book 1) 4.0 Stars (34 Reviews) Women's Fiction
Tigress - The Making of an Enemy Agent 4.0 Stars (13 Reviews) Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Laurent: Devil's Hand – A reverse harem MC romance (Steel Riders Book 4) 2.5 Stars (2 Reviews) Women's Fiction
Endeca (The Escapism Series Book 2) 3.0 Stars (1 Review) Fantasy
Core of Fear: A Paranormal LitRPG Dungeon Core (Spirit Core Book 1) 4.1 Stars (41 Reviews) Science Fiction
On the Kennebec: Volume Two (Joseph Shorey of Maine Book 2) 4.5 Stars (10 Reviews) Biographical
Irish Eyes and Mafia Lies 4.3 Stars (12 Reviews) Romance
ANDIES: An Original Screenplay Science Fiction
Cold (Jenny Watkins Mystery Series Book 10) 4.6 Stars (5 Reviews) Fantasy
HAUNTED: A Jenny Watkins Mystery 4.4 Stars (14 Reviews) Romance
A Tangled Web: A YA novella based on the Japan 2011 tsunami 4.4 Stars (29 Reviews) Coming of Age
Credit Check 4.5 Stars (6 Reviews) Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Shadows' Sorrow (Morovian Destiny Book 1) 4.6 Stars (10 Reviews) Fantasy
Free Falling: The Pointe Hill Series, Book One 4.2 Stars (22 Reviews) Women's Fiction
Shift Change 3.9 Stars (8 Reviews) Literary Fiction
Secrets & Lies 3.0 Stars (6 Reviews) Romance
Greta Smart Figures It Out 4.0 Stars (1 Review) Contemporary Fiction
Circles in the Sand Poetry
Space.Man 3.9 Stars (9 Reviews) Humor & Satire
A Wizard's Errand 4.7 Stars (6 Reviews) Fantasy
When One Becomes Two (When Two Become One and When One Becomes Two Book 2) Fantasy
On the Kennebec: Volume One (Joseph Shorey of Maine Book 1) 4.2 Stars (25 Reviews) Biographical
Brownie Points 4.0 Stars (326 Reviews) Contemporary Fiction
Everflame: Mystic Wild 4.0 Stars (6 Reviews) Horror
Slow Up (Hire a Muse Book 2) 4.8 Stars (9 Reviews) Romance
On the Kennebec: Volume Three (Joseph Shorey of Maine Book 3) 4.7 Stars (11 Reviews) Biographical
Promising Penny 4.2 Stars (4 Reviews) Romance
The Return of Gabe McLeod 4.6 Stars (3 Reviews) Romance
Too Soon Comes the Twilight: A boy and his grandfather deal with Alzheimer's Medical
Stripping It Down (Donovan Brothers Book 1) 4.5 Stars (7 Reviews) Romance
Spider Web (Forbidden Love, Boston Clan Book 1) 3.7 Stars (30 Reviews) Romance
Romance: The Dangerous Side of Love: Stalkers and Stockings Romance
Sam's Promise (Blackwater Book 1) 4.0 Stars (17 Reviews) Contemporary Fiction