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No More Bad Dates: A romantic comedy of love, friendship... and tea (High Tea Book 1) by Kate O'Keeffe (Wild Lime Books) 4.4 Stars (85 Reviews)    Price verified 8 hours ago

"Warm, witty, and wildly romantic. Kate O'Keeffe does it again with another unputdownable tale of friendship and love." - Melanie Summers, bestselling author of The Crown Jewels series Three friends form the No More Bad Dates Pact: stop dating the wrong guys and start dating the right ones - weirdos and jerks need not apply. Twenty-five-year-old Sophie McCarthy's career is virtually nonexistent, her family expects her to "do something important" with her life, and she's totally sick of dating the wrong guys: the self-absorbed, the ...

Genre: World Literature [x] / Length: 248 Pages (2,195 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Feb 28th, 2020

The Promise by Michelle Vernal 4.5 Stars (119 Reviews)    Price verified 8 hours ago

Two women from different generations. Two lives brought together by a pivotal moment and a promise made... World War 2 is raging on the Isle of Wight and sixteen-year-old, Constance Downer is in love for the first time. When her beau, a Canadian airforce man, stationed on the island is killed in a bomb blast she's left to face the ramifications of that love on her own. It has consequences that will change the course of her life. In the present day, Isabel a British backpacker stumbles across a car accident on a remote stretch of ...

Genre: World Literature [x] / Length: 468 Pages (1,696 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Feb 28th, 2020

Emma Frost Mystery Series: Vol 1-5 by Willow Rose (BUOY MEDIA LLC) 4.2 Stars (153 Reviews)    Price verified 13 hours ago

Crazy deal! Get five chilling page-turners from the queen of scream: Bestselling author Willow Rose - On sale for a limited time. A modern MURDER SHE WROTE ??? ITSY BITSY SPIDER (Emma Frost Book 1): Emma Frost inherits a house on Fanoe Island when her grandmother dies. She decides to move there with her family, much to her teenage-daughter's regret. One morning a wealthy old woman in her street is found murdered and soon Emma finds herself wrapped in a mystery uncovering the island's dark secrets that not only runs deep within ...

Genre: World Literature [x] / Length: 1,170 Pages (17,359 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Feb 26th, 2020

Fyodor Dostoyevsky: The Complete Novels by Fyodor Dostoyevsky (Pandora's Box Classics) 4.1 Stars (79 Reviews)    Price verified 7 hours ago

This book contains the complete novels of Fyodor Dostoyevsky in the chronological order of their original publication. - Poor Folk - The Double - Netochka Nezvanova - The Village of Stepanchikovo - Uncle's Dream - The Insulted and the Injured - The House of the Dead - Notes from Underground - Crime and Punishment - The Gambler - The Idiot - The Eternal Husband - Demons - The Adolescent - The Brothers Karamazov

Genre: World Literature [x] / Length: 3,180 Pages (7,354 KB) / Lending: Not Enabled / Added: Feb 24th, 2020

Palm Trees in the Pyrenees (Death in the Pyrenees Book 1) by Elly Grant (Creativia) 3.8 Stars (11 Reviews)    Price verified 8 hours ago

Unappreciated and passed over for promotion, thirty-year-old Danielle's career in law enforcement is going nowhere. But when a hated Englishman is found dead, her idyllic hometown turns upside down. Against a background of prejudice, jealousy, and greed, Danielle tries to piece together the clues. But can she find enough evidence to solve the case - and get the recognition she deserves? Praise: - "Full of mystery and twists that you never see coming. I was mesmerized from start to finish." - "An unusual police procedural full ...

Genre: World Literature [x] / Length: 195 Pages (3,041 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Feb 24th, 2020

Edifice Abandoned: The Secret of Achernar Tertius (Alien Mysteries Book 1) by Scott Michael Decker (Creativia) 3.7 Stars (13 Reviews)    Price verified 8 hours ago

Studying ancient sites on a backwater planet, Archaeologist Nosuma Okande finds more of them than The Institute has on record. On her first day, she digs up an odd statuette. After receiving death threats, the Institute sends Nosuma to another excavation site. Later the same night, she stumbles upon a strange ceremony in the village square. Undeterred, Nosuma decides to unearth the mysteries the planet holds. But can she untangle the enigmatic past of an Edifice Abandoned? Praise: - "It has been a long time since have enjoyed a ...

Genre: World Literature [x] / Length: 226 Pages (381 KB) / Lending: Enabled / Added: Feb 24th, 2020

The Complete Fairy Tales by Hans Christian Andersen (Pandora's Box Classics) 4.4 Stars (103 Reviews)    Price verified 8 hours ago

This book contains the complete Andersen's 168 fairy tales and stories in the chronological order of their original publication. Hans Christian Andersen was a Danish author and poet. Although a prolific writer of plays, travelogues, novels, and poems, Andersen is best remembered for his fairy tales, a literary genre he so mastered that he himself has become as mythical as the tales he wrote. Andersen's popularity is not limited to children; his stories -- called eventyrs, or "fantastic tales" -- express themes that transcend age and ...

Genre: World Literature [x] / Length: 706 Pages (1,699 KB) / Lending: Not Enabled / Added: Feb 23rd, 2020
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