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The Red Diamond (Iman's Journal Book 1) 4.2 Stars (24 Reviews) Fantasy
God Was in Complete Control of Job's Circumstances 4.0 Stars (1 Review) Religion & Spirituality
Virtual Assistant: Take a Leap of Faith And Start a Virtual Assistant Business (Your Guide to Establishing a Successful Business As a Virtual Assistant) 4.1 Stars (39 Reviews) Business & Money
The First Woman on the Moon 1.0 Stars (1 Review) Women's Fiction
Thunderfire 4.0 Stars (5 Reviews) Westerns
Santa's Wolves 4.0 Stars (22 Reviews) Romance
Pakistani Cuisine: Quick and Easy Authentic Recipes of Pakistan 4.3 Stars (50 Reviews) Cookbooks, Food & Wine
The Essential Writings of Jean-Jacques Rousseau: Emile, The Social Contract, Discourse on the Origin of Inequality Among Men, Confessions & more Biographical
The Memoirs of a Revolutionary Soldier History
A Curious Boy Named Jeff: Based on Jeff Bezos's Life (Little Kids' Big Lessons Book 1) 4.1 Stars (19 Reviews) Children's eBooks
Kizmo Gets Lost in New York City (Travel Adventures for Children Book 6) Children's eBooks
Lydia’s Enchanted Toffee 2.5 Stars (6 Reviews) Children's eBooks
Kissing The Enemy (Scandals and Spies Book 1) 4.1 Stars (169 Reviews) Romance
Time Management: The Smallest Changes That Yield The Biggest Fruit (Stacking Routines To Improve Your Life 1% Each And Every Day) 4.5 Stars (2 Reviews) Business & Money
A UNIVERSE APART 4.3 Stars (5 Reviews) Children's eBooks
Quotes: 365+ Greatest Inspirational Quotes on Mindset, Motivation, Happiness and Success from famous people around the world: Greatest and most powerful quotes used by the famous people ever lived 4.2 Stars (8 Reviews) Self-Help
Bumps and Bites in the Night: A Collection of Short, Strange Stories Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Brood of the Witch-Queen (A Supernatural Thriller) 4.0 Stars (57 Reviews) Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
The Alien Assassin's Stolen Bride: In the Stars Romance 4.0 Stars (122 Reviews) Romance
Into the Mind of Lucifer (Angelic Wars) Religion & Spirituality
Miss Someday: A Novel 4.4 Stars (9 Reviews) Teen & Young Adult
The Riddle of the Sands (Spy Thriller) 3.8 Stars (345 Reviews) Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
The Amish Love Letters: A Collection of Amish Romance Stories 4.0 Stars (1 Review) Religion & Spirituality
Ruined Sacrifice 4.1 Stars (18 Reviews) Horror
AMELIA BUTTERWORTH - Complete Mystery Series: That Affair Next Door, Lost Man's Lane: A Second Episode in the Life of Amelia Butterworth & The Circular Study 4.2 Stars (7 Reviews) Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
The Irish Guards in the Great War (Complete Edition: Volume 1&2): The Western Front Through the Eyes of the Soldiers – Edited from their Diaries and Private Letters 4.0 Stars (2 Reviews) History
A DOG'S LOVE 4.7 Stars (7 Reviews) Crafts, Hobbies & Home
The Darkness of Sea Abyss: 20+ Horror Stories, Supernatural Tales & Fantastical Adventures Teen & Young Adult
Nelson Mandela: A Biography for Kids About The History & Life Story of Nelson Mandela (Nelson Mandela Book Book 1) 4.1 Stars (12 Reviews) Children's eBooks
ALAS, PARIS 3.2 Stars (3 Reviews) Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
What It Takes to Be the Number One Manager in the World: A Book of Revelations Business & Money
The Wisdom of Solomon (Part I) Religion & Spirituality
Ceviche Recipes: A Ceviche Cookbook with Delicious Ceviche Recipes 1.0 Stars (1 Review) Cookbooks, Food & Wine
Dead Ringer: A Will Cannon, Bounty Hunter, Western Adventure Novel 4.4 Stars (4 Reviews) Westerns
Book Bites 8 (Authors' Billboard Book Bites) 4.5 Stars (2 Reviews) Anthologies
The Jolie Blonde Series Vol 1-3: A Louisiana Trilogy 4.2 Stars (8 Reviews) Romance
The Sound of Love: A Romance Anthology (Senses of Love Book 1) 4.0 Stars (27 Reviews) Religion & Spirituality
The Joy Scott Affairs: A 5 Story Bundle: Cheating Housewives, Husbands, & Mistresses (An Affair With) Literature & Fiction
