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Golden Sundown (Lincoln Hawk Book 2) by Scott Connor (Culbin Press) 2.4 Stars (4 Reviews)    Price verified 20 minutes ago

When Marshal Lincoln Hawk headed to the quiet town of Sweetwater with wealthy rancher Truman Garner, he wasn't expecting trouble. But he didn't know that the Calhoun gang were on Truman's trail, believing he knew the location of a stolen stash of gold. When the Calhoun gang capture Truman and deliver their ultimatum - hand over the gold by sundown or die - Lincoln must face a desperate life-or-death struggle to ensure they don't deliver on their threat. And then there's a mysterious band of raiders who plan to wrest the gold from ...

Genre: Westerns [x] / Length: 160 Pages (2,283 KB) / Lending: Not Enabled / Added: Sep 18th, 2020

Justice Owed by Dave P. Fisher (Double Diamond Books) 4.9 Stars (15 Reviews)    Price verified 3 hours ago

When Ryan and Tessa Monroe perish in their home's blazing inferno their three sons, long estranged from each other, return to Tucson for the funeral. Differences continue to divide them until two spent bullets, revealed in the hand of the undertaker, brings them to the shocking realization that their parents were murdered and the fire set to cover it. While the brothers search for who would murder two beloved, elderly store owners, a long-buried history emerges painting a picture of a past they never knew existed; a past that boils ...

Genre: Westerns [x] / Length: 307 Pages (2,042 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Sep 18th, 2020

The Devil's Mountain: A Will Cannon, Bounty Hunter, Western Adventure Novel (Will Cannon, Bounty Hunter, Western Adventure Novels Book 35) by Larry Hill 3.7 Stars (14 Reviews)    Price verified 4 hours ago

Will Cannon rides the trail alone to the small town of Casa Rojo, New Mexico is search of horses and cattle to sell to the army fort near Cimarron. Will finds some horses and cattle but he also finds a Devil worshipping gang of outlaws preying on the citizens of Casa Rojo. Will enlists the help of some bronc busters and some cowboys to fight the Devil worshipping gang of cutthroats.

Genre: Westerns [x] / Length: 73 Pages (868 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Sep 18th, 2020

Grandpa Wore A Six-Gun by James L. Rickard 5.0 Stars (2 Reviews)    Price verified 3 hours ago

In a rollicking combination of "Catcher in the Rye" and "Little Big Man," Ride with Charlie Hobbs as he leaves the farm, finds himself in bordellos, saloons, stage robberies, and more in this coming of age story.

Genre: Westerns [x] / Length: 153 Pages (3,727 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Sep 18th, 2020

Fast-Draw Law by Chuck Mason (Lume Books) 4.8 Stars (6 Reviews)    Price verified 23 minutes ago

The law will always catch up with you... Lobo Johnson was a gunman with a price on his head. He was a killer, but he drew the line at murder. His victims were violent men, murderers and renegades. He had been set upon his present path by the tragic circumstances that engulfed his youth, and he carved a lonely trail through the West. But with a history like his, the law wanted Lobo as much as they wanted the men he slew. Just when he thought things couldn't get any worse, everything changes when he rides into Deer Creek in ...

Genre: Westerns [x] / Length: 180 Pages (1,426 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Sep 16th, 2020

Valley of No Retreat by Denis Hughes (Lume Books) 3.5 Stars (4 Reviews)    Price verified 4 hours ago

Fists of fury... Floyd rode into Legas Bend for one reason and one reason only. He would be participating in a traditional duel to finally put an end to his feud with Sacks Babcock. Entirely focused on the task at hand, Floyd had not considered what the knock-on effect to such a duel could be. Legas Bend was not his hometown and as such, he did not care to ponder any consequences. So unbeknownst to Floyd when he rode out of town victorious, he was leaving behind Babcock's now-vacant position of head of the town and there were ...

Genre: Westerns [x] / Length: 207 Pages (1,102 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Sep 16th, 2020

The Fence Busters by Gordon Landsborough (Lume Books) 3.3 Stars (8 Reviews)    Price verified 23 minutes ago

A question of honour... Walt Rath is an old-timer, keen to take advantage of the open Texas range by bringing in wire fencing to the state. But he is getting on, and sees the future of the business with his nephew - the young and reckless Tom Midnight. Midnight may be youthful, but he sure is tough, and in his Uncle's own words, a born leader. But Midnight isn't keen to get involved. That is until Walt is gunned down by the merciless Gun De Leon - a killer hired by the fence busters who are determined to see anyone trying to ...

Genre: Westerns [x] / Length: 183 Pages (862 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Sep 16th, 2020

The Dead Kid by Trevor Fairbanks (Telstar Literature) 5.0 Stars (1 Review)    Price verified 4 hours ago

GREAT EXPECTATIONS IN THE OLD WEST!!! Jasper is a geek working for the Barnes & Sons circus. When a mysterious benefactor suddenly frees him from his old life, he finds himself on an insane quest to kill the most dangerous man alive, the outlaw Gordon Naught. But what he finds at the end of the murder trail will change him forever. Along the way, Jasper meets several characters whom one would not expect to meet in the old west. From homosexual dwarfs to black Indians, savage pimps and vengeful Mormons, THE DEAD KID is a decidedly ...

Genre: Westerns [x] / Length: 308 Pages (447 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Sep 16th, 2020

The Wolf Hunters & The Sequel - The Gold Hunters (Illustrated Edition): Thrilling Tales of Adventures in the Canadian Wilderness by James Oliver Curwood (Musaicum Books) 4.0 Stars (56 Reviews)    Price verified 3 hours ago

The Wolf Hunters - After managing to survive an attack by a pack of wolfs Roderick Drew becomes close friend with Wabigoon. Determined to earn some money to help his mother, young Rod travels to Canada to hunt and trap with his new friend. When Rod and Wabi get together with Mukoki, an old Indian guide and Wabi's cousin, three companions are ready to turn their faces to the adventures that await them in the great North. The Gold Hunters is the sequel of the story of friendship and discovery in the wilds of North America, between ...

Genre: Westerns [x] / Length: 149 Pages (1,738 KB) / Lending: Not Enabled / Added: Sep 15th, 2020

The Logan Collection by David C. Walters 3.7 Stars (3 Reviews)    Price verified 4 hours ago

Saddle up and enjoy three exciting westerns. The action and adventure live on Three western short stories featuring Jake Logan. The Making Of A Gunfighter Logan's Law One Stood Tall

Genre: Westerns [x] / Size: 2,843 KB / Lending: Enabled / Added: Sep 15th, 2020
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