Frequently Asked Questions

Do I download books directly from

No. All of our links point to where you can purchase or download your books. Simply click on the cover or title of any book listed to go to

Does offer books for Nook or any other eReaders?

No. We only offer Kindle books. We do not have a similar site for any other formats.

How do I use your site?

There are filter buttons at the top of the page. Simply click one of these to narrow your results. You can do this with as many filters as you would like. For more details on each filter, hover your mouse over or tap the question mark next to the filter heading. You can also search by author or title at the top-right of the page. Once you achieve a set of filters you like, you can bookmark (CTRL + D) the page to return to the same results each time you visit.

I got a copy of a book from your free book list and later realized that I was charged for it.

Our free book listings are updated hourly. If a free book has its price increased, it may take a full hour for that to be realized by If this happens, you can either return the book using the 'Manage My Kindle' page on or you can contact Amazon's Kindle Customer Service Department to request a refund. Please make sure to always verify the price before purchasing a book.

Why are some books not in the right genre?

We do our best to ensure that all books are categorized correctly. Unfortunately, the genres we use are those provided to by the author and, at times, they get published into the wrong category. We have a strict set of filters to try and keep explicit books separated from the rest, but on occasion, these filters fail to detect an explicit book which results in it showing in the main listings. If this happens, click on the "Inappropriate cover or title" link to let us know.

How can I help support FreeReadFeed?

The best way to help us is to tell everyone you know about FreeReadFeed. Mention us on Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest, and link to us on your blog if you have one.