Hidden Agenda: Mike & Peter FBI Agents #37 (A Fun Cozy Mystery ) 4.2 Stars (8 Reviews) Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
The Hiding Place (The Tales Of Wooffer's Woods Book 12) Children's eBooks
Guile and Gullibility: A Short Story Literature & Fiction
Melting in the Sun Biographies & Memoirs
Textbook Murder (A Spencer University Cozy Mystery 2) 4.2 Stars (14 Reviews) Holidays
Love, the Greatest Thing in the World + Natural Law in the Spiritual World 4.1 Stars (91 Reviews) Religion & Spirituality
My side of the scarf: A children's book about friendship 4.4 Stars (8 Reviews) Nonfiction
Come, Wewoka 4.5 Stars (5 Reviews) Poetry
Rootabaga Stories (Vintage Children's Books Series): Crazy Funny Tales for Little Children Children's eBooks
Affiliate Marketing & Shopify Store Combo Business & Money
Instant Pot Beef Recipes: 40 Beef Instant Pot Recipes full of Antioxidants and Phytochemicals (Instant Beef Book 1) Cookbooks, Food & Wine
Shadow Moves: A Military Space Opera Tale (The War in Shadow Saga Book 1) 4.3 Stars (9 Reviews) Science Fiction
The Temporal Knights 4.3 Stars (73 Reviews) Science Fiction
Memoirs 3.2 Stars (2 Reviews) Literature & Fiction
Scooter Across Canada - Adventures on a 49cc Scooter: It’s about the journey, not the destination 2.3 Stars (3 Reviews) Travel
Dessert Recipes: Delicious Dessert Recipes for All Types of Sweets 5.0 Stars (1 Review) Cookbooks, Food & Wine
Petra: The True And Surprising History Of The Lost City Of Stone 4.0 Stars (30 Reviews) History
A Little Princess (Unabridged) 4.6 Stars (1,211 Review) Teen & Young Adult
Tomorrow I Will Kill Again 3.1 Stars (106 Reviews) Horror
Mystery Cases of Letitia Carberry, Tish: The Adventures & Mystery Cases of Letitia Carberry, Tish: The Chronicle of Her Escapades and Excursions & More Tish 4.3 Stars (3 Reviews) Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
The Song of Vrindavan (Hastinapur Book 4) 4.6 Stars (11 Reviews) Religion & Spirituality
The Poppy Express Teen & Young Adult
The Shrieking Pit (Thriller Novel) 4.5 Stars (12 Reviews) Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
RED PHOENIX--RAMSTEIN: A Von Zauber Espionage Thriller Political
Super Kids Code: Green! My Grandpa's a Superhero! 4.9 Stars (8 Reviews) Children's eBooks
The Session 4.7 Stars (10 Reviews) Literature & Fiction
THE ROLL-CALL 4.3 Stars (19 Reviews) Humor & Entertainment
Revival (Royals Rise Book 3) Action & Adventure
How to Publish Information & Make a Living Online: Writing Short Books & Blogging for Beginners Business & Money
Death At The Zoo: A Culinary Cozy Mystery With A Delicious Recipe (A Murder In Milburn Book 6) 4.2 Stars (24 Reviews) Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
A POOR WISE MAN: Political Thriller 4.3 Stars (23 Reviews) Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Creole Recipes: Authentic Louisiana Style Cooking with Easy Cajun Recipes Cookbooks, Food & Wine
Easy Arugula Cookbook: 50 Delicious Arugula Recipes Cookbooks, Food & Wine
Dracula 4.5 Stars (7,631 Reviews) Romance
The Poems(Shatakams) of Bhatrihari Religion & Spirituality
Euro Trip: A sweet, short romance read (Holiday Heartthrob Book 1) 4.5 Stars (16 Reviews) Short Stories
Citrus: Enjoy the Delicious Taste of Citrus in Your Meals With 50 Delicious Fruit and Citrus Recipes Cookbooks, Food & Wine
Cooking with Tomatoes: 50 Delicious Tomato Recipes Cookbooks, Food & Wine
The Holy Spirit Whispered in My Ear: A Collection of Poems to Inspire and Encourage 4.4 Stars (15 Reviews) Religion & Spirituality
Done With Being Fat 4.1 Stars (88 Reviews) Health, Fitness & Dieting
The History of French Revolution: Including the History of the French Monarchy History
Emergence Series (Books 1-3), A Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Thriller 4.3 Stars (19 Reviews) Science Fiction
Easy Bean Salad Cookbook: 50 Delicious Bean Salad Recipes 4.0 Stars (1 Review) Cookbooks, Food & Wine