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Through the Eyes Of a Child (Out of the Fire & In The Storm Book 2) by Tawanda Blake 4.7 Stars (5 Reviews)    Price verified 3 hours ago

Everything around Payshence seems to turn to mush. During a neighborhood drug bust, Payshence is arrested, and charged for possession of her boyfriend's marijuana, and has not even hit the age of fifteen. Payshence befriends a cop who convinces her that he can get her out of trouble, but even he becomes a little more than what she bargained for. Adding to the chaos, Payshence witnesses a murder, leaving her afraid for her life; she is forced to get on the right track, but going to school and fitting in with teenagers her age is not working out. The death of her mother sends her on a tailspin. Can she overcome the pressure and the grief, or will she run back to the streets that she has grown accustomed? The author is taking you back on another stomach-dropping ride combining drama with poetry, "through the eyes of a child." Payshence must change her circumstances, or fall victim to herself, and let her circumstances kill her.

Genre: Urban [x]
Length: 238 Pages (332 KB)
Lending: Enabled
Added: May 22nd, 2019

Letters From Trayvon: An Interactive SMS UNovel (Justice Book 3) by J. K. Johnson ( Price verified 11 hours ago

YOUR CHARACTER: The Sheriff When a small town becomes nationally known for the video recorded shooting of a black teen, the entire city is on edge. When the white sheriff tries to restore order, he receives a letter claiming to be from Trayvon Martin telling him what to do next. When he fails to take heed to the letter, the city grows more restless resulting in a deadly riot. When he receives another letter, he decides to follow the instructions, thus resulting in subsequent yet temporary peace. It is when the Sheriff seeks to know who the letters are actually coming from that he discovers the source to beyond his imagination. His choice to obey the final costly instructions will result in either the city's salvation or destruction. SMS INTERACTIVE UNOVEL BY J.K. JOHNSON Immerse, Interact, & Interplay With The Story In a Completely New Way. Welcome to SMS Interactive UNovel: created by author Jomo K. Johnson. UNovel is the first live author story in which YOU are the main character. UNovel allows you to select your story, interact with a live author via text message, and respond with your answers to shape the story. SMS UNovel is literary role-play that allows you to immerse yourself fully into a story. Once you finish the UNovel the full story is yours to share, edit, or even publish. Visit Jomo K. Johnson's Amazon author page or Text (912) 268-1890 to purchase full book.

Genre: Urban [x]
Size: 1,671 KB
Lending: Not Enabled
Added: May 22nd, 2019
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