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Beasts of Britain by Andrew M.L. McGrath 4.5 Stars (13 Reviews)    Price verified 51 minutes ago

Beasts Of Britain is a book by Andy McGrath, a Cryptozoology 'enthusiast' who has spent over 25 years of researching and obsessing about the unknown creatures living right under our noses here on this tiny island in the North Atlantic. From a wildlife point of view, the accepted fauna of The British Isles were discovered and catalogued in their finite and immovable state in the 19th century. Nothing has really been added to this list or considered worthy since and the continual reports of Water Monsters, Bigfoot, Mystery Big Cats and ...

Genre: Children's eBooks [x] / Length: 281 Pages (11,131 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Mar 31st, 2020

The Digitals: How Can She ESCAPE a World That's Not Real? by Kimberly Rae (Narrow Way Books) 4.6 Stars (4 Reviews)    Price verified 2 hours ago

It was all a lie.I had to find Vance. Tell him that everything, our entire reality, was an experiment.We had to find the Opening, but even if it did still exist, how could we ESCAPE a world that wasn't real?And if we escaped, would Vance exist outside the experiment? Was he real?Was I?

Genre: Children's eBooks [x] / Length: 297 Pages (4,314 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Mar 31st, 2020

Spectre Collectors: Too Ghoul For School by Barry Hutchison (Nosy Crow) 5.0 Stars (2 Reviews)    Price verified 9 hours ago

Denzel is having no luck with his maths homework. First, it's too difficult, then there's a terrifying mess of smoky black tendrils that wants to kill him, then two teenagers explode through his window holding guns and throwing magic. They are the Spectre Collectors, and spooky is their speciality. Realising that Denzel has a special gift, they sweep him off to their headquarters, where Denzel quickly realises that he is terrible at the job. But there's a serious problem on its way from the Spectral Realm, and Denzel is going to have ...

Genre: Children's eBooks [x] / Length: 240 Pages (1,359 KB) / Lending: Not Enabled / Added: Mar 31st, 2020

Ghosts in the Gallery (Paranormal Adventures of Eoin O'Leary Book 1) by Eli Celata (Hidden Helm Press) 5.0 Stars (1 Review)    Price verified 9 hours ago

What's supposed to be a fun field trip to the Memorial Art Gallery turns into a bet between Eoin O'Leary's best friends - Shane and Maddie. Shane's sure the unfinished paintings come awake at night, but Maddie's not convinced. When Shane turns out to be right, the trio stumbles upon a party of plotting phantoms! The first in an easy to read chapter series, GHOSTS IN THE GALLERY takes kids on a wild adventure with ghosts, boxing gloves, art history and friendship!

Genre: Children's eBooks [x] / Length: 101 Pages (1,033 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Mar 31st, 2020

Bogamus The Troll (Bogamus and Friends Book 1) by Nathan A. Jones 5.0 Stars (1 Review)    Price verified 9 hours ago

'Waaaarrrrrrrraaaaaaarrrrrrrraaaaaaggggghhhhhhh!' Bogamus was having a bad day. The three billy goats Gruff had sneaked, tricked and finally buffeted him off his bridge. Now he was flying through the air, arms flailing and screaming. His bridge, the river under it and the valley it ran through were all getting smaller and smaller beneath him. But a prang from a billy goat's horn was not the end for Bogamus, who found himself floating along the river. Why not follow Bogamus as he travels along the river and has adventures with ...

Genre: Children's eBooks [x] / Length: 138 Pages (2,912 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Mar 31st, 2020

Bewildered (The Bewilderness Tales Book 1) by Amanda Harms 5.0 Stars (7 Reviews)    Price verified 9 hours ago

When she finds herself forever-stuck in the bizarre and unwelcoming Bewilderness, no-nonsense Prudence Parks can't rely on her intellect alone to outwit the vengeful Match King. To find her way home is going to take a bit of magic and a lot of imagination. *** Prudence Parks is perfect. As a twelve-year-old genius, she's got the world in her pocket. No messy friends. No silly games. Everything is textbooks and Bunsen burners -- until her father leaves her an orphan. When she tumbles into the bizarre realm of Bewilderness, nothing is ...

Genre: Children's eBooks [x] / Length: 250 Pages (1,809 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Mar 31st, 2020

Sadie by Amber Ceffalio 5.0 Stars (2 Reviews)    Price verified 9 hours ago

Anna has waited over a year for her horse, Gitchy, to give birth. Finally the filly has arrived! Anna picked the name Sadie because it means princess, and Anna needs to bring light, happy, princess-y things in her life after her long, dark year. Sadly, Sadie was born with a deformed nose--Wry Nose Syndrome. Anna now has three days to figure out how to save Sadie. Sadie is set on an Alaskan homestead where the summer days are light, the winter nights stretch into eternity, the Big Dipper is in the sky, and the Northern Lights dance. ...

