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The Jewess by Joel Gross (Sylvan Court Productions) 4.0 Stars (1 Review)    Price verified 2 hours ago

THE JEWESS By Joel Gross Rebecca's mother was murdered by Crusaders on their drunken trek to the Holy Land. Now all Rebecca wants is to escape from the bigoted countries where her father does business - France, Germany, and especially England. Rebecca longs to join her extended family in Zaragoza, in the warmer, more tolerant climate of Spain. But her father won't leave England, not until his plan to bring Richard Lion-heart back to the throne succeeds. That plan brings Rebecca face to face with Ivanhoe, a Crusader knight, and his aristocratic bride-to-be, Rowena - creating a love triangle that threatens all their lives. Knightly combat and fantastical jousts backdrop a far greater struggle: Fighting superstition and prejudice, overcoming every obstacle to a love more powerful than family, nation, or creed.

Genre: World Literature [x]
Length: 519 Pages (1,241 KB)
Lending: Enabled
Added: Sep 23rd, 2020

Rebekka Franck: Vol 1-5 by Willow Rose (BUOY MEDIA LLC) 4.4 Stars (248 Reviews)    Price verified 11 hours ago

SOLD MORE THAN 500.000 COPIES! The Queen of Scream Novels channels Wes Craven in this 5-in-1 boxed set! ??? One, Two... He is coming for you Set in the Danish coastal town of Karrebaeksminde; journalist Rebekka Franck returns to her hometown with her six-year-old daughter. She is trying to escape her ex-husband and starting a new life for her and her daughter when the small sleepy town experiences a murder. One of the kingdoms wealthiest men is brutally murdered in his summer residence in Karrebaeksminde. While Rebekka Franck and her punk photographer Sune try to cover the story for the local newspaper another murder happens on a high society rich man. Now Rebekka Franck realizes that the drowsy little kingdom of Denmark has gotten its first serial killer and soon a series of dark secrets - long buried but not forgotten - will see the day of light. ??? Three, Four... Better lock your door: It was supposed to be a night of fun, pleasure, lust, and pain for Susanne Larsen when she agreed to meet with a stranger from an S&M chatroom. She met him for dinner that later led to casual, anonymous sex at the hotel room at the local inn. But someone else showed up in the room, and suddenly it was no longer a game. Zeeland Times star reporter Rebekka Franck and her photographer Sune are covering the case for the newspaper, and soon they find themselves deeply involved in a story of terrifying horror and ugly secrets. ??? Five, Six... Grab your Crucifix: The Priest is a man with a mission from God. He is to help those possessed by evil to become free from their stronghold finally. He has expelled demons for years and had great success. But there is one demon he never managed to cast out. And that demon has now come back to get him. Rebekka Franck and Sune are on vacation in Northern Zeeland when they suddenly find themselves involved in what turns out to be their most horrifying case to this date. ??? Seven, Eight... Gonna stay up late She thought she could ...

Genre: World Literature [x]
Length: 1,143 Pages (15,111 KB)
Lending: Enabled
Added: Sep 23rd, 2020

GRAND VIEW (David Grossman Series Book 3) by Steven Jay Griffel (Stay Thirsty Press, An Imprint of Stay Thirsty Publishing, A Division of Stay Thirsty Media, Inc.) 4.6 Stars (54 Reviews)    Price verified 11 hours ago

GRAND VIEW is the third novel by bestselling author Steven Jay Griffel. Fans of his debut novel, FORTY YEARS LATER and its sequel, THE DEADLINE, will once again have the opportunity to follow Griffel's storied hero, David Grossman, during a critical time in his early life in this authentic and heartwarming coming-of-age story set in New York's Jewish Alps during one summer in the 1960s. GRAND VIEW is a novel for anyone who has ever felt like an outsider. It's the story of a teenager yearning to belong but forced to spend most of his time alone. It's a story of romance and revenge; a story of friendships, feuds, and fathers that plays out against a summer bungalow colony in the Catskill Mountains, a world of time-honored traditions that begins to fall apart right in front of David's eyes. At the heart of the story is forlorn David, the linchpin between Michael's dying friendship and Richie's growing fury. There is David's pursuit of Andrea, the Ice Princess; and all the girls who pursue him in spite of -- perhaps because of -- his touching insecurities. There are mothers who pride and fathers who guide -- even, in one case, from beyond the grave. Against the intense feelings and ambitions of the families summering at Grand View is the colony itself: battling daunting odds to win a softball championship while fighting for its very life as new ownership threatens to destroy it. A love-crazy camp director; an evil handyman; a Nazi bastard; a fire-balling, Jesus-jawing evangelist are all part of the cast that helps to color this story both comic and tragic. GRAND VIEW is a story of friendships, fathers, and lost illusions. It's a book of lessons learned and of times gone by. It's a glimpse into the "simpler days" of the American past and into the character of David Grossman, the boy destined to become one of the great novelists of his time. THE AUTHOR Steven Jay Griffel is the Amazon Best-Selling author of FORTY YEARS LATER and THE DEADLINE, and is a columnist ...

