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The Life Of Jacob Johnston: A Classic Western Adventure by Mark A. Ralph (Outlaws Publishing LLC) 4.8 Stars (16 Reviews)    Price verified 17 minutes ago

This is the story of Jacob Johnston (with a t), a young man who leaves his home in Kentucky to join the Union Army just after the start of the War Between the States. He joins with his best friend, Ruben B. Moses, a black man, but they are immediately separated because Ruben has to serve in an all-black unit. Because of his exception ability to shoot, Jacob ends up in Dodd's Demons, a guerilla unit. They both serve well, and when the war ends, decide to go west to get some of the free land the government is offering. They take friends from Jacob's unit, and include a man that has knowledge of horses, who they had held as a Rebel prisoner. They have many adventures along the way, including Jacob being shot with an arrow by Crazy Horse himself. They make friends and enemies with Indians and rustlers, and meet General Custer at one point. Jacob gets his friends involved in the cattle business, freighting business, and mining for gold, before settling in the Nebraska Territory, where he is able to establish a ranching empire, despite having to overcome many obstacles such as a flash flood and blizzard. An action-packed and fun western read!

Genre: Westerns [x]
Length: 806 Pages (1,163 KB)
Lending: Enabled
Added: Mar 28th, 2020
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