Genre: Children's eBooks [x] / Length: 153 Pages (2,322 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Mar 31st, 2020

The Great Toy War (The Rubber Ball Trilogy Book 1) by Keaton D. Winter 5.0 Stars (5 Reviews)    Price verified 9 hours ago

The Great Toy War is the story of Tommy Plinkerton and his brother Charlie. The boys come into possession of a magical ball from a mysterious old man that allows them to shrink to the size of toys. The next thing they know, however, is that they are now involved in The Great Toy War, a war raged by toys everywhere for centuries. This book recounts the battles fought by Tommy and his army of green toy soldiers and Charlie and his army of tan toy soldiers as they fight for supremacy over their own home. All the while defending against ...

Genre: Children's eBooks [x] / Length: 201 Pages (1,179 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Mar 31st, 2020

The Haunting of Ida (Teenage Adventures of Kelsey Book Series 1) by A. L. Norton 5.0 Stars (6 Reviews)    Price verified 9 hours ago

It's the month of October and Kelsey is excited that her mom is allowing her to have a Halloween party. While out shopping with her best friend Holly, the two twelve-year-old middle school girls come across a Ouija board. Holly insists that it will be a lot of fun to play with the board at the Halloween party, but Kelsey isn't so sure about the board. After a few minutes of playing with the Ouija, things take a turn for the worse in Kelsey's home. Strange things begin to happen. Plants begin to die. There are cold breezes that make ...

Genre: Children's eBooks [x] / Length: 158 Pages (1,730 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Mar 31st, 2020

Seeing by Joseph Falank (Winter Goose Publishing) 5.0 Stars (7 Reviews)    Price verified 9 hours ago

The extraordinary is all around us. After enduring a difficult year that began with his father unexpectedly walking out on the family, thirteen-year-old Jake Sheppard finds himself at a loss for hope. When his live-in grandfather shares a deeply personal and rather unbelievable bedtime story, the impossibility of the tale's events sparks an interest in Jake to determine its authenticity. Embarking on a personal journey for the truth leads Jake to a discovery that will not only change his life, but the way he sees the world, forever.

Genre: Children's eBooks [x] / Length: 214 Pages (537 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Mar 31st, 2020

The Split Path Spark (Easterwood Unfolding Book 1) by C. L. Van Liew 5.0 Stars (7 Reviews)    Price verified 9 hours ago

A world of magic hidden deep in her dreams. A dark past beginning to be revealed. Grace Gossamer has one of the last fairy grandmothers alive and has no idea that she's about send Grace into the magical land of Easterwood. As everything around her begins to transform and a threat from an unseen enemy rises, Grace knows that she must become the person her rapidly changing world needs her to be. This is Easterwood Unfolding.

Genre: Children's eBooks [x] / Length: 204 Pages (408 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Mar 31st, 2020

Behind the Masquerade: The Harlequin: Part 1 by Steph Young 3.9 Stars (42 Reviews)    Price verified 9 hours ago

'The Harlequin was not human. It was unmistakably androgyne, ancient in appearance. Its mouth was always open, as if trapped in a state of perpetual horror, in the shape of an 'O'. It was as if it were wearing a mask.' Dan Mitchell tells his personal story of a monster that emerges from the darkness and infiltrates his life. Of a disembodied creature from our darkest nightmares. A monster that comes to life. But the Harlequin could germinate, multiply. 'What appeared to be a young woman with blonde hair on the side of the street ...

Genre: Children's eBooks [x] / Length: 245 Pages (707 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Mar 31st, 2020

Widdershins by Alex Alexander 4.1 Stars (33 Reviews)    Price verified 7 minutes ago

Logicide! Heretic! Everyone knows cats can't talk. Everyone except Niclas, a halfwit slum boy who's just landed a new job as a talking cat's man servant. But this is Laburnum and the age of Rationalism. Here, the Academy's Inquisition takes illogical happenings very seriously. Locking people up, throwing away keys, that sort of thing. And it's not just the Crimson Men Niclas and his new master have to worry about. A man with no name has come to the capital in search of the Black Science - They call him Witchhunter.

Genre: Children's eBooks [x] / Length: 363 Pages (3,460 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Mar 30th, 2020
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