Genre: World Literature [x]
Length: 372 Pages (7,453 KB)
Lending: Enabled
Added: Sep 23rd, 2020

The Surge by Willow Rose (BUOY MEDIA LLC) 4.5 Stars (260 Reviews)    Price verified 11 hours ago

We knew they were coming one day; we had just never imagined anything like... this. Joanna Marks always had a knack for terrible timing. After all, she did get pregnant and run off at 16. With her husband recently deceased, she and her child head back home ten years later... just in time for the invasion. Sheriff Wayne can never share how he'd known about the Chinese forces before they stormed his beloved little Florida town. The locals would think he was crazy. However, when their harmless city is put under military lockdown, he's not the only one who finds the whole invasion suspicious. As Joanna and Wayne team up to uncover the truth, they must venture into a terrifying world that defies reality. Moreover, if they journey too deep, they may never make it out alive... The Surge is a post-apocalyptic thriller novel with a dash of horror. If you like shocking twists, gritty characters, and pulse-pounding suspense, then you'll love Willow Rose's spine-tingling story. Buy The Surge for a read that could invade your nightmares tonight...

Genre: World Literature [x]
Length: 400 Pages (4,455 KB)
Lending: Enabled
Added: Sep 20th, 2020

BALZAC - Ultimate Collection: The Complete Human Comedy with Repertory, Plays, Short Stories, Analytical Studies & Personal Correspondence by Honoré de Balzac (e-artnow) Price verified 21 hours ago

This carefully crafted ebook collection is formatted for your eReader with a functional and detailed table of contents: The Human Comedy: Scenes From Private Life: At the Sign of the Cat and Racket The Ball at Sceaux The Purse Vendetta Madame Firmiani A Second Home Domestic Peace Paz Study of a Woman Another Study of Woman The Grand Breteche Albert Savarus Letters of Two Brides A Daughter of Eve A Woman of Thirty The Deserted Woman La Grenadiere The Message Gobseck The Marriage Contract A Start in Life Modeste Mignon Beatrix Honorine Colonel Chabert The Atheist's Mass The Commission in Lunacy Pierre Grassou Scenes From Provincial Life Ursule Mirouet Eugenie Grandet Pierrette The Vicar of Tours The Two Brothers The Illustrious Gaudissart The Muse of the Department Eve and David Scenes From Parisian Life Scenes from a Courtesan's Life A Prince of Bohemia A Man of Business Gaudissart II Unconscious Comedians Ferragus The Duchesse de Langeais The Girl with the Golden Eyes Father Goriot Rise and Fall of Cesar Birotteau The Firm of Nucingen Secrets of the Princesse de Cadignan Bureaucracy Sarrasine Facino Cane Cousin Betty Cousin Pons The Lesser Bourgeoisie Scenes From Political Life An Historical Mystery An Episode Under the Terror The Brotherhood of Consolation Z. Marcas The Deputy of Arcis Scenes From Military Life The Chouans A Passion in the Desert Scenes From Country Life The Country Doctor Juana Farewell The Recruit El Verdugo A Drama on the Seashore The Red Inn The Elixir of Life Maitre Cornelius Catherine de' Medici Louis Lambert The Exiles Seraphita Short Stories The Napoleon of the People Droll Stories Plays Vautrin The Resources of Quinola Paméla Giraud The Stepmother Mercadet Analytical Studies The Physiology of Marriage Petty Troubles of Married Life Letters to Madame Hanska The Complete Repertory Of The Comedie Humaine...

Genre: World Literature [x]
Length: 13,623 Pages (23,213 KB)
Lending: Not Enabled
Added: Sep 18th, 2020
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