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Change Your Habits, Change Your Life: Transform Your Life to Achieve Your Goals by Jack Barrett 4.9 Stars (15 Reviews)    Price verified 50 minutes ago

Change is inevitable, that's no secret. We all yearn for a lasting change in life. Unfortunately, such a change doesn't come easily. Change Your Habits, Change Your Life: Transform Your Life to Achieve Goals is a comprehensive guide that will help you change your habits in a way that will bring about a positive change in your life. Have you ever wondered why some people find it easy to reach their goals in life? Are you tired of complaining and waiting for the best to happen in your life? Do you feel that you need a roadmap that will guide you to formulate the right habits that will lead you to success? One interesting aspect of your life is that you're 100% responsible for everything that happens to you. Therefore, if you are looking to transform your life, it all depends on the actions you are willing to take from today moving forward. With the help of this guide, you will understand that changing your habits is largely dependent on what you do every day. More importantly, this e-book sheds light on the importance of taking one step at a time as you strive for greatness in your life. The essence of doing this is to make sure that you don't end up feeling overwhelmed with the many goals that you have set for yourself. Sure, you might have struggled to break away from bad habits that have affected your life in one way or another. This guide takes a comprehensive look at the science of habits and it helps you to recognize that breaking away from bad habits doesn't have to be difficult. With a well laid-out approach to circumventing these habits, you will be in a good position to change your life and achieve your goals. The best part is that once you master how to change your habits, you will live a productive life full of optimism. How long will you wait for change to happen in your life? It's high time that you stopped believing in luck. The secret to transforming your life is outlined in this guide. You will discover powerful habits that you should ...

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Length: 103 Pages (4,039 KB)
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Added: Sep 21st, 2020

Clutter-Free: ONE HOUR A WEEK DECLUTTER! Simple Stress-Free Habits of a Clutter-Free Life.How to Organize Your Home,Finance&Lifestyle! (Clutter ... by Iovana Yao 4.0 Stars (36 Reviews)    Price verified 10 hours ago

+2nd BONUS BOOK INCLUDED! NO e-MAIL OR PERSONAL DATA REQUIRED! Read this book for FREE on Kindle Unlimited! Is your nest clutter free? Of course it can't be called a nest if there's clutter all around, can it? Have you ever faced a situation when you had to toil for hours just to clear out one room before your guests show up? Many households have clutter all around. Their closets, rooms, attic, basement, living room... all remain messed up round the clock. But it definitely isn't a very good sight! Most importantly, it doesn't give a very good impression to your guests if they drop in to pay a pleasant surprise visit. This visit may not be very pleasant for you! Many families are of the opinion that if the clutter is removed, the house becomes presentable for once. But that isn't true. It is not a Herculean task or rocket science to keep your home clutter free. Once a week of de-cluttering can work wonders for your house, which you can now call a nest. This book called "Clutter Free: One Hour a Week Declutter" will help you organize not just your home but also your finances and lifestyle. Find out how you can keep your home clean and tidy and how to de-clutter your house on a regular basis. A systematic approach, patience, perseverance, and the right attitude can help you to maintain cleanliness in your house, and free your mind from stress and anxiety. Even more, this book will also help you to learn the fundamentals and secrets to leading a successful, financially stable life. Every line matters and has a lesson to learn from. A must-have eBook for all those finding it hard to de-clutter their home, finances and lifestyle. ... also, don't forget to check your awesome FREE bonus book, "THE ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO ORGANIZING YOUR HOME - Jam-Packed with Tips and Techniques", at the end of this book! Take action today and get this book! You'll be so glad you took this step! Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device. tags-- declutter, ...

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Length: 58 Pages (2,281 KB)
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Added: Sep 20th, 2020
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