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The Witches of Dark Root (Daughters of Dark Root Book 1) by April Aasheim (Dark Root Press) 4.3 Stars (550 Reviews)    Price verified 28 minutes ago

"There are some secrets darker than witchcraft." - Dora Maddock Deep in the forests of the Pacific Northwest is a small village called Dark Root, a town steeped in magic, mystery, and secrets. But for Maggie Maddock, Dark Root is also a prison - a place where she is forced to work in her mother's Magick Shoppe while the rest of the world moves forward without her. When a mysterious stranger offers to take Maggie away from it all, she leaves without looking back. Seven years later, Maggie is called home by her beloved older sister. There she is confronted with a renewed sibling rivalry, a mother suffering under a mysterious illness, and a town that's lost it's literal magic. Now Maggie must decide if she will use her newfound abilities to aid those she loves or run from her responsibilities once again. In the tradition of Alice Hoffman's Practical Magic and Rebecca Wells' Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, The Witches of Magic seamlessly weaves the past with the present, the magical with the mundane. It is a tale of family, forgiveness, and the healing power of love that will leave readers believing in magic long after the story ends. Other books in the Daughters of Dark Root series: The Magick of Dark Root (2014) The Curse of Dark Root: Part One (2015) The Curse of Dark Root: Part Two (2016) The Shadows of Dark Root (2017) Inherited Magick: The Children of Dark Root, Book One (2018) Gifted Magick: The Children of Dark Root, Book Two (2019) The Council of Dark Root: Armand (A Daughters of Dark Root Companion Novella) (2015) Christmas in Dark Root: Merry's Gift (A Daughters of Dark Root Short) (Christmas, 2016) A Dark Root Halloween

Genre: Metaphysical [x]
Length: 365 Pages (3,083 KB)
Lending: Enabled
Added: Sep 19th, 2019
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