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Am I Yelling : 45 Highly Effective Strategies to Control and Manage Anger for Parents, Master your Emotions and Start Living a Happy Parenting by Jeff Green 4.9 Stars (12 Reviews)    Price verified 32 minutes ago

Learning to control that anger could very well save your kid's life. Here's what you need to know... Does your child sometimes seem to be too much to handle? Do you feel overwhelmed by the rest of life's hurdles and find yourself fighting to stay ahead, let alone find a spare moment for some much-needed relaxation? Are the days of cuteness and blissful relationships long past? The bills are piling up, the workload is getting heavy, and spending time with your spouse has become a nonexistent happening. You may not even be able to remember the last time you met up with some friends for a drink. According to statistics, 73% of parents say parenting is the biggest struggle in their life. On top of that, in order to cope with these stressors, 90% of parents claim to yell at their kids. But what effect does this actually have on your little ones? Is it even an effective strategy? In Am I Yelling?, you'll discover: • The psychology of anger and why yelling is not the most productive outlet • What to do when your child is the angry one, and why remaining calm is imperative • How to learn your child's language so that you can understand and anticipate their actions • A step-by-step guide to developing your own emotional intelligence and why this could save your child's life • How to recognize your misdirected anger so that your child doesn't get hurt by something that doesn't even involve them • Groundbreaking insight into how you can manage your anger, even if you haven't succeeded with this in the past • What you can do to fix an instance of yelling and why this is important for your child's development ... and so much more. Parenting is hard enough without always having to second-guess if you're doing the right thing. Yelling has it's time and place and can be effective in certain instances, but sometimes expressing your frustration this way simply does more harm than good. It is far from impossible to calm your irritation ...

Genre: Parenting & Relationships [x]
Length: 172 Pages (1,507 KB)
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Added: Sep 21st, 2020

Keto After 50: Low Carb Diet Information and Cookbook to Enhance Weight Loss, Burn Fat, and Promote Healthy Living For Men and Women Over 50 with ... by Zara Elby 2.0 Stars (2 Reviews)    Price verified 8 hours ago

How does keto affect those over 50? How can you make the diet work for you? If you're looking to find out, Keto After 50: Low Carb Diet Information and Cookbook to Enhance Weight Loss, Burn Fat, and Promote Healthy Living For Men and Women Over 50 with Easy to Follow, Quick, and Delicious Recipes! By Zara Elby is THE book for you! Age is just a number, but when it comes to dieting, it can be a struggle. The metabolism drops with age making it increasingly harder to shift the extra pounds. This leads to obesity! Our health is put at risk with obesity, leading to a higher chance of developing diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and some types of cancer. Our book 'Keto After 50' will guide you through the ketogenic diet, designed specifically for those over 50. Why choose this book?As well as teaching you all about keto, we also have some delicious recipe ideas. Our recipes help promote weight loss, increase your energy, and suppress your hunger! Our book consists of the most nutritious ingredients and recipes to keep you fuller and satisfied for longer. Our recipes are easy to follow and will help curb those carb cravings! What is inside? • Introduction To A Ketogenic Diet • Macros and Nutritional Information • Getting Yourself Started • The Keto Food List • Keto Recipes For Breakfast • Keto Recipes For Lunch • Keto Recipes For Dinner • Keto Recipes For Treats, Snacks, and Dessert • And much, much more! What are you waiting for? Kickstart your life now by purchasing this book! See you inside!

Genre: Parenting & Relationships [x]
Length: 44 Pages (3,923 KB)
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Added: Sep 20th, 2020
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